Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DARK AGE -s/t 12" (1984)

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1. Metal Axe
2. Tales Of Medusa
3. Rock Revelation
4. The Execution/Messenger To Ascheron
5. Warrior
6. Viper

More obscure metal from Los Angeles California that came out in 1984. Its hard not to notice the NWOBHM sound and influence that is had on on the band. Its Unfortunate indeed that this is their only known release. The vocals are rad, and go back and forth from total King Diamond to Rob Halford high pitched screaming.
I was attracted to the Dungeons and Dragons styled artwork that these metal heads used for the front cover.
I can recall buying this at Worlds records in Albany NY. My parents would take us on Saturdays to buy comics at a shop that was next door to to worlds. Seriously a great metal record thats fallen between the cracks. enjoy this quality hard to find heavy metal.



  1. Many thanks for this rarity! Just discovered your blog and enjoying all the great tunes so far. Cheers man!

  2. Great band..great blog.Do you have anything from Fortress(Duff Mc Kagan former band),Savage Grace,Hawk..

  3. Is there any lyrics with this? I need the lyrics to warrior, I am making a fan video but it would be much better if I had lyrics to match up the scenes.

  4. Awesome band this is really good, I can't believe that there isn't more them out there, this band had everything to succeed back then, and even today.

  5. I am the artist to this band back in the day. I also did the album cover. Hope you guys liked the dragon.