Friday, December 31, 2010

NUMSKULL- ritually abused LP(1988)

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1.the end
2.ritually abused
3.death and innocence morals
5.fridays child with your head
7.the henchman
8.pirates night
9.turn off a screw
10.kiss me kill me
11.rigor mortis

Yeah I know... not the best name in the world that's for sure, but this record stands the thrash metal test of time for me. The band formed in 1985 some place in Suburban Illinois, then released a few kick ass demo tapes before releasing this LP. The music reminds me of a more simple Bay Area thrash metal band with vocals that sound like they were straight up German(Destruction, Kreator, and so on). Its great stuff. They later started moving towards a more death metal sound. I got this one from an old Albany area metal head named Roger. He would hang with my buddy Luke and trade records with us. This one goes out to my bud Mitch from Bone Sickness who was asking me what I'd been listening to lately. It hasn't left my turn table for a week. Happy New Year All!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CUT THE SHIT-demo tape(2002)

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1.get rowdy of misery what compromise
4.we are not friends
5.down the hatch

Not a lot to say about this one, as I've already talked much about Cut The Shit catalog and my relationship with these heroic thrashers. read the post below for more info. This is the first thing I'd ever heard by them, and it lead me to ask them to do a record. Use the Search function to find the "harmed and dangerous" LP on this blog. Enjoy

Thursday, December 23, 2010

CUT THE SHIT-bored to death 7"

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1.I do it to myself
2.burn the dance clubs
3.the party's over
4.bored to death
5.take back your life
6.get rowdy of misery what compromise
9.crooked teeth
10.I hate fashion

CTS were a Boston hardcore band that formed out of a bunch of kids that were going to college together. Paul the guitarist was from NJ and played in Tear It Up... we'd played some shows together. He was the only guy I really knew from CTS. He was an awesome guitarist and had a killer knack for doing artwork. He sent me the CTS demo tape, and even though it was about 4 mins in length, I was floored and wanted more. I immediately contacted Paul and asked him to do a 7" on my label. He was into it, and had a clear vision of exactly what he wanted the record to look like and sound like. I gave him pretty much free reign to do whatever he wanted. The record sold out pretty quickly, and I think we pressed between 1,500-2000 copies. I had a really awesome relationship with the band that sparked one 7", a 12" and a 10" on Gloom. Best dudes ever... nicest guys in hc during that time period. This is pure thrash.

SUBSTANCE-demo (1989)

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1.suppressed touch
3.breaking through
4.pressure point
5.over the top
6.draw the line up

Substance were originally called Hard Times and were from the Albany NY area(Troy, Clifton Park and Albany). They of course were heavily influenced by the Cro-mags, and used to play Cro-mags covers. Unfortunately Substance never did a record. Members went on to play in All Fall Down, Cutthroat, and Stigmata. Buddy the guitarist was/is a swell dude who sort of transcended between the "hard" mosh scene, and the dorky, more "elitist" hardcore kids. Things were pretty divided back then, and in my opinion he helped to challenge that by just being a great guy and not giving a shit about what others thought or were into. Although at first many of my peers weren't so into Substance because of scene politics, and the heavy mosh factor these boys brought to shows, I think people eventually learned to love em for being good dudes and speaking up at shows when shit went wrong. My favorite track ever by them is "sea of fear" which was on a compilation. I had to upload this demo because listening to it had me thinking about home and the holidays. Enjoy.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

POSSESSOR-the black and the red

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1. disintegration bombs
2. tools for revolution
3. 3rd one
4. Possessor
5. cerebus unit
6. mothman
7. the 7th gate
8. trouble Jam
9. Anti system caveman
10. annunahi birdman
11. altered beast

