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Friday, March 30, 2012

ANTI-Defy the System LP(1983)

1.I try
3.your governments calling you
4.working in a factory
5.maps of the stars homes
6.your problems
7.five downtown
8.nothing new me like a baby seal
10.backfire bomber free
12.overthrow the government
13.parents of punks
14.repressed Aggression

I haven't listened to this LP in a really long time.  I originally bought it at the Record Vault on Polk street in San Fransisco in around 1985 or 1986.  I had no idea what they sounded like, but was told I should buy it by Andy Airborne who sang for Attitude Adjustment at the time.  He worked at the shop on weekends, and told me Anti were a heavy influence on Attitude Adjustment.  I was sold on that and the art work.  Upon getting back to my apartment to listen to the LP I was somewhat disappointed by what I heard.  The band played a more mid paced punk style rather then the thrashy HC that I was sorta expecting.  I'd say if you crossed the Circle Jerks with Adolescents you'd understand the sound I'm talking about.  The sound has def grown on me.  Its melodic as hell punk, with snotty vocals, and kick ass catchy guitar solos that make me happy when hearing this.  Still not sure if Andy was fucking with me or not...but I sorta think the bands politics and punk attitude might have had a influence on AA.  I did take a lot of his recommendations, and most panned out and kept me a happy little thrasher.  The band was from L.A., and with this release have nailed the L.A. punk sound.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

POSSESSOR-the black and the red

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1. disintegration bombs
2. tools for revolution
3. 3rd one
4. Possessor
5. cerebus unit
6. mothman
7. the 7th gate
8. trouble Jam
9. Anti system caveman
10. annunahi birdman
11. altered beast

I rarely post Modern stuff on the blog, but this stuff is so damn old sounding, and really hard to find that it needs to be heard by metalheads around the globe. Possessor were from California/Ohio, and Mainly featured members from Annihilation Time, Morbid Death, Life's Halt, GSMF, Bomb Builder, etc. There were a few other Possessors through out the years that played metal, but these guys had it down the best. This stuff is from between 2003-2004, but straight up sounds 80's.
I first heard this in around 2004 when one of the dudes sent me their demo cassette through the mail. I tried to listen to it, but the tape was so crappy that it was hard to decipher what was happening...All I knew was that there was some killer, raw assed Venom worship that I knew I wanted to hear a bit clearer(and not mangled). I wrote them back and told em The tape was fucked up, but really wanted to hear the stuff. Eventually one of the other dudes sent me another copy of the tape. I was stoked upon hearing it and asked them If they'd be into doing a very limited 12" LP of all their stuff. It was supposed to come out on my label Gloom Records, and was going to be limited to 120 copies. The Plant I dealt with had a Valentines day special or something that allowed you to press a really limited run of LPs for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately by the time the band got me the mastered CDR to have plated and pressed, the special at the plant was over. We decided not to do the record. I had thought I lost this CDR until I recently unearthed it when going through stuff that I'd packed away for a recent move to NJ. It was awesome to hear these songs again. I really wish this would have come out, and would love to get it done again. Lost touch with these dudes. There are a few different sessions on this. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DIATRIBE-aftermath demo tape(1985)

Image Hosted by the animals
2.glorious war
5.I'm your leader
6.hellish inferno
7.the slaughter struggle, one fight

This came out the year I graduated high school. A crushing hardcore classic for sure that had the musical influence of Discharge, and took the political views of Crass, Chumbawamba, etc. I wasn't aware of two many animal rights bands back then, it was sort of a radical idea for sure. The tape made the rounds in the tape trading community for over 20 years. It was an obscure beaut that prolly had more influence on bands over seas then it did over here in the U.S.(until more recently I guess). I had a tape copy dubbed from my buddy Louis, who mainly loved anything from outside the states. He loved these guys even though they were from California. The tape disappeared years ago when in a move, I probably gave it away to a friend. Thanks to Charles for this one. The o.g. tape came from him along with a letter from the band, and lyric sheets.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

