Monday, May 26, 2008

SPAZZTIC BLURR before...and after LP (1988)

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1. Blurr Hogs
2. Images
3. ABC's
4. Spazztic Puke
5. Fuck Yeah
6. Bouge Jonzin
7. Call In Sick
8. Bedrock Blurr
9. He-Not-A-Home
10. Unless....
11. Let There Be Blurr
12. Ace
13. Def Metal
14. Mexicalli

These dudes were an obscure joke crossover band from Portland Oregon. The band first released a demo in around 1985-86, and then this their only album in 1988. The band runs through practically every underground genre including metal, hardcore, jazz, grind, thrash, and punk. Not something one can listen to everyday, but funny as hell, and kooky enough to influence certain powerviolence bands that came out in the 90's.
Think Wehrmacht meets S.O.D. I can remember reading in the bands thanks list, Siege (for the influence), and automatically I started trying to find out who Siege were.
Listening to this record is really all about memories for me. Brings me back to Albany NY after I moved home from S.F. in around 1989. My friend Louis Jakobs had a long haired metal buddy named Roger who really only into metal. Roger traded me This LP and the Infest slave for some metal record that I am having a hard time recalling. Might have been the Hellhammer 12". At any rate, I traded this or sold this record in my second purge, and of course regretted doing so. It wasn't until recently that my Neighbor Artie and I discovered/met this Russian record collector in our neighborhood, who let us come over and browse records (by appointment only). I was able to score this record again for $5. Thanks Ed!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

NEGATIVE APPROACH live pictures from a show in NYC

No downloads here tonight, just some pictures from the Negative Approach NYC show tonight at Southpaw in Brooklyn.
The Dustheads opened the show, and reminded me of RKL's rock n roll nightmare LP. Young kids from NYC playing cool sounding, rock n roll hardcore.
Next up were Sharky and his band Clockcleaner. Noise rock played with a punk rock edge. They did a 20 minute version of ready to fight. I'm shocked the boneheads at this show didn't kick sharky's ass, or at least unplug them. I loved it.
The almighty NA took to the stage next. By this time it was about 10:30, and the crowd was drunken and growing restless. Saw a bunch of friends in the pit (Ron G, Artie, Pat West, Ryan V, Paul Hanly, etc). The band was looking pretty old, but still looking pretty hard and pissed. The vocals were spot on, angry as hell with the quality Brannon howls and screams. The band featured the original drummer and vocalist. The bass player was in the band the Effegies in the early 80's.
The crowd was going nuts for this shit, with stage divers, and pit mongers bouncing off the walls... totally raging hardcore from start to finish. This show helped me in remembering what it is that made me fall in love with hardcore in the 80's. Anyone that gets the chance to witness these dudes playing the classic LP, and 7" should put down whatever it is that they are doing, and go witness balls out, real hardcore with no fluff.

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More pictures of this show on my flickr site

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

FANG land shark 12" (1982)

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1.the money will roll right in shark & order
4.diary of a mad werewoulf
5.destroy the handicapped
6.drunk and crazy invitation
8.skinheads smoke dope

Man, what can be said about Fang? One of the greatest punk bands you ever loved to hate. I was lucky to have seen them a few times in S.F. and Berkeley in the mid 80's. I'd say this record was a humongous influence on Kirk Cobain and Nirvana. The riffs, the drums, the production, so primitive and raw. Pure punk energy that was 100% real. The members of this band were junkies, and the vocalist Slammie(Sammy) Town was convicted for murdering his girlfriend in a Junkie rage. I can recall when the news hit the scene of SF in the late 80s, people were just stunned. Slammie split the city, and went on the Run. He was eventually turned in by fellow punks, and served some messily time in prison. I sold this LP in the early 90's (probably in disgust to Slammies actions)... I later regretted ever getting rid of it, and recently scored another copy of it here in NYC. I hadn't listened to it for a while, till a friend (RyanV)re played it for me on a work trip. I had to re score the wax after that.
Another of the SF punk greats that I can remember getting as messed up as possible with my buddy Zoran, then skating to their shows, dancing hard then skating home. The lyrics on this LP were hilarious. Enjoy.

Friday, May 9, 2008

BLOODLUST guilty as sin LP (1985)

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1.soldier of fortune
2.ride to death
4.tear it up
5.bleeding for you
6.too scared to run
7.rising power

Bloodlust were a L.A. speedmetal/powermetal band whom formed in around 1983. These guys had the Exciter, Omen, Manowar, Armored Saint, Savage Grace type of sound. Powerful, melodic yet fast, this album is a metal heads wet dream. The vocals of Guy Lord are that of a powerful metal screamer. Listening back to this stuff its amazing metal that keeps my neck bobbing even more so today then it even ever did it 1986.
My Pal Zoran T turned me onto this record in around 1986 or 87. I think I hated it at the first few listens as I was going through my "I hate, and repute all metal" phase. Seemed the dude was always blasting this when I'd go over to his crib to prepare for a punk or metal show, or before we'd hit the streets of San Francisco to skate and bomb hills all night. Dude was a true metal head, and turned me onto some great shit. Zoran is still involved in the California metal scene and he does a show called Capital chaos out of Sacramento. Enjoy & comment.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

DEATHRASH-faces of death demo (1986)

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1.lock jaw
2.buried alive
3.blood for blood