I rarely post Modern stuff on the blog, but this stuff is so damn old sounding, and really hard to find that it needs to be heard by metalheads around the globe. Possessor were from California/Ohio, and Mainly featured members from Annihilation Time, Morbid Death, Life's Halt, GSMF, Bomb Builder, etc. There were a few other Possessors through out the years that played metal, but these guys had it down the best. This stuff is from between 2003-2004, but straight up sounds 80's.
I first heard this in around 2004 when one of the dudes sent me their demo cassette through the mail. I tried to listen to it, but the tape was so crappy that it was hard to decipher what was happening...All I knew was that there was some killer, raw assed Venom worship that I knew I wanted to hear a bit clearer(and not mangled). I wrote them back and told em The tape was fucked up, but really wanted to hear the stuff. Eventually one of the other dudes sent me another copy of the tape. I was stoked upon hearing it and asked them If they'd be into doing a very limited 12" LP of all their stuff. It was supposed to come out on my label Gloom Records, and was going to be limited to 120 copies. The Plant I dealt with had a Valentines day special or something that allowed you to press a really limited run of LPs for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately by the time the band got me the mastered CDR to have plated and pressed, the special at the plant was over. We decided not to do the record. I had thought I lost this CDR until I recently unearthed it when going through stuff that I'd packed away for a recent move to NJ. It was awesome to hear these songs again. I really wish this would have come out, and would love to get it done again. Lost touch with these dudes. There are a few different sessions on this. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Rods!!!

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I got lucky last week and saw the Rods play for free at a NJ record store. I haven't been to a live show in a while, so this was a lot of fun for me. I hadn't seen them since their Wild Dogs years(1983 or 84). The band was from Rochester NY, and featured Ronnie James Dio's cousin on guitar. The guitarist also played with Dio in Elf.
At any rate these guys have a new LP coming out, and they are playing shows with all original members. If you get a chance, check them out. I would love to see a full set at a club by these gents.

MEDIEVAL STEEL- Medieval Steel 12"(1984)

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1.Medieval Steel
3.Battle Beyond The Stars

So I went to see the Rods at a record store last week in NJ. Before they played I started going through the stores used vinyl bins, and within 5 mins I came across this classic. I was stunned when I saw it...Its a 12" that I'd actually been looking for for a really long time. This has everything 80's written all over it. The sound, the production, the riffs, and the Vocals. I'd first heard these guys in the mid 1980's, as they'd been compared to a local metal band called Stonehenge from the area I was living in at the time. I was a huge Stonehenge fan as I'd seen them win a battle of the bands in Colonie NY in maybe 1983. I'd never been able to track this 12" down due to its limited pressing(something like 500 made). Back then we did a lot of tape trading, so thats how I managed to finally hear these Memphis TN metal heads. This isn't for everyone(its pretty traditional heavy metal). This stuff just really takes me back to high school. If you dig the likes of early Queensryche, Fates Warning, and Omen you might get a hard on for this stuff. Enjoy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

OUT COLD-permanent twilight world LP(1995)

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1. Useless
2. Shot Dead
3. Long In The Tooth
4. Another Empty Nothing
5. What You Deserve
6. Pull The Trigger
7. No Point
8. Watch You Die A Sick Death
9. Hacked To Pieces
10.Falling Apart
11.Faster To Nowhere
12.Last Breath
13.Days Are Numbered
14.Beginning Of The End

This post is Dedicated to Mark Sheehan Who sang for Out Cold. RIP.
Mark passed away this weekend at the young age of 41. He left behind a immense & great history of music. Out Cold played brutally fast thrash/hardcore that through the years never really changed nor "progressed" in the shitty way that a lot of our favorite bands do. Think AC/DC, Slayer and Motorhead to get my point. They pretty much always stayed true to the path, and kept putting out great records that didn't leave their fans going huh??? Out Cold were the same way in that regard. Always thrashing on at one speed ahead.
Out Cold Formed in 1989 out of a Suburban MA. town that was about 30 miles from Boston. I hadn't heard them until maybe around 1994? Once I did, I wrote to them(sending a DOF tape)asking to do a split 7" with my band Devoid Of Faith. I got letter back from them saying that they couldn't because they had so many other things going on.
There really weren't to many bands doing what they were doing then. That time period was pretty stale for fast music. I never got to see Out Cold. Every time I did try or travel, they would cancel. After a while I sorta gave up. My thoughts go out to the people who knew him and were close to him. RIP buddy.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KIDS FOR CASH-demo tape(1985)

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2.why? alcoholic
5.don't have to fight to be a man
6.stepping stone
7.I can