KWIK WAY-s/t 12" (1986)

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2.nations capital
5.don't stop
6.urban wildlife
7.pacifica on saturday
8.drink and drive
9.plane trooth

I haven't been keeping up much with the blog lately, as the spring has got me spending much of my time outside working on our new house.
As I recall Kwik Way was a 7-11 type store in the California area. I'm not to sure if they still exist or not? At any rate this Northern California band named themselves after the convenient store-food chain, they even used the stores logo. I think there might have been some sort of law suit over this.
I was lucky enough to see these guys twice back in 1986 and 1987 with my buddy Zoran. Once at the Mab and the other time at the Farm. The band were great because they poked fun at the punk audience, and just seemed to torment the crowd by telling kids how closed minded the scene had become, and they used sarcasm to try an get their point across. It was hilarious, People would get so worked up and angry screaming shit like "Fuck You posers!" etc. The band would be pelted with beer cans and garbage. They just acted like nothing happened, and would bust into some fast thrashing hardcore song, and the forgiving punks would forget how pissed the band had just made them, and would slam into one another enjoying the energy. The band didn't look very punk either. They were rad.
The lyrics on this album reflect all that crap. The band also recorded a killer demo tape with some of the same songs that went on to be on this 12".
1986 was really a great year for me, and hardcore in the bay area. I think it was my favorite year in punk. I was seeing shows at the Mab, the Farm, Ruthies inn, the Stone, the On Broadway, etc. Things had definitely exploded. Theses guys were part of that memory for me. Enjoy the tunes.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

CENTAURUS s/t LP (1978)

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1.In the Mood
2.The Lych Way
3.The Rocker
4.On the Sands
5.If I Build My World for You
6.You Shake Me
7.To the Wireless
8.The Maiden Song
9.Cold Emotion

Okay, this post is a bit off the regular beat and path of my blog...
Years before Doug Moody started dipping his dick in early American hardcore/punk with his Mystic Records label, he was putting out records by metal, and hardrock bands. He used his Azra Record Label to put this stuff out. Centaurus were from Sunny California and played hardrock that was definetly influenced by the likes of early Van Halen, B.O.C., Deep Purple, etc. I think the fact the one of the band members on the back cover was wearing a Jaguar shirt got me to buy this LP. I was disappointed for sure back then, because they sounded nothing like the nwobhm sound that I was digging on. It took me some time to warm up to this one for sure. I'm sorta doubting that to many punks, and very few metal heads will dig this one, as its a obscure hardrock record much in the vein of say early Riot that just plain rocks.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

KUBLAI KHAN-Annihilation LP (1987)

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1.Death breath
2.Mongrel horde
3.Down to the inferno
4.Liars dice
5.Passing away-Kublai Khan
6.Clash of the swords
7.Battle hymn (the centurian)

This is a dirty, hard and rugged under the radar thrash album, that if it had come out three years earlier, would have put these guys on the metal map. The guitarist-vocalist, Greg Handevidt was a one time early 1st tier member of Megadeth. It shows a lot on this recording. You can hear it in the vox and the riffage. This record reminds me of "killing is my business" in so many ways. The drums, the bass, the production, everything... The guitar riffing is fast, and chock full of cool 'lil licks that keep the neck bobbing through out. In my opinion This is the album that Megadeth should have made after peace sells.
Greg moved to California from Minnesota with David Ellefson to play music. The two lived next door to Dave Mustain, and they started Megadeth in the garage just after Dave was kicked out of Metallica. Greg quit the band before they even recorded, and moved back to Minnesota. That is where he started Kublai Khan. The band only released this one LP.
I'm definitely one of those dudes that bought this record back then due to the early Megadeth connection. Enjoy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

SEPSISM severe carnal butchery demo(1994)

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1.Sadistically Mangled And Devoured
2.Sodomizing The Exhumed
3.Vulgar Strangulation
4.Removal Of Putrid Entrails
5.Blistering Burnt Mutilage

