Tuesday, May 13, 2008

FANG land shark 12" (1982)

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1.the money will roll right in
2.land shark
3.law & order
4.diary of a mad werewoulf
5.destroy the handicapped
6.drunk and crazy
7.an invitation
8.skinheads smoke dope

Man, what can be said about Fang? One of the greatest punk bands you ever loved to hate. I was lucky to have seen them a few times in S.F. and Berkeley in the mid 80's. I'd say this record was a humongous influence on Kirk Cobain and Nirvana. The riffs, the drums, the production, so primitive and raw. Pure punk energy that was 100% real. The members of this band were junkies, and the vocalist Slammie(Sammy) Town was convicted for murdering his girlfriend in a Junkie rage. I can recall when the news hit the scene of SF in the late 80s, people were just stunned. Slammie split the city, and went on the Run. He was eventually turned in by fellow punks, and served some messily time in prison. I sold this LP in the early 90's (probably in disgust to Slammies actions)... I later regretted ever getting rid of it, and recently scored another copy of it here in NYC. I hadn't listened to it for a while, till a friend (RyanV)re played it for me on a work trip. I had to re score the wax after that.
Another of the SF punk greats that I can remember getting as messed up as possible with my buddy Zoran, then skating to their shows, dancing hard then skating home. The lyrics on this LP were hilarious. Enjoy.


  1. Thank you so much! I love your site! I've been looking and reading for 2 days now and I love what I am seeing! If I can ask your help, I'm looking for a thrash band called F.U.C.K. I heard them once, 10 years ago and have never been able to track them down since. Please Help!!
    Oh yeah and whats the PW? I don't own all of these goodies!
    (Not anon but don't want to sign up today), Jim

  2. Great story man. Kinda sad to see the kinds of shit some bands pull off that end them up in a shitload of trouble. EX: Darby Crash... his dumb ass would always be on something whenever he would perform until eventually the drugs and booze got to him.

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  4. Three different Fang albums on three different sites, the planets must be lining up for something big. I was kind of into these guys back in the day but they weren't as big in SoCal as they were in NorCal. It wasn't til I moved up north that I started to dig on them a little more. Must be the rain. thanx for this

  5. sick record! thanks for uping this great memory. i love yer blog

  6. One of the best sites around! This record is a CLASSIC, one of my favourites of that slow sound, along with No Trend. The best thing about your site is the write-ups though, so insightful.

    I linked you from my blog, http://youbreedlikerats.blogspot.com, return the favour if you like but no worries if not. I've put up an Articles Of Faith interview I did, some mp3s, amongst other stuff...

    Anyway, keep it up!

  7. Thanks for the post!! Sacrilege B.C. played a pretty mean version of "Destroy the Handicapped" when they played live at the infamous "Thrash Fest II"...

  8. thanks dudes! A great album indeed, I've been spinning it a lot lately. Robxt I listed your blog addy in my links. thanks

  9. Kirk Cobain and Nirvana. <- great site. its kurt btw

  10. good to see Fang get their props.

    they were underappreciated back in the day... but i still spin Landshark on a regular basis.

  11. I love Kob Curdain! Thanx for the FANG. Yeah, I remember being totally shocked by the murder and remember ads in Max R&R pleading for people to turn Sammy in. Last I read, he was pretty unrepentant about it.

  12. "Land Shark" & "Where The Wild Things Are" are two of the best punk records of all time & I will enjoy spinning 'em 'til the day I die! Just saw FANG the last two nights in Bremerton & Seattle, WA & they were awesome! Sammy is the only original member but they tore it up just the same & were all a bunch of great guys to myself & everyone else there. Thanks for the blog! More people need to know how bad ass & important this band was & still is... Nirvana & Mudhoney flat out ripped off riffs from 'em & covered 'em plenty just like Metallica & Green Day did too. There's too much squeaky clean, pretty boy fashion punk crap out there these days so it's a pleasure to know a real, down & dirty, old-school style band like FANG are still around...