Deathrash were an amazing NJ metal band that never did the vinyl thing. After talking to Pat about the band, I thought he told me that he joined Whiplash as a replacement for a while, and maybe that semi killed Deathrash? I forget the details, exactly, I'm prolly way off, Maybe he'll chime in here in the comments. I know that Tony Scaglione from Whiplash played on this demo. One of the best NJ metal bands ever in my opinion. The Deathrash stuff has so many elements of different influences its just delicious. Think Hirax, Death Angel, Betrayel, etc. Deathrash had the Bay area sound for sure.
I lucked out on this demo tape, as I found it in this old dirty record store in Albany NY called Worlds records. the store was always amazing, and you could uncover all kinds of treasures there if you didn't mind getting dirty. The owner Steve would find random stuff in the basement and just put it out in stacks. I used to comb the store three times a week for rarities. I found this demo on one of those comb through in around 1995. I'd heard the band on a LP comp, but that was all the band had released besides this so I was ecstatic to find the tape. I cautiously took it to the counter wondering what Steve would charge me. Without flinching he said... "ah, this is a hard one to find....99 cents." I was stoked to get the tape home to blast it. I loved that store... It brought me so much great music for decades. This is ripped from a 22 year old tape, unbelievable. These dudes have just reformed and are now playing shows again.

took down the upload link at the request of Pat Burns of deathrash. check the comments for more info.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

SYSTEMATIC DEATH live pictures from May 2nd NYC

No download here... Just some pictures of one of the most godly Japanese bands of all time playing here Friday May 2nd in N.Y.C. This was truly a historic occasion. I found myself up against the stage, front row as if it were a Maiden concert in '83. Shit was punishing from start to finish, even with all the bass guitar tech problems. For these who aren't familiar with these guys they existed in Japan from 1983-1988. I first heard the thrash til' death comp that Pushead put out... that was it, I was a fan for life.
I'd have followed the band to Providence for their only other U.S.A. East coast appearance if I wasn't working on wedding plans with Wendy for June. I saw so many friends from all over the globe, it was insane. Only wish the dude(Louis) who was responsible for turning me onto this shit many moons ago could have witnessed this.

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check my flickr photo site for more pictures

Thursday, May 1, 2008

BASTARD controlled in the frame 7" (1989)

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1.tragic insane
2.spend your life
3.defective chain
4.moment of death
5.cause of civilization
6.slick plot

I've been on a pretty good Japanese hardcore punk kick these days. Its due to the fact the Systematic Death are playing a few shows in the USA this week. I'll be here in Manhattan to witness the Japanese Brutality. They influenced almost all Japanese hardcore in some way or another.
At any rate Bastard are my all time favorite Japanese band ever. I love the gruff vocals, and the meaty guitar hooks played to an almost crusty powerful drumbeat. When We started Devoid Of Faith in 1992 we gravitated towards the Bastard Japanese sound. I love Bastard, thats all there is to it. I own two copies of the LP.
When Devoid Of Faith toured with 9 Shocks Terror we stayed with a long time heroic drummer friend of mine named Wedge. Wedge was showing off his record collection at his Moms house, pulling shit out of the attic, and selling us almost anything we wanted. This was of course pre Ebay days. Jim MacNaughton, Telfian, and myself were buying all kinds of goodies from Wedge. I think one of us got a Cause For Alarm 7" from him. The dude had dupes of everything and was the least greedy record nerd I think I've ever met. He was happy to share. Well that all changed when I fumbled across his Bastard 7" . I was in aw, and asking "how much how much, how muchhhhh!!!!" Wedge simply snatched it from my hands and said, "nope, this one ain't for sale Nate". He mentioned that it was special to him, and he didn't think he'd ever find another if he parted with it. I left it at that. A few years later I got a e mail from Erica Beck from Boi records in Japan. She had heard from Pushead that I was looking for this, and she had a extra one of eps at the shop. Next thing I know I've got a copy plus some og bastard shirts she'd sent in the mail. What a great gal. This goes out to her and her child in which I've heard she had in the last couple years. Cheers Erika!

THC-killing for peace demo (1986)

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1.blood n guts
2.electro toxic
3.road rash
5.killing for peace

Thrashing Hectic Circle mixed metal and punk together perfectly, making for some sweet Northern California crossover in the 80's. Seriously, if you love the likes of old DRI and Sodom, etc. then you'll dig this. I don't think they ever really went over well with hc kids cause of the length of their hair. My old band the Romper Room Rejects practiced next door to these bros in Livermore California when I was living out there in 1988. We shared an Autobody shop and a mechanics garage, that were next door to one another for practicing. I remember seeing these dudes dressed up in gas masks with light shows, etc at their practices. They went all out when they played even for themselves. This is the bands first demo, they recorded the Christian brainwash one next, which is also on my blog in the Archives. I prefer that one, but this one has a very special memory.

I remember Kenny D listening to this demo tape on the way to a show at Gilman street for a punk gig we were playing there in 1987 or 1988. The reason I recall this is that we had a pretty insane car accident on what ever five lane highway connects Livermore to Oakland (890 maybe?). I was following My friend Kenny who played drums in our band. He was driving a Cherokee scout, I was driving his 1972 Chevelle. It was raining hard, we were already late to the show, and I was sorta tailgating Kenny. He started to swerve at about 80mph, lost control of his vehicle, and I rammed him sideways at 80 mph. When I came to, Kenny was running around picking up his drum set from all over the highway, just in shock. This tape was still playing on the cassette deck, as cars were floating around the two totaled cars, and a 10 piece drum set, and some amps scattered about the highway. I remember because I turned it off, as it was bewildering to me. I had two other people with me, my buddy Kurt Dittmer, and a girlfriend who had both blacked out as well, but were okay. Kenny's parents somehow happened upon the accident, and ended up driving us to the show. We did end up playing , and were still in shock from the accident. I recall Tim Yo introducing us as the band no highway could stop. Both Kenny's cars were totaled. Enjoy, and comment please.
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