I haven't posted in months. I've been busy working, and trying to enjoying the summer, my marriage, record collecting and volunteering at a no kill Animal shelter here in NJ.
Some of you may recall that I posted the Kids For Cash 7" some years ago on here.
I got this one from the guitarist of Kids For Cash years ago who found the tape in a box in his basement. Sohrab now lives in Brooklyn NY. When I first heard the demo I told him that it totally reminded me of 7 Seconds. His response was that he recalled the band trying to find a Nexus between the first Scream LP and 7 Seconds the Crew. I think that When you listen to this it totally makes sense. What also comes to mind is an old Albany NY band called Glee Club who early on had a very similar sound. Enjoy this one, It makes me feel elderly.

Friday, June 25, 2010

LIEGE LORD-master control LP(1988)

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1.fear itself
2.eye of the storm
3.master control
4.kill the king
5.soldiers fortune
6.feel the blade
7.broken wasteland

This is my favorite of the three albums that this Connecticut power metal band put out. The guitar playing and production are just top notch tit! You'd almost swear that you were listening to Bruce from Iron Maiden belching away about fantasy ridiculousness. By the time this record came out, I had moved on from this type of metal(for the most part). I think what sold me on it was a friend playing me they're version of Dio era Rainbows "kill the king". Rainbow almost invented speed metal with this song. Dio was a god to me growing up, and I figured this record would be a good way to pay some more tribute to the almighty 'lil man. RIP Ronnie... long live the horns.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LEPROSY-demo tape(1988)

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1.vomit from hell
2.generation of frustration
3.keep it to yourself
4.speak up/corp dad

These dudes were from Hopewell Junction NY, and played a fast crossover style. I'm not really sure about the bands history other than the singer(Sean), who went on to sing in Collapse(New Breed Tape compilation), and later was the replacement singer for Life's Blood. I think he played two or three shows. This is a serious obscure classic here. Thanks to Charles for this one. Enjoy... and if you know anything about them, please leave it in the comment section.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

STALIN stop jap + 1 mushi go go CD(1982-84)

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2.Stop Jap
10.Stop Girl
16.肉 (Stop Jap Bonus Flexi)
Mushi Picture Disc/Blank Album
21.Fifteen (15才)
22a.Ing! O
22b.Die In
24.Go Go
28.カタログZ (Go Go 12")
29.Chicken Farm (MRR's 'Welcome To 1984')

The Stalin were a Japanese punk band that first appeared on the scene in 1980. I'd say they were heavily influenced by the likes of the Ramones early on. As they grew and aged they started to play faster and a more frenzied hardcore punk type style. I actually never gave these guys much of a chance until perhaps 1989. My friend Louis would tape me everything He ended up trading with Japanese and Swedish traders. He literally had every Japanese release before Japanese punk exploded in the 90's(to U.S. listeners anyway). I had heard them earlier on a MR&R compilation, but I wasn't so much into the Japanese bands on the international comp. I was digging The Italians and Krauts.
This fanclub edition came out in the 90's and features two of the bands legendary LPs, plus some comp tracks. Stop Jap is definitely my favorite works by these dudes. The singer, although now in his 60's is still performing and writing music.

Monday, May 17, 2010

RIP Ronnie James Dio

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Rest in Piece Ronnie James Dio. The man was one of the best in metal of all time. I loved him with Sabbath, Rainbow, and as "Dio". I feel so lucky that I Caught him so many times live in the 1980's, and again a few years ago on the Heaven and Hell Tour. He was a true heavy metal hero for sure. Like many teen aged wankers, I had posters and pics of Ronnie plastered on my walls.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SHELL SHOCK-more gore LP(1988)

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2.lost in reality
3.circus of fear
4.spank your monkey
5.rock n roll all night
6.more gore
7.crank it
8.look before you leap
9.get with it brain is jelly

Its amazing that these dudes started out in 1980, and released a slew of eps, tapes and even another LP. I'd love to get my hands on that first ep. The band was from Louisiana New Orleans and on this tasty slab of wax, they play some cool crossover that keeps my head bobbing, and my legs twitching. I love these 80's records where the production has so much re verb on the drums and vox that it sounds like the band was playing in a cavern. Engineers were seriously clueless when recording bands like this, because it was sorta new, and they just didn't have much to reference it to.
This record was released on the Toxic Shock label(Raw Power, Inbred, and Zero Boys). The band broke up in 1988, and supposedly had a LP recorded for Metal Blade. If this is true, it remains unreleased.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HELSTAR-burning star LP(1984)

