Sunday, November 25, 2007

UNION OF URANUS-backhand demo (1993)

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1.backhand eye strengthens
3.weight of tomorrow
5.pressure (negative approach)

I rarely put anything on this site from the 90's, but this one is truly a unique and obscure classic that I loved from the moment I first heard the tape. Union Of Uranus were a Canadian hardcore band that played punk with a totally metallic edge. Heavy shit that went on to influence many epic hardcore, and crust bands. Some might mention Rorschach others Acme, to me this stuff is top tier 90's hc that stands on its own above so much else.
I met Yannick the guitarist through being a pen pal, and eventually got this demo from him. He was a massive supporter of my band, and label.
When the band broke up, Yannick Joined His Hero Is Gone, and later helped to form Tragedy.
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  1. this is underrated. i just scored a copy of the out of print discography CD. it has some of the most unique CD packaging i have ever seen. this band was amazing!!!

  2. wow, this is amazing. im a big fan of uranus

    thank you so much for uploading this.

  3. Yannick run Feral ward records
    check this :

  4. i would be interested in the lyrics of their lp. anyone theri who wants to write it down?


  5. first heard this band the only time i ever saw them live. it was one of my old bands ( h100s ) second-ever gig at some Masonic lodge in NJ somewhere. had no idea who they were, and they got added last-second as they were just coming thru to record that weekend, or something like that. i dont exactly remember. THEY FUKKING KILLED!! i was totally blown away about 1/2 way thru their 1st song & was totally reminded of ABC Diabolo in their sound & style, who i was way into at the time. we struck up some conversation afterwards & i still see Yannick out on the road to this day. great guy & one of the nicest people i ever met. now if i could only get a copy of that fukking split 12" with HHIG, my collection would be complete!

  6. Wedge~
    hey buddy! I'm glad you found my blog. Hope all is well in Cleveland? much love homey.

  7. Truly one of the greatest bands!! thanx for this one!
    check my

  8. awesome upload! Really cool blog you have too, was born in '92 and have recently been born again when I discovered 80's metal!!


    /Zache, Sweden

  9. I was under the impression Union of Uranus was Screamo, not Hardcore.