Thursday, December 31, 2009

KUBLAI KHAN-Annihilation LP (1987)

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1.Death breath
2.Mongrel horde
3.Down to the inferno
4.Liars dice
5.Passing away-Kublai Khan
6.Clash of the swords
7.Battle hymn (the centurian)

This is a dirty, hard and rugged under the radar thrash album, that if it had come out three years earlier, would have put these guys on the metal map. The guitarist-vocalist, Greg Handevidt was a one time early 1st tier member of Megadeth. It shows a lot on this recording. You can hear it in the vox and the riffage. This record reminds me of "killing is my business" in so many ways. The drums, the bass, the production, everything... The guitar riffing is fast, and chock full of cool 'lil licks that keep the neck bobbing through out. In my opinion This is the album that Megadeth should have made after peace sells.
Greg moved to California from Minnesota with David Ellefson to play music. The two lived next door to Dave Mustain, and they started Megadeth in the garage just after Dave was kicked out of Metallica. Greg quit the band before they even recorded, and moved back to Minnesota. That is where he started Kublai Khan. The band only released this one LP.
I'm definitely one of those dudes that bought this record back then due to the early Megadeth connection. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

DAMIEN THORNE-the sign of the Jackal LP)1986)

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1.the sign of the jackal
2.fear of the dark
3.the ritual
4.grim reaper
5.hells reign
6.escape of die
7.sirens call
8.Damien's procession

These dirtheads were from Chicago, and played metal that was sort of in between that old traditional heavy metal sound(power metal, or nwobhm), and speed metal. I think there were a fair amount of these bands from the mid 1980's, that found in order for them to survive in what was happening in the metal scene(speed metal/thrash), that they needed to push the envelope a bit more. They needed to play faster, and heavier, changing their sound a little to fit in, or appeal to the youth. In my opinion Damien Thorne were one of those bands. Its awesome because it works well. I think Exciter, and Manowar were guilty of this as well.
I picked this up because of the band name, and the very cool cover art. The name Damien Thorne was that of the son of Satan in the infamous Omen books.
I read these before seeing the movies in around 8th grade. I recall being pretty disappointed by this record because it was to traditional sounding, and didn't have the punk/HC influence that I was now searching for when it came to metal/crossover. Years later I rediscovered it, and realized how much I loved traditional HM.
The Vocals are the stand out for me. They almost have a Rhett Forester sound to them(yup, Riot motherfuckers). The difference would be the high pitched screams that these guys pull off. Enjoy and comment.

DEADLESS MUSS-i will...7" (1985)

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1.Never Say Die
2.Peace Go Away
3.Freedom & Rights
4.God Willing
5.To Do Nothing
6.Future Memory

Deadless Muss are another of my favorite Japanese hardcore bands. A buddy of mine(Louis J)is responsible for turning me onto most all the early Japanese hardcore I've ever heard. I recall him playing this one for me via cassette on our way to see Poison Idea at the Anthrax. It was a two and a half hour drive there, and it turned out that Poison Idea had either canceled or the show was the week before or something. We sat through some other shit bands instead, and went to Trash American Style Record Shop. Remember, this was way before cell phones and the internet. If a band canceled or something happened, it was a bit harder to get the word out. Any way, Louis had like 3 tapes full of Japanese hardcore from all the 7"s and flexi's that he'd been collecting. It kept the 5 hour drive entertaining and educational. His words about these guys was something about them being a bunch of 16 year old kids who could play better then D.R.I.
This all happened in around 1989 or 1990. Much love and Respect to Louis! Thanks.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


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4.astral vortex
5.entombed in space
7.satan's curse
8.robotic surgery malfunction

This demo is pretty fucking brilliant. It was recorded on a 4 track recorder by Jason Martin.
ECA played grind/death stuff that was influenced by the likes of Carcass, and Fear Of God. They used sci fi themes, and came up with cool fictional names for the band members. In reality The band consisted of one of my best friends, Devon Cahill whom played in Monster X with me, then he want on to replace Lee as the bass player in Dropdead. Also in the band, writing some pretty brutal guitar hooks was Jim Kopta, who is no longer with us. The dude passed away at a way to young age. Jim was a very talented musician and artist who was also in Hail Mary, and the Browncuts Neighbors. Albany has always been a pretty incestuous scene for band people.
At any rate ECA did a split 7" with another local band called Dead Baby. From What I recall the Corpse had a full length LP that was supposed to be released on the Armageddon Label. for some reason this never happened, and there is a full LPs worth of unreleased stuff that has never seen the light of day. The production to that stuff is superior to this. Enjoy.