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1.burning star
2.towards the unknown
3.witches eye with the pack
5.leather lust
7.the shadows of iga
8.Dracula's castle

When I re listened to Helstar I heard lots of Omen, a touch of Maiden, and even a c hair of Riot. This Texas metal band has forever been overlooked within the metal scene. I think they were another band that was sorta stuck between the power metal and speed metal scene of the mid eighties. We, the kids were sorta looking for stuff that was faster, heavier and sicker in every way shape and form. Things were becoming extreme in the metal scene, and I think bands like Helstar were sorta lost in that. Its funny because I think as a metalhead I appreciated this one so much more 5-10 years after it came out. The record is a true metal album with NO hints of anything else...just pure 1980's heavy metal.
This is high school shit for me. It reminds me Pounding beers in the bushes someplace in Latham NY on a friday night with friends like Dave Stevenson, and Pat J. Not a care in the world... metal and partying. One of my favorite record covers of the time period. Enjoy this one.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DIATRIBE-aftermath demo tape(1985)

Image Hosted by the animals
2.glorious war
5.I'm your leader
6.hellish inferno
7.the slaughter struggle, one fight

This came out the year I graduated high school. A crushing hardcore classic for sure that had the musical influence of Discharge, and took the political views of Crass, Chumbawamba, etc. I wasn't aware of two many animal rights bands back then, it was sort of a radical idea for sure. The tape made the rounds in the tape trading community for over 20 years. It was an obscure beaut that prolly had more influence on bands over seas then it did over here in the U.S.(until more recently I guess). I had a tape copy dubbed from my buddy Louis, who mainly loved anything from outside the states. He loved these guys even though they were from California. The tape disappeared years ago when in a move, I probably gave it away to a friend. Thanks to Charles for this one. The o.g. tape came from him along with a letter from the band, and lyric sheets.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DEVOID OF FAITH-discography CD

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1.Cold Sore
3."Ton Erreur" (Your Mistake)
5.Human Storage
6.Ready To Fight
9.Commodified People
10.Don't Tell
13.Going Sane
14.Path Of Least Resistance
15.Necklace Of Thorns
16.To Be Made An Example Of
17.Boiled Down
18.State Oppression
19.Denial By Machinery
21.3 Fold Law
22.Shark Fin Soup
24.Counterfeit Joy
25.I'll Keep You Safe From Me

DOF was a band I played in from around 1992-1999. Myself, Jim MacNaughton, and Kevin O'Sullivan started the band out of the ashes of Affirmative Action, and Intent in Albany NY. We later added Mark Telfian on second guitar, and then Jay D after we kicked Mark out. We played a lot of shows, got in a lot of fights, and We put out a shit load of stuff. About half of it is on this Discography CD that was put out by a good friend, fellow band mate John Moran. There is an entire other discography part 2, that never came out. That would feature lots of stuff with Paul(third drummer). We really did have a good time back then, playing fast music to people who just stood there and looked at us as though we'd lost our minds. I have nothing but fond memories.
The first three tracks on this are with our second drummer(the metal years with Greg). He only ever recorded these three songs with us. The tracks were supposed to be on a split with Counterblast. The shit never happened. The other songs were off of comps, the 10", and some splits. We left off the first 7"(dysgusher records)because we hated the record. It was imperfect. ha! At any rate enjoy these tunes. We were Devoid Of Talent.
For a sample:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

KWIK WAY-s/t 12" (1986)

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2.nations capital
5.don't stop
6.urban wildlife
7.pacifica on saturday
8.drink and drive
9.plane trooth

