Friday, June 25, 2010

LIEGE LORD-master control LP(1988)

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1.fear itself
2.eye of the storm
3.master control
4.kill the king
5.soldiers fortune
6.feel the blade
7.broken wasteland

This is my favorite of the three albums that this Connecticut power metal band put out. The guitar playing and production are just top notch tit! You'd almost swear that you were listening to Bruce from Iron Maiden belching away about fantasy ridiculousness. By the time this record came out, I had moved on from this type of metal(for the most part). I think what sold me on it was a friend playing me they're version of Dio era Rainbows "kill the king". Rainbow almost invented speed metal with this song. Dio was a god to me growing up, and I figured this record would be a good way to pay some more tribute to the almighty 'lil man. RIP Ronnie... long live the horns.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LEPROSY-demo tape(1988)

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1.vomit from hell
2.generation of frustration
3.keep it to yourself
4.speak up/corp dad

These dudes were from Hopewell Junction NY, and played a fast crossover style. I'm not really sure about the bands history other than the singer(Sean), who went on to sing in Collapse(New Breed Tape compilation), and later was the replacement singer for Life's Blood. I think he played two or three shows. This is a serious obscure classic here. Thanks to Charles for this one. Enjoy... and if you know anything about them, please leave it in the comment section.