Thursday, January 6, 2011

AGATHOCLES-the LP's 1989-1991 CD

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1. Big One
2. Teachers
3. Christianity Means Tyranny
4. Squeeze Anton
5. Introtyl
6. Fog
7. Majesty of Fools
8. Lay Off Me
9. Purified by Death
10. Deceased
11. Use The Mincer
12. Fake Friend
13. Gorgonised Dorks
14. Four Walls
15. Christianity Means Tyranny
16. Like an Ivy (Poem) / Agarchy
17. Sentimental Hypocrisy
18. Majesty of Fools
19. Fog
20. Teachers
21. The Accident
22. Deceased
23. Forced Pollutions
24. Use the Mincer

Agothocles are a political grindcore band who started in around 1986 in the country of Belgium. The band are pretty much known for putting out way to many records(there are more then 100). The catalog is seriously untouchable when it comes to the amount records they have put out. I tried to keep up in the early days when there wern't ten million grind bands playing the same old crap. I lost interest in them in around 1992.
This features two LP's...The first is a really old line up with Erwin on drums. He was the Original drummer, who later went on to play bass in the band.
This stuff makes me think of my days in Albany, hanging with my pals Devon, John Moran, and Mark Telfian. This type of stuff would be the sound track to many of our road trips, and had a small influence on what we wanted to do musically.