Tuesday, November 27, 2007

HALLOWS EVE-death and insanity LP (1986)

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1. Death And Insanity
2. Goblet Of Gore
3. Lethal Tendencies
4. Obituary
5. Plea Of The Aged
6. Suicide
7. D.I.E.
8. Attack Of The Iguana
9. Nefarious
10. Nobody Lives Forever

Well I must say that this is not my fav Hallows Eve LP, I prefer the debut "tales of terror", unfortunately that ones shelved away at my folks house.
These dudes were from Atlanta, and did the thrash metal thing as well as most the second tier neck snappers.
My buddy Dave Franchini turned me onto these guys, on one of my visits home from living in California. Dave loved metal, long after I'd gotten into other stuff he was still banging his head. listening to stuff like this brings back thoughts of blasting our boom box in the smoking area in Shaker high. Hell yeah...

D.i.e. (death In Effect)

We are all dying there's no sense in trying no way you can stop it no way
Death comes to you when you're an early son
Then he walks beside you all the way
Any moment he might strike reflecting your past life
And sentencing you to the grave
Don't live life worrying 'bout things you can't stop
If you give in then you'll be his slave

D.I.E. death in effect
He's our final conflict he's our final judge
He is death and he follows me
He is the force which exists on this earth
To betray and intimidate me
Only one way to win only one way to live
If you give in then you're going to pay
I'll be the conqueror I'll thrash till death
Exist for myself all the way

When I feel I am slipping they stand in my way
The people that might drag me 'round
I'll never worry I'm the killing force and I'm bringing the hammer down
You do not own me there are no rules society I will begrudge
Believe on thyself and thou shalt be saved
For thou art thine own final judge

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GORE-mean man's dream LP (1989)

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1.mean man's dream
4.last steps
6.the bank
7.back home
9.meat machine
10.out for sex

This is some pretty heavy/brutal instrumental metal (though in the one sheet I have with this record it mentions punk, the Swans, and Husker Du). It is pounding in that same way, but I find it to be more aggressive, and more metal based.
These guys were from the Netherlands, but I'm sorta guessing on the date of this release, as I couldn't find it printed anywhere on the record. Its from between '87-'89, far ahead of its time in my opinion.
I use this to drown out sounds when I'm reading a book or something, as I can't seem to concentrate with noise in the back ground, and vocals on music just make it that much worse, so this stuff is perfect.
A tough record to find, although it falls through record collector cracks.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

LIFE'S BLOOD-demo (1988)

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1.maximum security
2.youth enrage
3.guitly as charged
4.katch our breath
5.stick to it

Life's Blood were one of my favorite NYC hardcore bands ever. The Singer Jason was from Albany, and I played in a band with his brother Adam O' Toole, so all of us were excited and very behind the power, energy, and Albany pride that Jason gave us from fronting this great band. These guys were totally hard sounding, but at the same time one of the more intelligent of the NYC bands, as they weren't all about the straightedge lifestyle, machoism, and the idiotic right wing politics that gave all NY punks a bad name during that time period.
Jason gave me this demo along with a bunch of other cool stuff when he returned home from college in the 90's. He was pretty over the entire punk thing, as he'd had a falling out with the other members who went on to start Born Against.

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UNION OF URANUS-backhand demo (1993)

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2.one eye strengthens
3.weight of tomorrow
5.pressure (negative approach)

I rarely put anything on this site from the 90's, but this one is truly a unique and obscure classic that I loved from the moment I first heard the tape. Union Of Uranus were a Canadian hardcore band that played punk with a totally metallic edge. Heavy shit that went on to influence many epic hardcore, and crust bands. Some might mention Rorschach others Acme, to me this stuff is top tier 90's hc that stands on its own above so much else.
I met Yannick the guitarist through being a pen pal, and eventually got this demo from him. He was a massive supporter of my band, and label.
When the band broke up, Yannick Joined His Hero Is Gone, and later helped to form Tragedy.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

VIRGIN STEELE- s/t LP (1982)

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1. Minuet in G-Minor / Danger Zone
2. American Girl
3. Dead End Kids
4. Drive on Thru
5. Lothlorien
6. Still in Love With You
7. Children of the Storm
8. Pictures on You
9. Pulverizer
10. Living in Sin
11. Virgin Steele