Sorry to the die hard punks that follow this blog... But I'm on a heavy death, grind kick lately. I'll post some hardcore punk soon.
In the early 1990's I did a 'zine called "Gloom". It later spawned my record label, Gloom Records.. My buddy/band mate Jim MacNaughton and I would at times do split zines... he did Dressed To Oppress, which was a really good read, and always got chuckles out of me. It was more a punk/hardcore zine, while Gloom was more a metal zine. At any rate doing the zine some how got me on a list where I was getting regular stuff for reviews from Metal bands/labels. It was actually over whelming, and had me receiving far to much crap. The zine had gotten good reviews in metal maniacs, and I became flooded with mail, and had to print up hundreds of copies of the crap 'zine. At any rate Sepsism were one of the bands that regularly sent me their tapes. I think this is the second one I got from them. They did a total of three demos before releasing a "legit" release. I loved the band straight away because of their gruff low vocals that made you just want to mimic what the dude was howling. This stuff is very tight, and low end sounding. Jim would make fun of this style calling it "cookie monster vox". This one is for fans of early 90's death metal. Enjoy..

Monday, September 7, 2009

V/A- LETHAL NOISE #2 Tape compilation(1987)

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side A
1.FORETHOUGHT-going on out there
2.RABID LASSIE-contragate
3.RABID LASSIE-rabid lassie
4.STIKKY-republican children
5.STIKKY-on top of the world
6.BASIC RADIO-there is a place
7.BASIC RADIO-lone helmet
8.SKIN YARD-single file
9.SKIN YARD-out of the attic
10.TOUCH ME HOOKER-it's so easy
12.NEW VULGARIANS-rock and ice
side B
13.SEWER TROUT-sewer trout for president
16.SWEET BABY JESUS-baby baby baby baby I love you
17.SWEET BABY JESUS-at the movies
18.LOOKOUTS-recycled love
19.KOEL FAMILY-florence
20.KOEL FAMILY-stab stab stab
21.SHORT DOGS GROW-whirlwind
23.CORRUPTED MORALS-quality control
24.NOFX-bob turkey
25.MOTO STILL BIRTH- moto still birth
26.MOTO STILL BIRTH-video babies
27.FAKE STONE AGE-big fat space fever
28.ISOCRACY-fuck this

This was compiled and put together mostly by David Hayes of Very Small Records at the MR&R house back in 1987, prior to when he started releasing records. Most of the stuff is taken from the bands demo's, live sets, etc. My Friends/neighbors Eric and Janis asked me if my band the Romper Room Rejects wanted to appear on a compilation tape. I of course said yes... the band recorded one track that I wrote called "challenger". I was stoked to later on get a copy of the hand made tape, and see that my favs Corrupted Morals and Rabid Lassie were also on the tape. I couldn't have asked for much else back then. The tape comp was enough to kick us in the ass enough to motivate us to record a demo at Gilman street later that year. Not much became of that, we just gave it to some friends, and sold a few copies through the mail and at shows. I upped that demo a few years ago... for some reson it doesn't come up in the search function. Here is the url. (
All the bands on this tape were bands that you would see around town playing in either S.F. or Berkley during 1986-1988. The stand outs for me on here are Rabid Lassie, Corrupted Morals, Basic Radio(who were pre Operation Ivy), Touch Me Hooker, NoFX, Soup, and Stikky.
Skin Yard sound like David Lee Roth era V.H. I hated it then, but sorta dig it now.
This tape is 22 years old now, and sounds pretty great. There is a dropout in the first song by Forethought, but otherwise the tape is pretty right on. Listening back to this makes me realize once again how lucky I was to be in the Bay Area, and involved in the "scene" during this time period.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

RAT PACK s/t 7"(1985)

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01.fooled again
02.lost in death
03.after midnight
04.hometown hero
06.protect the rich