I haven't been keeping up much with the blog lately, as the spring has got me spending much of my time outside working on our new house.
As I recall Kwik Way was a 7-11 type store in the California area. I'm not to sure if they still exist or not? At any rate this Northern California band named themselves after the convenient store-food chain, they even used the stores logo. I think there might have been some sort of law suit over this.
I was lucky enough to see these guys twice back in 1986 and 1987 with my buddy Zoran. Once at the Mab and the other time at the Farm. The band were great because they poked fun at the punk audience, and just seemed to torment the crowd by telling kids how closed minded the scene had become, and they used sarcasm to try an get their point across. It was hilarious, People would get so worked up and angry screaming shit like "Fuck You posers!" etc. The band would be pelted with beer cans and garbage. They just acted like nothing happened, and would bust into some fast thrashing hardcore song, and the forgiving punks would forget how pissed the band had just made them, and would slam into one another enjoying the energy. The band didn't look very punk either. They were rad.
The lyrics on this album reflect all that crap. The band also recorded a killer demo tape with some of the same songs that went on to be on this 12".
1986 was really a great year for me, and hardcore in the bay area. I think it was my favorite year in punk. I was seeing shows at the Mab, the Farm, Ruthies inn, the Stone, the On Broadway, etc. Things had definitely exploded. Theses guys were part of that memory for me. Enjoy the tunes.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

SERIAL KILLERS-roadside rendezvous LP(1987)

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1.graveyard serenade
2.the illegitimate son of Ed Gein
3.I am the king letter to Jamie Lee Curtis
5.blood n guts n rock n roll
6.teenage bloodlust
7.dead bitch
8.dark side of the serial killers
9.seial killer part two

These guys played pretty much poppy rock n roll with punk licks thrown in. The band is similiar to some early GG Allin in its lyrical approach and sound. Pretty certain that they were from Philadelphia. I recall the reason I bought the LP was because of the Condemned To Death connection. The guitarist of C2D(Tim Omen) had moved back to the East coast from S.F. and formed this "shock rock" band. My friend Zoran and I heard about it, and immediately felt the need to find it. I'd say the stuff was sorta ahead of its time. The only other bands I recall doing stuff like this at the time were the Mentors, and GG, and maybe Gwar. I think I was sorta in aw, and kind of revolted by the songs. My buddy Zoran on the other hand was able to find the humor in the record. It took me twenty years to pull this out of where I'd filed it, and to give it another spin. It was then that I understood how awesome of a record that this was(especially for the time period). These guys could get away with touring with the likes of Turbonegro if they were around today. I'm pretty sure this was the only LP they did, and later followed it up with a 7", then broke up.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My friend Charles and I are doing a label called Jack Roy Records... The Our Gang record will be our first release. We did some limited blue for mailorder. Info can be found below. thanks for the support. Nate

Sunday, February 28, 2010

VIPER-soldiers of sunrise LP(1987)

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1.knights of destruction
3.the whipper
4.wings of evil
6.soldiers of sunrise
7.signs of the night
8.killera of the sword

One of the earlier of the Brazilian metal bands I'd heard back in the day. The band def wasn't as heavy, fast or thrashing as Sepultura or as extreme as the likes of Sarcofago. I was drawn to this by the album cover art, and the fact that a review I'd read of it back then mentioned that it was an amateurish Brazilian sounding Iron Maiden. Anyone who knows me knows I've always been a Maiden freak. When I got this I was sorta bummed on the fact that it wasn't really that Maiden influenced. Only the vox really resemble that type of power metal(Maiden, Fates Warning), the music is more straight forward Speed metal(although some of the double leads might have the MaidenVibe). This one is Definitely not for for everyone who follows my blog. Its very metal, and has very little influence from any other realm.
The only other guys I knew back in the mid 80's that loved the Brazilian stuff the way I did were my Latham NY pals Dave Stevenson and Mark Szwarcberg. This stuff was always hard to find, and we paid ridiculous "import prices". Enjoy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

SACRED DENIAL-life's been getting to me LP(1985)

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1.what religion liar
3.better way to die
4.Why can't we be friends
5.we're all weird
6.Easter Sunday
7.born free
8.pissed at the world's getting to me
10.sacred denial
11.sticks and stones in a long coat

