Thursday, November 8, 2007

SILVER MOUNTAIN-shakin brains (1983)

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1 1789
2 Aftermath
3 Always
4 Necrosexual Killer
5 Destruction Song
6 Vikings
7 Looking For You
8 Spring Maiden
9 King Of The Sea
10 keep on keeping on

This could be filed in the NWOBHM category, but it goes far beyond that. It has elements of old hard rock as well. Fucking great obscure Swedish metal that's gone on to influence the likes of many a power metal bands (Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, etc), and had a bit of a Deep Purple, Rainbow vibe going with the heavy Organs and all. The guitars are amazing in a Malmstein/Blackmoore sort of way, while the songs are catchy and powerful with melodic high pitched singing ala "Lucifer's Friend" or something like that. I think my initial attraction to this LP was the song called Vikings, as I'm pretty obsessed with Vikings, and the culture.
The reason I'm so into it now is the 1972 vibe that it has going for it.

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  1. some nice stuff you've got here. hats off! nice to see a metal / punk blog. keep up the good work!

  2. Great album; I still have this one on vinyl. The Johannson brothers would later go on to back Yngvie in Rising Force. As a matter of fact I got to see Anders Johannson pounding the skins with HammerFall when they opened for Dio back in the fall of '02.

    I'm really enjoying perusing your blog -- thanks for all the great posts. Much in common and I get the feeling we would have been good buds had we known each other back in the 80s.

  3. Great great site. I'm so inspired by you and the stories you tell about those days to relive my hardcore/punk days as well as obscure metal stuff,which I never stopped listening to. Just so you know,that faggot Malmsteen actually was in the great Silver Mountain for little bit before he came to the United States. Thanks again. Bro..we could talk music and check out each other's massive vinyl collection for years. Alex at

  4. Cool......
    But does someone have the 1980 Demo from Silver Mountain?
    That would be fantastic.
    So If anybody has it.....Up it!!

  5. hi man can you please upload again the album?

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  7. If Rhapsody and Blind Guardian have influenced by this band then I most download it, those are 2 of my favorite bands and I really want to know where they got inspired to do the kick-ass Metal they do.