Good Morning friends! I'm still packing up for a move to the burbs, and have been pulling out and listening to old records and CDs as they also need to be packed away.
At any rate this is a killer six song ep that came out on Mystic Records. Most people think of garbage when they think of Mystic...not this one!
Rat Pack was graffiti I had first noticed in around 1985. It was scrawled on the steps behind the Stone & Broadway in San Francisco. We would go back there to drink and get loaded before every show. Metalheads and punks alike would hang back there. Many good memories of getting chased outta that area by the fascist S.F. cops.
I Finally heard Rat Pack in around 1987 over at Barry from RKL's place. My buddy Zoran and I would hang over there smoking hash & listening to Zappa. After leaving Barry's house I immediately tracked down the 7" ep at one of the zillions of record stores in the bay area.
My favorite tune on here is the instrumental, metal tinged "After midnight"(sounds like a Anvil out take)... followed then by the very RKLish sounding "hometown hero". Enjoy, and please comment.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NAUSEA psychological conflict 7" (1991)

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01.cold system

This Nausea is not to be confused with the NYC political punk band(although I was introduced to the punk one first). This Nausea will most definitely be loved by fans of Terrorizer, because the bands shared members, and had the same brutal crusty-grind sound that went on to influence others world wide. Oscar Garcia played guitar and sang for both Terrorizer and Nausea, It is a factor in the shared sound for sure. Supposedly Terrorizer used some songs by Nausea for the "world downfall" LP, as both bands were around during the same time period and shared members. Both Bands formed in around 1987. Terrorizer broke up in 1988, while Nausea plugged along for a few more years.
The first I'd heard of them was in around 1989 or so, and it was only because of their hard to find split LP with Terrorizer that I discovered these gods. This rarity came out on Baphomet Records in 1991.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

STALAG 13 in control 12"(1984)

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1. Conditioned
2. No Excuse
3. Black Stix/Silver Badge
4. Sometime
5. Clean Up Your Act
6. Black and Grey
7. What Are You Looking For
8. The Choice is Yours
9. In Control

This post is inspired by a comment(and e mail conversations)I had with scab R.K.L. bassist "Ricky", who played with the band after Vince and before Joe. Ricky informed me that he also helped form and played with Stalag 13, but left right before they recorded the 12".
This got me thinking about the record, and pursued me to listen to it again after more then a decade.
I think Its easy to tell they were influenced by 7 Seconds, and Minor Threat. Its also easy to tell that Uniform Choice must have been pretty influenced by Stalag 13. You know, The vocals being sung in that high pitched screaming manner, with the catchy, melodic, fast music just brings it all together.
I own two copies of this nowadays, but I bought my original copy at the Record Vault on Polk street in S.F. This was a record that Andy from Attitude Adjustment pushed on me. It didn't take much to push, I was already into the cover art work. I had no idea who the Hernandez Bros. were back then, so this was my introduction to their cartoony comic book style of art. I went on to follow their careers in the comic book industry, and their book "Love and Rockets" pretty much turned me on to other underground, or more Adult themed comics.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

P.H.C. pissed playground LP (1988)

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01.Ready To Fight!
02.Seizure At The Circus
03.Cup O' Java
04.School Patrol
05.Rude Ralph
06.Bombs Away
07.Smeer The Queer
08.Jelly Roll Jamboree
09.Pissed Playground
10.Pit Of Freaks
11.Moron League
12.Pop! Goes The Weasel
13.Avenging Grandmother
14.Use Prisoners
15.Mr. Magoo's Revenge
16.Never Fair
18.The Crane

Found this one about a year after it came out at World's Records. I'd moved back to Albany from the Bay Area, and I'd scour the 3 record stores in my area looking for odd and obscure hc gems. I had absolutely no idea what this band sounded like, but loved the back cover cartoon art work, and the first song on the back cover was a version of "ready to fight". The LP looked like a demented straightedge record. I was pleasantly surprised by the hard sounding, yet intricate jazz styled hardcore these bros played. Right away the record reminded me of the first Die Kreuzen LP, although the PHC stuff was much more bass riffy and heavy. Eric Wood played the monster 4 string beast on this record, and he of course he later went on to form Neanderthal, and Man Is The Bastard. You can really hear those two bands in these phc recordings. Dude practically invented West Coast Powerviolence.
When MITB finally did tour the east Coast a few of us Albany folk followed them around to a few shows like they were the Grateful Dead or something. I can recall talking to Wood in Providence RI, and him telling me he loved my band DOF,using words like "that's some bombastic shit man", "you cats make me dizzy", and "come out West baby". I gushed to the dude about how much I loved PHC, and wished they weren't so short lived.
I've got a spare copy of this up on the ebay machine.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