Sacred Denial were from Clifton NJ(a suburb that is very close to where I'm living now). The band had a pretty bad reputation, mainly due to the fact that they were from the great state of Jersey. New Jersey hardcore back then was known for its nerdy, cheese ball approach, and its wackiness that wasn't always as clever as the dudes playing it maybe thought it was. I avoided most NJ hardcore 'cept for maybe A.O.D. for a long time.
The crazy thing about this record is how unbelievably awesome it is. Its generic in every sense of the word, but just thrash's through as though it was Jerry's Kids "my world". Seriously... this is a real under the radar, ignored, obscure tooth and chip thrash record that should be enjoyed by hardcore lovers worldwide. "what religion" , "pissed at the world" and "pro-liar" are tasty, catchy rippers that are the stand outs for me on this yummy platter.
This is exactly what hardcore was meant to sound like in the 1980's. Don't be fooled by the bands other records though.. they just don't compare, not even by 50%.
I was turned onto these guys while living in S.F. by my neighbor and friend Eric Meade. Dude made me tapes loaded with some of the best hc I've to this day ever heard. Thanks Eric, I owe you for sure.

Pro liar

president of the united states is what i'd like to be
I'll determine all your fates, a president's what I'd like to be
gonna build a brand new nation

I'll be very honest
I won't let you down
while I wear the crown
you'll be proud of me
Just you wait and see

I won't interfere with your private lives
in the white house I'll thrive
have your own jobs

everything will be alright
everything will be just fine

and we will fight against all those
who stand in the way
of America with the new upgrade defense
and won''t have nothing to worry about
we'' have to tighten our belts
and do the best we can
so just sit back, relax
and let me take complete control

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

OUT OF ORDER-paradise lost LP(1986)

Image Hosted by reaction eyed monster
3.intro to she knew she'd lose
4.she knew she'd lose
6.anal aggression
7.dead or alive
8.survival of the fittest
9.blessing in disguise
10.i don't feel like laughing
11.eric b
12.when its all done
13.the ripper
14.wicked ways
15.paradise lost
16.gotham city

Fuck yeah... picked this tastey plater up for under $5 bucks recently. It is a record I've been looking to replace because my og is pretty beat. I Bought my copy at the record vault on Polk street in S.F.(The best store ever). I recall my friend Zoran and I went to get King Diamonds autograph, because he was doing an instore at the vault. We were both shocked at how down to earth and short the master of satanic metal was. At any rate that day I left the store with a King Diamond demo tape, his autograph on my Steve Caballero deck, and a copy of this overlooked crossover Hardcore classic.
Out Of Order were one of the early of the Chicago bands I'd heard back then along with Life's Sentence, the Effigies, and Articles Of Faith.
When I listen back to this I can hear lots of Negative Approach, early Sick Of It All, and even some Crumbsuckers. Its really an awesome and tough sounding hardcore record. I wish I'd gotten to see these boys live.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

FAFF BEY- back from the grave LP(1988)

1.I'm dead isn't that enough?
2.when death comes
3.S&m party
4.disgustingly depraved
5.the laugh
6.the plague you need a smash?
8.i'm the tormentor
9.holy bible
11.take your head off
12.chung kuo
13.back from the grave

These Finnish metalheads formed in around 1985, and have put out a slew of great eps and LPs. I bought this one when it came out mainly due to the Terveet Kadet connection. Two members of that legendary hardcore punk band have at times been in this band, and it shows in the riffing. The guitar solo in the Motohead inspired "the plague" is straight up cool.
This is the bands second release(after the s&m ep 7"). This record is pure no holds barred thrash metal, with just enough hardcore influence to make it the perfect record for me. You can hear everything from Destruction and Sodom to Discharge and Motorhead in this early stuff. It isn't ecspecially catchy, but that is what I sort of love about the record...Its evil and fast, with mainly short songs. Mediafire wouldn't allow me to up this in one file, so I've broken it up into two. Oh well. Enjoy.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

SUBVERSE-give jesus back to the martians 7"(1989)

Image Hosted by rich, so wise, so what?
2.armchair hero
3.light breaks through
4.never quit
5.poison mind
6.silver lining