It was sometimes hard to figure out what these Long Island dudes were trying to do back in the early 80s. Their record covers always looked so fucking cool, and psychedelic. The music never really fit the covers to me, but I love them just the same. The band featured the infamous Jack Starr on guitar, he was a total shredder and was able to mix metal/blues well in his solos making him an unknown guitar hero. This stuff for sure falls in the nwobhm/hardrock vein (much like fellow NY's Riot). The band used key boards for background stuff sometimes. I do think that Rhapsody and Blind Guardian owe much to V.S.
I wish I still had my generic looking virgin steele t shirt. I can remember seeing ads in every shit little zine to every big zine by these guys. I'm pretty sure they did everything themselves, as the LP was on V.S. records...A great and obscure metal classic.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

LIVING DEATH-protected from reality LP (1987)

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1.Horrible Infanticide (Part One)
2.Manila Terror
3.Natures Death
4.Wood of Necrophiliac
5.Vengeance (Horrible Infanticide Part Two)
7.The Gallery
8.War of Independence
9.Eisbein (Mit Sauerkraut)

These German dirtheads started off as a powermetal/speed metal band, before they transformed and recorded their epic thrash LP "protected from reality". I love the killer guitar riffs, and the drumming is just non stop. I wasn't to much into the bands earlier works, but this one to me still remains a classic, and nailed everything that I love about the 80's thrash genre.
There was a time in my life when I listened to almost all German hardcore and metal. I am a freak. The cover art done on this one is fantastic and makes you want to just hold and look at the jacket. Enjoy!

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RUNNING WILD-branded and exciled LP (1985)

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1 Branded And Exiled
2 Gods Of Iron
3 Realm Of Shades
4 Mordor
5 Fight The Oppression
6 Evil Spirit.
7 Marching To Die
8 Chains And Leather

A really awesome German metal band who named themselves after a Judas Priest song(though they sound nothing like Priest). This is the bands 2nd LP, and the last one I really dug. They did many demos, and EPs prior to this classic. The guitars are filled with heavy trotting and melodic twin guitar wanks. The sound is aggressive, raw, and simplistic making this album a true giant in my book. Rolf's vox sound as though they are recorded in a bottomless pit. My favorite song is "Mordor". My least favorite is the title track.
My buddy Gene Koreman and myself would hitchhike down old Nisky Rd at 2 am blasting the first Running Wild LP on a boom box (wondering why we rarely got picked up). By the time this LP came out I was digging on heavier, and faster stuff, but had to give the band another chance as I'd been digging on them since they're demo and 12" EP.

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T.S.O.L. change today LP (1984)

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1. blackmagic
2. just like me
3. in time
4. red shadows
5. flowers by the door
6. American zone
7. It's gray
8. John
9. nice guys
10. how do

True Sounds Of Liberty were an early Southern California punk band, whom had built a brilliant reputation for starting fights and causing numerous problems inside and outside the punk scene. I'd known about their reputation long before I'd actually heard the bands tunes.
In those days It was in fact pretty hard to meet girls if you were a misfit or an outcast of society, like most punks and metal heads were(in my town at least). The only girls that seemed to take interest in us were Goth or new wave girls. At any rate this girl Tina that I was fooling around with in my teenage years turned me on to TSOL. She wasn't a punk girl, but listened to stuff like the Cure, Joy Division, Killing Joke, the Smiths, New Order, etc. For some reason she gave me her copy of this album. I remember being somewhat disappointed by the music, thinking it was wimpy compared to the bands bad ass rep. Listening on through the years though, there is so much going on with these guys on this LP. Everything from a Misfits influence to a Joy Division influence, just straight up depressed/gloomy sounding punk with no metal influence what so ever. Prolly the last good record these guys did.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DARK AGE -s/t 12" (1984)

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1. Metal Axe
2. Tales Of Medusa
3. Rock Revelation
4. The Execution/Messenger To Ascheron
5. Warrior
6. Viper

More obscure metal from Los Angeles California that came out in 1984. Its hard not to notice the NWOBHM sound and influence that is had on on the band. Its Unfortunate indeed that this is their only known release. The vocals are rad, and go back and forth from total King Diamond to Rob Halford high pitched screaming.
I was attracted to the Dungeons and Dragons styled artwork that these metal heads used for the front cover.
I can recall buying this at Worlds records in Albany NY. My parents would take us on Saturdays to buy comics at a shop that was next door to to worlds. Seriously a great metal record thats fallen between the cracks. enjoy this quality hard to find heavy metal.