the DETONATORS emergency broadcast system LP(1983)

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1.condemned to freedom
2.crime and punishment
3.angry young men
4.cloak and dagger is hell
6.mindless control
7.we're waiting and white
9.push us in, push us out your eyes
11.not valid or guns you understand?

I was turned onto the Detonators by the guitar player of Operation Ivy in perhaps 1986-87. The Dude was known as Lint back then, and was at almost every punk show in the Bay Area back then. I can recall him always buzzing around the audience at Gilman Street and just chatting it up with fellow punks. Lint had a true love for the scene back then, it was obvious when you talked to him. In one conversation I had with him about older California punk bands, he mentioned the Detonators. He gasped in aw when I told him I'd never heard them, and then went on to tell me that how his band was hugely influenced by them more than any other bands.
I later bought this LP at a record shop in Livermore California, and realized I had actually seen the Detonators at the Farm.
The Detonators started off as an L.A. punk band, then moved to Portland Oregon. When I listen back to this I can hear some skinhead influence on the band. Side 2 has riffs that really do seem stolen by op iv. Enjoy the core.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

REASON TO BELIEVE when reason sleeps demons dance LP(1990)

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2.again and again
3.drawing board door
5.eyes of the people
6.settled true
7.far from my hands
8.spelling words
9.maybe not i fl
11.what you bring

These guys were from California, and started off doing the straightedge thing in 1987. The band quickly progressed, playing melodic hardcore with a singer who could actually sing. For some truers this might be to melodic, and "wimpy". I don't know... to me it has so much spirit and power that it has always made me feel really fucking good when I listened to it. This record always puts me in a great mood. My favorite song on here is fr i fl...such great guitar playing. The band only put out two records, the 7" ep (which is also up on this blog), and this LP. Think Minor Threat meets "trial" era Verbal Assault.
This one goes out to my good buddy Kurt Dittmer from back in the day, with whom I used to hang with in San Ramon California. I recently got back in touch with Kurt after prolly 15 years. He was always a great friend. One of the first things he asked me when we first chatted again was about this LP, if I still had it, and if there was a way he could hear it again. Here you go buddy!
Back in the late 80's We would chill at his Moms place smoking buds, and listening to all these straightedge bands that his buddies from Unit Pride were recommending to him. They turned us onto the Reason To Believe 7"... By the time this LP came out I had moved back to Albany, but we had both kept up with the band and were listening to it on different coasts, and talking about how great it was on the phone. A true classic, and another record that I own multiple copies of for some weird reason.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

CIRITH UNGOL one foot in hell LP (1986)

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1.blood and iron
2.chaos descends
3.the fire
5.100 mph
6.war eternal
7.doomed planet foot in hell

