Saturday, December 12, 2009


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4.astral vortex
5.entombed in space
7.satan's curse
8.robotic surgery malfunction

This demo is pretty fucking brilliant. It was recorded on a 4 track recorder by Jason Martin.
ECA played grind/death stuff that was influenced by the likes of Carcass, and Fear Of God. They used sci fi themes, and came up with cool fictional names for the band members. In reality The band consisted of one of my best friends, Devon Cahill whom played in Monster X with me, then he want on to replace Lee as the bass player in Dropdead. Also in the band, writing some pretty brutal guitar hooks was Jim Kopta, who is no longer with us. The dude passed away at a way to young age. Jim was a very talented musician and artist who was also in Hail Mary, and the Browncuts Neighbors. Albany has always been a pretty incestuous scene for band people.
At any rate ECA did a split 7" with another local band called Dead Baby. From What I recall the Corpse had a full length LP that was supposed to be released on the Armageddon Label. for some reason this never happened, and there is a full LPs worth of unreleased stuff that has never seen the light of day. The production to that stuff is superior to this. Enjoy.


  1. nice! some very heavy stuff. thanks

  2. Thanks for this. Enjoyed them on the 'Tomb of Grind' comp EP.

  3. wow....'s filthy, noisy and disgusting but still super catchy.dig the sci-fi themes shame there were no samples from bizzare old sci-fi flicks though.
    sucks about the unreleased LP this is indeed brillant.

    thanks Nate
    mr. anonymous

  4. nice, I had no idea there was a demo. I have the split 7" and it was one of my favorites. Back then, the idea of sci fi gore lyrics seemed pretty original.

    I really hope the album gets released in some form, I didn't think they got a chance to record it. It would suck if the masters got lost after he died.

  5. Off topic but...Are you gonna go to THE BIG 4!!? I'm goin man. Last big metal show for me was Slayer on the Abyss tour. Let's get a NYC caravan together!! AAARRRGGGGh!! 666

  6. I think you need to post the know you have it on a tape somewhere.

  7. please post the LP if you have it mr nate. thanks for this.

  8. i like the band name. funny

  9. I've been always a big fan of the Split 7". Even have some copies in my distro! Post that fucken LP. I really need to hear it. Damn, that would be ace! Thanks for posting the demo. I really appreciate it!

  10. Had the split with Dead Baby when I was a teenager and have been looking for more of ECA's stuff ever since. THANK YOU. THIS IS AWESOME!