Thursday, November 15, 2007

PRIMAL SCREAM-volume one LP (1987)

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1. State Of The State
2. War And Sin
3. Last Breath
4. Scream Til You Bleed
5. Kill The Light
6. Poisoned
7. Ignorance Is No Excuse
8. Megaton
9. Mr. McCreedy
10. Shot On Sight

These Metal heads were from another planet, Staten Island NY. Pretty obscure speed metal played by this trio here. The only other guy I know who might recall these guys is my pal Ron Grimaldi who I bet even saw these guys. The LP came out on Mercenary records, and features some pretty horrible artwork. These guys I'm sure had a $15 light show that traveled with them when they played Brooklyn. I'm not sure why I initially bought this record, maybe it was the bass players trench coat. A great crossover of speed metal with a hardcore influence thrown in for sure. If you like bands like Leeway, you'll prolly dig this one. enjoy.


  1. this is the band Keith Alexander , who plays on Carnivores 1st lp

    Very Cool

  2. Gloom,

    I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am that you made this blog and how much I love it.

    I was hoping you took requests as there were a few albums I kinda have the feeling you may own and I have been trying to get on mp3 for a while.

    Razor - Malicious Intent
    Razor - Executioner's Song
    Ethel The Frog
    Holy Terror - Mind Wars
    Holy Terror - Terror And Submission
    M.O.D. - Any and all albums
    Holy Moses - The New Machine of Liechtenstein
    Holy Moses - Finished With the Dogs

    Thanks and please keep up the posting!

  3. i saw this band in 87 at the metal massacre in toronto canada they played with sacrifice,razor,at-war,whiplash,blessed death and them primal scream it was a great fukin show there was people jumping of the balcony into the pit it was fukin insane,i miss the 80s,cory

  4. I remember this one!! never understood how these guys got overlooked by so many folks who were into the other NY hardcore-metal of the time (ie Cro Mags, Agnostic Front, Crumbsuckers, Leeway, etc). A classic indeed. horrible artwork and all..

  5. Hey thanks for buying this album. My name is Rob Graham, I am the bass player in the trench coat. Keith and I started this band when I had just graduated from high school. The art work represents man evolveing into ape, so I'll stand by it. Rick Berger also took the back cover photo.
    I would like to do a reunion with this band but Keith died in a bike accident. If anyone wants to contact me write to

  6. Digging deep here, because I just got turned onto the blog. Scored a sealed copy of this recently. Stoked.

  7. Any possibility to re-upload this one?

    Would be interesting to hear it.

  8. please re-upload this post... the link is broken