Cirith Ungol are the ultimate cult metal band, and I feel sorry for anyone that has never heard them. I've uploaded "king of the dead" a year ago so check the search section to find it on here. There really isn't another metal band I dig as much as C.U. besides perhaps the obvious Maiden, or Slayer. That's why I was recently so bummed on loosing 2 of their LPs in a drunken mistake that left the first two records warped. I'm still missing perhaps my favorite LP by them "king of the dead", though I was able to score and replace a copy of "frost". So come on you fuckers... help a metal brother out. hit me in the comments for my address, and send me a copy of "king of the dead".
These guys supposedly formed in 1972, and later recorded a demo in 1979(which I can put on here if people want to hear it). I've only ever seen live footage from one of their shows, and its from pretty far away, and left me just wanting to see more. Tim Baker the vocalist was brought out by stage hands in a coffin, simply amazing when he appears from it and starts screaming. There is such an air of mystery to these dudes, as they rarely did interviews.
These guys really didn't sound like anyone else, and made teenage kids like me realize anyone could sing in a metal band. I read someplace that they were trying to have the same effect that one would feel from that first bong hit. The artwork was always superb on all their records.
This is the bands third LP, and is straight up awesome. Total ripping Doom metal that is a bit more straight forward then either of their previous releases, but equally as great. The guitars no longer have that 60's sorta sound they they were fucking with earlier.
In high school I could barely find anyone else that found this stuff as awesome as I did. Maybe my Latham pals Dave Stevenson, and Pat J. Totally reminds me of hanging out in the smoking area we had on school grounds, pretending to smoke cigs while in reality getting baked for my next class. I wore a denim Jacket with the words "Riot" painted on the back, and it included patches by the likes of Cirith Ungol, Celtic Frost, Saxon, Slayer, Metallica, etc. This upload is missing the last track.
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Doomed planet
Trapped on a dying world a world to late to save
Mankind is on the move and he's marching to his grave
False prophets filled with greed leaders who rule by fear
By their lies they are betrayed and their message crystal clear

We're living on a doomed planet a planet to late to save
We're living on a doomed planet mankind's marching to his grave

Dark clouds foul the sky as the end is well at hand
The acid rain will fall sweeping death across the land
The poison rivers flow to a helpless dying sea
Of the wicked race of man this world will soon be free

Trapped on a dying world, a world of hate and pain
The judgement has arrived and the verdict is insane
The masses cringe in fear for their sentence has arrived
May the punishment be slow and the guilty flayed alive

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

RF7 submit to them freely 7" (1983)

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1.submit to them freely
2.fortunate son
3.not now generation

RF7 were a L.A. band fronted/started by childhood tv star Felix Alanis. The band didn't really sound like many of their other LA punk brothers. They had a more rockin oi skinhead sound. The band started their own record label(smoke seven), and put out most of their own releases, and many off their friends (redd kross, circle one, etc). I only own this and the bands first 12". They do an amazing cover of CCR's fortunate son on this ep.
I was turned onto these guys by Bones one of the S.F. skins in around 1985-86. I moved into the house many of these skins were living in on 603 Fell street. The place was a fort like barracks with bunks, and a huge projected screen tv. They were moving out as I was moving in, and our time overlapped by a week or two. Dudes were in a punk oi band called the Noise Boyz who I saw once. They were influenced by the likes of AC/DC, RF7, and Blitz. All they did was drink bad beer, fight, and listen to lots of AC/DC. When these skinheads out they left some records.. I was a lucky man.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

REASON TO BELIEVE the next door 7" (1988)

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1.true love always
2.mind on paper
4.rollercoaster foundation upside down

Thinking about records I some how destroyed through the years, this one comes to mind(from So bummed).
I first heard these guys in 1987 from a compilation tape I ordered through the mail called "Open Your Eyes". It was demo stuff by R2B that appeared on the tape. To this day, I've still never found the entire demo, just those tracks.
After hearing that stuff I ended up getting their 7" that came out on Soul Force records. My friend in San Ramon California (Kurt Dittmer)was buddies with the Unit Pride dudes, and their ep was also on the label, so they had copies of both 7"s for sale. We would sit in his room smoking up, wishing we were edge listening over and over to this ep(took me a while to actually get the edge, before it went dull again). This shit was so catchy and well played, but at the same time retained speed, and an element of rawness that makes this record stick out. The only thing I could compare this to would be Minor Threat meets Verbal Assault maybe(the guitar playing).
My copy of this got destroyed by my cat when he was a kitten in like 1991. Sock clawed and scratched up the cover, tearing through to the wax, and mangling even that. It's okay because over the years I managed to get more than one copy of the repress on Nemesis, and to this day don't really think I need the OG(or maybe I do?). The band later released a great LP on Nemesis. Maybe one day I'll upload that one as well.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

