Thursday, December 31, 2009

KUBLAI KHAN-Annihilation LP (1987)

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1.Death breath
2.Mongrel horde
3.Down to the inferno
4.Liars dice
5.Passing away-Kublai Khan
6.Clash of the swords
7.Battle hymn (the centurian)

This is a dirty, hard and rugged under the radar thrash album, that if it had come out three years earlier, would have put these guys on the metal map. The guitarist-vocalist, Greg Handevidt was a one time early 1st tier member of Megadeth. It shows a lot on this recording. You can hear it in the vox and the riffage. This record reminds me of "killing is my business" in so many ways. The drums, the bass, the production, everything... The guitar riffing is fast, and chock full of cool 'lil licks that keep the neck bobbing through out. In my opinion This is the album that Megadeth should have made after peace sells.
Greg moved to California from Minnesota with David Ellefson to play music. The two lived next door to Dave Mustain, and they started Megadeth in the garage just after Dave was kicked out of Metallica. Greg quit the band before they even recorded, and moved back to Minnesota. That is where he started Kublai Khan. The band only released this one LP.
I'm definitely one of those dudes that bought this record back then due to the early Megadeth connection. Enjoy!


  1. Yep, good stuff indeed. I was of course also drawn to these guys because of the Megadeth connection. and for the bad ass cover art. And for the band photo on the back. my fav tune has always prolly been "Down To The Inferno" cause a those background vox/screams near the end.

    Nate u should peep the Steel Fury - "Lesser of two evils" LP. Its like this record's little brother- just maybe a little more focused in the songwriting.

  2. happy new years Nate! thank you for many great musics! I look forward to some stuff I have never heard before in 2010.


  3. I liked this one too. Used to have it on cassette. I seem to remember an online interview in recent years with Handevidt where he said he was in on the recording of an early Megadeth demo where they had to use a drum machine because they didn't have a drummer yet.

  4. Yes, in a letter Greg wrote me in 1987, he said he recorded a demo with Megadeth, but there were no leads or vocals on it, and it was not available.

    I never knew about the drum machine.

    Oh well.
    I always wondered if it was the 84 demo, and Greg was not credited, anybody know for sure who was on it.

  5. I'm not sure. I wrote to him maybe 12 years ago(if not more), and he wrote back, but was sort of vague about the demo.
    He mentioned that he was in law school at the time. Wondering if he's a lawyer now that he isn't playing music?


  6. At first I didn't hear any Megadeth, cause I think that Killing is my Business has a lot more complex guitar riffing in every song, which is not really the case in here. Instead, the vocals, at first, reminds me of old Razor, or even Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies, but with something else, some NWOBHM vibe maybe. The best song for me was Mongrel Horde, until I came to Clash of the Swords, even though it is an instrumental cut the beginning is really really great, that's when they remind me of old Megadeth. I hear a lot of Metallica (Whiplash)as well, on The final track, Battle Hymn (The Centurian), here's where I hear some Dave Mustaine kind of vocals too.
    It's a good record, and I think much better than many of the new acts that are attempting to create thrash metal in these days.
    I new about this band in the past, but never got the chance to listen to it, until now.
    Cheers, Again Great blog!!!!

  7. Greg moved back to California, and is a lawyer.

    A great record indeed.

  8. Yeah, this would have been a good substitute for Megadeath's, So Far, So Good, So What. Fun stuff, not overly tech, just ripping, "In Your Face" speed metal.

  9. I was 10 years old and it was all about the cover art.

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  12. This album has quickly become a favorite, never knew there was another axeman before the poland/samuelson era. Don't knock so far so good! ;)

    Holy shit Steel Fury is fucking sick too. Thank you dudes for the heads up on some awesome fucking metal

  13. Great stuff and collection you got, nice post as well. Haven't been a fan of Punk and Metal music, but this one really burst my head out. Love your songs... Will upload it on my Real Flight Simulator

  14. The bassist is a friend of mine, he now lives in Minneapolis and works for Sams Club, no longer plays music at all.....makes me sad.