INDECENT EXPOSURE- no looking back 12" (1985)

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1. Authority
2. do you too
3. no surrender
4. stick together
5. A matter of time
6. what's the point
7. Mad dog

This was this skinhead bands second LP, and it came out in 1985 on Rock o Rama records(the same year I graduated high school). These U.K. blokes were straight up street fighting lads, who stopped playing shows in London in around 1983 due to violence at their gigs(singer was involved in some fighting that landed him in the hospital). The music on this is some what hard yet melodic Oi. I was initially turned off to them due to my politics, and the fact that they were on RRR... I was young and stupid. Later I couldn't help checking out this record due to the crudely drawn cartoon cover .

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

PRIMAL SCREAM-volume one LP (1987)

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1. State Of The State
2. War And Sin
3. Last Breath
4. Scream Til You Bleed
5. Kill The Light
6. Poisoned
7. Ignorance Is No Excuse
8. Megaton
9. Mr. McCreedy
10. Shot On Sight

These Metal heads were from another planet, Staten Island NY. Pretty obscure speed metal played by this trio here. The only other guy I know who might recall these guys is my pal Ron Grimaldi who I bet even saw these guys. The LP came out on Mercenary records, and features some pretty horrible artwork. These guys I'm sure had a $15 light show that traveled with them when they played Brooklyn. I'm not sure why I initially bought this record, maybe it was the bass players trench coat. A great crossover of speed metal with a hardcore influence thrown in for sure. If you like bands like Leeway, you'll prolly dig this one. enjoy.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

SILVER MOUNTAIN-shakin brains (1983)

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1 1789
2 Aftermath
3 Always
4 Necrosexual Killer
5 Destruction Song
6 Vikings
7 Looking For You
8 Spring Maiden
9 King Of The Sea
10 keep on keeping on

This could be filed in the NWOBHM category, but it goes far beyond that. It has elements of old hard rock as well. Fucking great obscure Swedish metal that's gone on to influence the likes of many a power metal bands (Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, etc), and had a bit of a Deep Purple, Rainbow vibe going with the heavy Organs and all. The guitars are amazing in a Malmstein/Blackmoore sort of way, while the songs are catchy and powerful with melodic high pitched singing ala "Lucifer's Friend" or something like that. I think my initial attraction to this LP was the song called Vikings, as I'm pretty obsessed with Vikings, and the culture.
The reason I'm so into it now is the 1972 vibe that it has going for it.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

DEATH SENTENCE - Not A Pretty Sight 12"(1986)

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01 Live to Die
02 Fake
03 In Flames
04 Feel Fucked
05 Dawn of the Dead
06 Death Squad
07 Nightmare
08 R.C.M.P.

Awesome Canadian hardcore punk that came out in 1986. I bought This on haight street in SF around the same time that I bought the Condemned LP. Later I sold it in my first purge of record selling (1993). I later regretted this, and just recently found this on a Sunday brunch with my girlfriend, and neighbors on the street in Williamsburg. These guys might have played the farm, but I can't recall the show. Not sure what made me buy this record in the first place, or if it was just a whim due to the punk looking cover. It didn't leave my turntable for some time after buying it. It was a great punk record for a metal head to become educated on. I'll get some metal up here soon. Enjoy.


REST IN PIECES-my rage LP (1987)

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1. Old Grey Mare Stomp/Stark Raving Nude
2. Toys R Us
3. Army Of God
4. Not Worth Shit
5. Keep Your Distance
6. Balls'N'All
7. Joe Ignorant
8. Fools Of The World
9. Waste Away
10. Bitter Mind
11. My Rage
12. Spooky Song
13. Jesus
14. I Watch TV
15. Chinese Fortune Cookie

I discovered these guys around the same time I was living in California and was discovering bands like Infest. I loved this record because it was so fucking hard sounding. Great NYC Hardcore that was a perfect merge of Sick Of It All, and Straight Ahead (all the bands shared members). I was playing with straightedge thing from around 1989-1999, and these guys had that sound on this LP. The heavy mosh parts, and the hardness that was sincere, and predated all the cheesy mosh metal that followed it years later. This is a sick fucking album, and makes me want to punch holes in the wall even 20 years later.

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