FANG where the wild things are LP (1983)

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1.I've got the disease
2.suck and fuck
3.with friends like you
4.G.I. sex
5.road kills're cracked
7.I wanna be on tv
8.everybody makes me happy
9.junky dare
10.Berkeley heathen scum

I've posted Fang's Landshark LP on here in the past. This one is the bands 2nd LP, and almost as good, coming out a year after Landshark in 1983. The Band formed in around 1980, and put out a 7" that predates the LPs. I wish I had that one.
I sold this LP years ago, When I became disgusted with SammyTown's past(his conviction for the murder of his girlfriend in 1989). I Recently bought it again from a store in Oregon. Sammy was a Junkie going back years and years in S.F./Berkely area. Looking back I really am glad I got to see these guys in the mid 80's with my Buddy Zoran Theodorovic. We loved getting wasted, skating, and watching Fang play badly at random clubs in the bay area. It really is amazing to listen to both the bands first records, and to hear the major impact and influence it had on Kurt Cobain. The guitar playing is brilliant on the records. Weird and pretty experimental for the time period.
Living in the Bay area in the 80's was insane. Both the metal and punk scenes were infested with meth. It was almost impossible to not be involved in it. Frankly, I feel pretty lucky to have lived through the 80's, as it was a dangerous time to be fucking around with shit out there. This record, and Fang in general bring me back to a time when life was really dangerous. Enjoy, and as always say Hi!

Friday, October 31, 2008

APOCALYPSE earth 7" (1990?)

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3.heart of man

I don't recall to much about these dudes, I guess I need to ask Ben Dropdead, as he put it out on his label "crust records". I can't even find a date on this one. I'm guessing this came out in 1990 or 1991, as it is crust records 1st release. The band was from Walnut Creek California, and played a brutal and raw brand of hardcore-metal that to some could be considered crust, or doomy grind. Regardless metalheads and punks will both enjoy. I think this stuff has a heavy Amebix feel to the recordings, and song writing. Song one and two run into each other, and are one track on the digital end of this.
Ben gave me a copy of this when I stayed with him during an early DOF recording session at Lanes in Boston. The night before we went to go record, Ben and some of the dudes from Grief got obliterated on Tequila at Ben's place. We were staying with him, and he was supposed to accompany us to record, and produce our 1st 12" on his label. I recall sitting at the kitchen table with these guys... some liquid came pouring off of the table. Ben was slumped over with his face on the table. I grabbed him by his hair to see where the liquid was coming from. His goatee was dripping wet. It turned out to be puke dribbling from him as he lay passed out at the table. The next day He was hung over pretty bad, he did not help all that much with his "producing" gig, but that night he gave me a copy of his first release ever, and had already been out of print. Thanks Ben, you are the best.

Monday, June 9, 2008

CONFRONTATION -1989 demo 7" (1991)

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Confrontation were a Southern California grind/crust band from the late 80's who broke up in the early 1990's. The band featured Todd, The bass player that went on to play in the cult band Dystopia. This stuff is pretty brutal, and more on the crust side of hardcore & metal. Metalheads will love this shit... Its raw as fuck. This record is the actual bands first demo from 1989, remixed then put to vinyl. The ep came out on Draw Blank, a label run by two members of Infest.
I ended up with this totally by mistake. I'd ordered records from the label in the past, and never gotten them...duh, yeah Infest records of course. I would continually order records and shirts from these guys, and NEVER get anything back. Must have happened at least 3 times, after seeing adds in MRR. I was a fuckin born sucker for Infest. Finally after writing some pretty pissed off letters to Draw Blank, they sent me this ep, telling me that the Infest record I ordered was out of print. I was pretty bummed out, and prolly listened to this once and filed it away due to my Infest disappointment. Took me a few years to dig this back out to give it another chance under my buddy Ben Barnett's recommendation. Its def not infest but is still a great record.