I pulled this one out of my record collection to listen to over the weekend, because I thought of them after listening to the Nazi Dust 7" ep(a new release). After listening to the ND ep I was like.. this reminds me of Void and maybe some Subverse. So I dug out the Subverse ep to see if my memory was correct. It wasn't really. The vox are sorta similiar, and some of the riffing, but Subverse have a sound that goes from thrashing hectic hardcore, to some slower Amebix type parts. At any rate think RKL meets Amebix.
The band was from Vancouver Canada. I was first introduced to them by the split LP that they did with Desecration. I bought the record for the Desecration side, thinking it was the California metal band who later morffed into Corrupted Morals.
These songs are fucking awesome...everything about this stuff rules. The vox, and the drums especially. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KROMOZOM 4/ HEIMAT-LOS split 7"(1986)

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
1. Kromozom 4
2. La tuture
3. Tout faux!
4. Ich bin
1. La seconde nécessaire de Léon Zyklon
2. Assisté
3. De vlag
4. Fascios fora!

I've done a lot of French music bashing on the site in the past, so I figured I'd make up for it by adding this killer thrash split ep. Both of these bands played blistering fast punk that we called thrash back in the day(before the word became over used and corny as hell). I really don't know jack about the bands, other than they started in the early 80's, and both put out a slew of records, and tapes.
What I can tell you is that I was turned onto this one by an old friend/band mate from the Romper Room Rejects. Michael R. was a French immigrant who was living in S.F. illegally in the mid 80's. /he was a house painter, and a punk rock bassist who turned me onto some cool European punk music in 1987-88. I've been wondering what happened to my friend for well over 20 years now.

Kromozom 4


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CYANIDE-world peace six feet under LP(1989)

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1.World Peace Six Feet Under
2.Country Mosh/Cyanide
4.I'm Me , So Fuck You
5.Unstoppable Madness
7.Veto The Guido
8.Guilty Of Innocence

Yeah I know... there must have been a band called Cyanide in every town.
I really Don't know much about these guys other then that they were from NJ, and recorded this LP and a demo tape. I was pretty stoked to recently get this LP at a NJ record store for $4.99...
Cyanide played some pretty generic(in a good way)thrash metal. Sometimes the record reminds me of the Crumbsuckers... with less frills, and not as good production. The production is pretty raw and very harsh sounding. The guitar solo's are fucking awesome, and might be the one thing that keeps this LP from turning into a total crossover record. I love my metal dive bombs, whammy bar action, and hammer ons.
This one came out on the Mutha Records label. The label started in the early 1980's primarily putting out punk hardcore bands from New Jersey. Near the end of the labels existence they put out a few metal records. Thrash fiends will dig this gem.
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

CENTAURUS s/t LP (1978)

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1.In the Mood
2.The Lych Way
3.The Rocker
4.On the Sands
5.If I Build My World for You
6.You Shake Me
7.To the Wireless
8.The Maiden Song
9.Cold Emotion

Okay, this post is a bit off the regular beat and path of my blog...
Years before Doug Moody started dipping his dick in early American hardcore/punk with his Mystic Records label, he was putting out records by metal, and hardrock bands. He used his Azra Record Label to put this stuff out. Centaurus were from Sunny California and played hardrock that was definetly influenced by the likes of early Van Halen, B.O.C., Deep Purple, etc. I think the fact the one of the band members on the back cover was wearing a Jaguar shirt got me to buy this LP. I was disappointed for sure back then, because they sounded nothing like the nwobhm sound that I was digging on. It took me some time to warm up to this one for sure. I'm sorta doubting that to many punks, and very few metal heads will dig this one, as its a obscure hardrock record much in the vein of say early Riot that just plain rocks.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

BRAIN IMPLOSION-sandgrains 7"(1989)


Here is some more killer, under the radar thrash metal. This three piece band was formed by two brothers, in the Netherlands in 1987. Unfortunately They never recorded a LP or anything after this 7".
I found my copy in a used bin at some flea market on my first trip over to Europe, when the band I was in at the time(the Oath)toured over there. I think I paid a Guilder for it(before the Euro, so it was about .50 cents). I recall being pretty excited to get the record home(back to the U.S.)to listen to it.
I love the guitar sound, and the vocals on this one. It really is just straight up, no nonsense, no thrills thrash metal. If anyone has other info, or a demo by these guys I'd love to hear more about it. Enjoy!