Saturday, July 21, 2007

Witchfinder General-friends from hell LP (1983)

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1. love on smack
2. last chance
3. music
4. friends of hell
5. Requiem for youth
6. shadowed images
7. I lost you
8. Quietus reprise

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Witchfinder General could have been a perfect Sabbath cover band, cept these guys wrote their own great songs.
More new wave of british heavy metal from these UK gods...and again, they Formed in around 1978. W.G. can be classified as one of the original NWOBHM bands. Some of the riffs are straight up Sabbath riffs, with their own special twists thrown in. Funny to remember seeing these records at Record Town and Strawberrys in the import section as a kid, I figured they'd always be around. The nudity in the record covers always attracted a teenage metalhead to th bands records.> Download

Friday, July 20, 2007

Gammacide-victims of science LP (1989)

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1.Endangered Species
3.Shock Treatment
4.Victims of Science
5.Gutter Rats
6.Walking Plague
7.Chemical Imbalance
12.Forces of Nature
13.Sex Cult
14.Against The Grain
15.Vapor Lock

Some of these riffs and licks are straight up Slayer, mixed with stuff like Legacy and other Bay area thrash acts from the mid 80's.
These Texas thrashers also add some blast beats here and there (almost ahead of their time on "gutter rats"). The vox are sorta Hardcore/punk styled (crossover I guess in the vein of Cryptic Slaughter or something), with all the lyrics being about science.
I discovered the bands demo around 1988 from a hardcore dude named Lurky, who was an underground "cock fighter". The dude was twisted.

For some reason I couldn't upload this to rapidshare, I'm temporarily putting it on sendspace. sorry.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

DEATHROW-raging steel LP (1987)

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1.the dawn
2.raging steel
3.scattered by wind
4.dragons blood
5.the thing within
6.pledge to die
7.mortal dread
8.the undead cry
9.beyond the light

Vicious thrash metal that always reminded me a bit of the likes of Assassin or Dark Angel(with some Slayer thrown in ). This is the bands second release, and is a bit more technical than the previous.
There isn't really anything that makes this LP stick out any more than other great thrash that was coming out at the time, Its just another important LP to me because it brings back certain memories of a time and place I was at with certain people.
When I listen to this record it brings me back to my Livermore California days, driving around in my 1972 Gremlin, and having my long red haired sidekick Kenny trying to persistently put this tape in the tape deck.. with me yelling about being over metal and to throw some R.K.L. in instead. Kenny usually won.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Rumble Militia-fuck off commercial LP (1987)

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1. Full of danger
2. Treason
3. Dead end kids
4. Bang 'til death
5. Nuclear warfare - the first
6. Fright of stupidity
7. Rumble attack
8. Nuclear warfare - the last
9. Full of commercial

I stayed away from this band for years due to their bad fucking name. My friend Kenny from California tried to turn me on to this LP when it came out, but I just couldnt deal with the name. It took me to about 1989 or 1990, and me having gotten the record in a collection that I purchased to actually give this thrasher a chance and actually learned to love the LP. Mix some decent Bay Area crossover metal with the likes of fellow German's Destruction and you've got R.M. This is a rager.
The cover... again something I could have created with the right crayon collection.

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Steel Warriors-12" (1984)

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1. Steel Warriors
2. Metal Forces
3. I Found That Something In You
4. We're Gonna Rock all Night

My buddy, neighbor Artie Philie gave this 12" to me as a gift for watching his cats. Wantagh Long Island metal played in the nwobhm style from way back in 1984 (fuck I was still a youngin). Only 4 tunes on this cheesy 12"(this is for die hard metal-heads only). I'm not sure what else the band ever did, this could be it. The front cover is seriously ridiculous as it looks like a crayon drawing that I woulda done in 7th grade if I had ran out of magic markers. This was self released by the band, so I'm guessing this is a VERY low pressed record.

the Rods wild dogs LP (1982)

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1. Too Hot To Stop
2. Waiting For Tomorrow
3. Violation
4. Burned By Love
5. Wild Dogs
6. You Keep Me Hangin' On
7. Rockin' n' Rollin' Again
8. End Of The Line
9. No Sweet Talk, Honey
10. The Night Lives To Rock

I was totally stoked to hear these guys, as they came from an area not to far away from where I grew up, Rochester NY (Rodchester). My guitar teacher, Henry of China White turned me on to the band in around 1982.
These guys were a three piece band that featured Ronnie James Dio's cousin, David "rock" Fienstein on guitar and vocals (I think he might have played in Elf with Dio, way pre Dio).
I guess these guys were a bit more "hard rocking" then a lot of other metal acts... But I still consider this to be NY's version of the nwobhm. If you dig bands like early Riot, Anvil, etc than you are going to love this shit. Totally hard edged and catchy metal/hard rock. Another fucking great record cover, that just drew me right into the band.

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Fates Warning-night on Brocken LP (1984)

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1. Buried Alive
2. The Calling
3. Kiss Of Death
4. Night Of BrŅ†cken
5. S.E.K.
6. Misfit
7. Shadowfax
8. Damnation
9. Soldier Boy

Fates Warning were one of the few bands any of us metal heads knew of back in the day that were from Connecticut. The band played a catchy version of nwobhm, that had a spot on Iron Maiden aspect to their sound. I mean seriously, If Maiden were to have had to replace Dickenson in the 80's, then the front man from this band (John Arch) could have replaced him no problem. The dual guitar solos were also spot on as well.
Another classic metal cover that again, is so bad, that it was good. These covers were so important back then in selling the records to us dip shits.
I discovered this band by watching a friend who went to Albany high named Ig, who would play inner city basketball in the projects(being the only white kid in the games), and he'd have his boom box on the sidelines with a few of us fellow metal heads rooting the dude on. He almost listened to Fates Warning all the time. This is the only record I can stomach by them.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Tank-this means war LP (1983)

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1. just like something from hell
2. hot lead cold steel
3. this means war
4. laughing in the face of death
5. we go down fighting
6. I won't ever let you down
7. echoes of a distant battle

When I think of Tank, I think of beer and drinking, as They are a drinking band, like AC/DC, and Motorhead. I discovered Tank on a boom box blasted by a kid that we called Yom Bones in high school in the 80s. Yom Bones(sp?) would eat his cereal with beer instead of milk, and would show up on Friday and Saturday nights at a place we called "the Rocks"(bunch of boulders piled together in the woods where we partied). He was always blasting this tape. When the cops would show up to chase us away, you could hear Bones running away with "echoes of a distant battle" fading into the night from his boom box.
Tank were formed by an ex member of the U.K punk band the Damned in 1980 who wanted to play more metal sounding music. Tank sound much like Motorhead (not as good of course), but adding more of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Sound to their bite. The band put out many great records, and I listen to they're records up until '87ish.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Executioner-in the name of metal LP (1986)

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1. Victims of Evil
2. Hell And Back
3. Death By The Blade
4. Nuclear Nightmare
5. Your Life Is Over
6. Annihilation
7. In A Silent Way
8. Genocide
9. Going Blind
10. Cyanide
11. In The Name of Metal
12. Battlelands

Executioner were yet another band that I was convinced into buying their record due to the artwork( I sorta had a one track mind as far as art went back then). Executioner were from the Boston Area, and later featured Seth Putnam (A.C. vocalist) on bass guitar.
This record really is on the cusp of both punk and metal. There are cool elements of both styles written all over the songs on this slab. Some songs are just over a minute long, while others pass the 4 min mark. The music is raw as fuck metallic riffage, while the vox are sorta Boston or old NYC hardcore sounding(Antidote). My favorite track is "your life is over".