Sunday, February 28, 2010

VIPER-soldiers of sunrise LP(1987)

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1.knights of destruction
3.the whipper
4.wings of evil
6.soldiers of sunrise
7.signs of the night
8.killera of the sword

One of the earlier of the Brazilian metal bands I'd heard back in the day. The band def wasn't as heavy, fast or thrashing as Sepultura or as extreme as the likes of Sarcofago. I was drawn to this by the album cover art, and the fact that a review I'd read of it back then mentioned that it was an amateurish Brazilian sounding Iron Maiden. Anyone who knows me knows I've always been a Maiden freak. When I got this I was sorta bummed on the fact that it wasn't really that Maiden influenced. Only the vox really resemble that type of power metal(Maiden, Fates Warning), the music is more straight forward Speed metal(although some of the double leads might have the MaidenVibe). This one is Definitely not for for everyone who follows my blog. Its very metal, and has very little influence from any other realm.
The only other guys I knew back in the mid 80's that loved the Brazilian stuff the way I did were my Latham NY pals Dave Stevenson and Mark Szwarcberg. This stuff was always hard to find, and we paid ridiculous "import prices". Enjoy


  1. LOL
    best comment ever!!!!


  2. fuckin nice thanks for the upload

  3. thanks for the comment Mike. Ive been thinking of that NY Wolfpack LP alot lately. I'm gonna bust it out tonight after work.


  4. I've always had a thing for Albany hardcore. Kinda sad they didnt get a good rep even with some killer bands like no outlet, brain tattoo, intent, substance, insult to injury and so on. I think Wolfpack really stood out from the crowd. Sucks they didnt last too long, but they left a pretty big mark. Great fuckin LP with snarlin vocals and good old harcore beats.

  5. I'm not a fan of power metal, but for some reason, I always enjoyed this album (and also the 2nd one, Theatre of Fate). I haven't heard their last albums, but I remember reading reviews in magazines back in the day saying they left the power metal aside and started sounding more punkish, so there you have a reason to listen to this album even if you are only into punk-hardcore music.

  6. ridicolous prices?

    i got this one on vinyl

    i liked it at that time, today, not much (at all)

    but yeah

    vodu was nice too if you like this

  7. no Misfits, they became more like a "radio friendly rock" band.

    i dunno, brazilians are wierd

    vocalist went to form angra.

  8. Is it the old angra-vocalist on this one? Theater of... André Matos huh?

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  10. I had a serious love affair with this band... they were the best in that moment, I still hearing this music, and I've got the best album on my Ipod too.

  11. agreed, both Viper albums are excellent, if you can take "soft" metal.