Sunday, December 13, 2009

DAMIEN THORNE-the sign of the Jackal LP)1986)

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1.the sign of the jackal
2.fear of the dark
3.the ritual
4.grim reaper
5.hells reign
6.escape of die
7.sirens call
8.Damien's procession

These dirtheads were from Chicago, and played metal that was sort of in between that old traditional heavy metal sound(power metal, or nwobhm), and speed metal. I think there were a fair amount of these bands from the mid 1980's, that found in order for them to survive in what was happening in the metal scene(speed metal/thrash), that they needed to push the envelope a bit more. They needed to play faster, and heavier, changing their sound a little to fit in, or appeal to the youth. In my opinion Damien Thorne were one of those bands. Its awesome because it works well. I think Exciter, and Manowar were guilty of this as well.
I picked this up because of the band name, and the very cool cover art. The name Damien Thorne was that of the son of Satan in the infamous Omen books.
I read these before seeing the movies in around 8th grade. I recall being pretty disappointed by this record because it was to traditional sounding, and didn't have the punk/HC influence that I was now searching for when it came to metal/crossover. Years later I rediscovered it, and realized how much I loved traditional HM.
The Vocals are the stand out for me. They almost have a Rhett Forester sound to them(yup, Riot motherfuckers). The difference would be the high pitched screams that these guys pull off. Enjoy and comment.


  1. Yeah, i've been really diggin on this one of late too. I sorta saw these guys the same way - a band stuck between trad/power metal and the speed/thrash metal that I was more into. I could dig some of these bands, and others I could not. (I'm listenin to the first Savage Steel record now..)

    I love the vox on this record too. I love those screams he does where they put a bit of delay on it, and it sounds like he's comin screamin at you outta the speakers (see "The Ritual"). and I just love how dark this record is too. not enough bands could really pull it off as well as these guys. you gotta listen to "The Ritual" and "Hell's Reign" in the dark..


  2. YOU are both right, this is awsome, and the vocals really make it killer.

    please post more stuffs like this

  3. I remember seeing this album in my local record store back then, but just never got around to picking it up.

  4. Saw them back in the day live. I believe at the Thirsty Whale club.

  5. and moms who wear their teens jeans??

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  7. Hallo I just post a comment on the Condemned LP "Humanoid or Biomechanoid", but I have seen theres been a long time since you posted that album, So I thought about writing something in your newest post. Sorry about not commenting on Damien Thorne.

    I must say I love the Condemned record Humanoid or Biomechanoid, I first listen to it thanks to your blog a few weeks ago. Thanks man!!!!, really thanks for your blog!!!!
    Since I listen to it, I was on a quest to have the original LP, and I finally found and bought a very used copy, is not that bad, but unfortunately It doesn't have the lyrics sheet, would it be possible for you to send me a file or a picture of the lyrics, I would appreciate it very much.

    Cheers, and thanks in advance.

  8. if i remember correctly, Nate posted the same copy of the Condemned LP that I have- the 2nd press on Nuclear Blast Recs. it was orig released on some Australian label, the name of which escapes me at the mo. I believe it had completely different artwork too.

    My copy does have the lyric sheet, and i'd be glad to help u out, but I'll have to wait til i talk to my Mom and see if I can use her digi camera. don't think i have the patience to type it all out. Maybe Nate would have an easier time makin a scan of the insert for u, but if he doesn't have it, or doesn't peep this comment section again, i'll help u out..

  9. Thanks so much jbm!

    Yes I have the Nuclear Blast version too, I found it with a guy that sells a lot of vynils from old bands, but most of them doesn't have the insert with lyrics or photos.

    Thats great, thanks man, hope you can help me with the condemned lyrics. I would really appreciate it. Let me know.

    Cheers and have a happy new year full of great metal.

  10. happy new year! great blog, great music!

  11. ESCAPE....OR DIE!
    This record is great, I bought it b/c it was super cheap and sounded cool. One of the great underappreciated metal LPs, most likely b/c it was between ages like you said and it was on Grudge records, who released a lot of turds. thanks Nate!

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  13. This is one I've seen a bunch of times over the years but never heard before. Thanks!!

  14. I remember seeing this a lot when it came out at stores. I just never bought it, and then I stopped seeing it. thanks.

  15. The ritual is my favorite song of this album it is amazing and makes me feel like if I were the protagonist of the ritual.Generic Viagra Buy Viagra

  16. best band ever... they will be at KIT Fest in Germany April 2011!!!!!!

  17. at KIT with a new album and a new singer - found 'em on Facebook:

  18. It is an awesome band, I cant wait for the KIT this year.

  19. just found their reverbnation page. Apparently they're giving away a free mp3 from the new album if you sign up to the mailing list. Listened to a song called "the clincher"

    pretty good.

    Hope they also play stuff off the first album when they're at KIT

  20. Hey. I love "the sign of the jackal"!!
    are they still giving away a free mp3 from the album if i sign to the mailing list?!
    thank you.

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