Wednesday, November 21, 2007

RUNNING WILD-branded and exciled LP (1985)

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1 Branded And Exiled
2 Gods Of Iron
3 Realm Of Shades
4 Mordor
5 Fight The Oppression
6 Evil Spirit.
7 Marching To Die
8 Chains And Leather

A really awesome German metal band who named themselves after a Judas Priest song(though they sound nothing like Priest). This is the bands 2nd LP, and the last one I really dug. They did many demos, and EPs prior to this classic. The guitars are filled with heavy trotting and melodic twin guitar wanks. The sound is aggressive, raw, and simplistic making this album a true giant in my book. Rolf's vox sound as though they are recorded in a bottomless pit. My favorite song is "Mordor". My least favorite is the title track.
My buddy Gene Koreman and myself would hitchhike down old Nisky Rd at 2 am blasting the first Running Wild LP on a boom box (wondering why we rarely got picked up). By the time this LP came out I was digging on heavier, and faster stuff, but had to give the band another chance as I'd been digging on them since they're demo and 12" EP.
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  1. Sweet record. Awesome blog you have here, classics all round. Cheers.

  2. after years of flying the flag of "true" metal their singer and songwriter rock´n rolf went off to cut his hair , dye it a deep red and form a glam/punk outfit called toxic waste . as to why , who knows ... - timo

  3. i wouldn't say they sound NOTHING like priest. killer LP though. "gates to purgatory" is one of my favorite albums of all time

  4. Man, I love this LP.

    For some reason, it immediately takes me to two metally punk albums: GBH's "Midnite Madness" and The Execute's "Blunt Sleazy". It's got that samey mid-tempo sound with vocals in the back of some cavern.

    Would love to hear their first and their EPs.

  5. Track Gods of Iron is a monster of a track!

    Love it a lot