Thursday, July 31, 2008

JAGUAR axe crazy 7" (1982)

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1.Axe Crazy
2.War Machine

Just look at this cover art... so minimal, yet so brutal and aggressive looking.
Jaguar were yet another of the amazing yet sorta obscure New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands from back in the day. The band got their start in 1979 playing the pub circuit but They never really got big in the U.S.
I was always in love with the "power games" LP, but have a severe love for axe crazy, as it never made it on any of the bands LP's. I recall be sorta shocked a few years ago in hearing that Supposedly Jaguar were Neat records biggest selling ep. They did have a commercial feel to them, but also could bang out some fast ones. If you dig Axe crazy from this ep, you'll love the power games LP that came out the following year. War Machine was a song from their 1980 demo that they re did for the 7". Starts off melodic, with acoustic guitars, but kicks in pretty good. You can hear some early Di'anno Maiden in this one... I mean note for note.
Again, I collected some of these metal 7"s as a youngster in high school, but my mother tossed some out, I also tossed some out when I was going through my anti metal phase. Don't worry, it only lasted a year or two (when I discovered punk). At any rate its had me re buying the stuff for the last few years.
If you love the first two Maiden records, This Jaguar ep will not disappoint.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WITCHFYNDE cloak and dagger LP (1983)

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1.The Devil's Playground
2.Crystal Gazing
3.I'd Rather Go Wild
4.Somewhere To Hide
5.Cloak And Dagger
6.Cry Wolf
7.Start Counting
8.Living For Memories
9.Rock + Roll
10.Stay Away
11.Fra Diabolo

This is this U.K. bands third full length. The band was playing the nwobhm when most metal bands were still being toilet trained, as they had originally formed in 1976. In some aspects it boggles my mind that the band wasn't able to do any real type of progression between all their early records, in another aspect I can sorta respect that. You won't be able to listen to this album with out comparing the vocals to both Rob Halford, and King Diamond. Lots of high pitched notes screaming about sorcery, satan, & dragons here. Musically it has parts that remind me of early Scorps(in trance era, specially the tune "rock n roll"). I've had this record forever on vinyl as it was a high school sweetheart of mine, but I just scored this copy of it on picture disk, and I think it looks really cool.
I've been on a Witchfynde kick lately probably due to me loving this style of metal a lot again these days, but also because I'll be seeing the mighty Judas Priest in 10 days, and like I said vocally these guys remind me of stuff like that. Listening to this record always gives me a feeling of solid nostalgia. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DEATH SIDE satisfy the instinct 7" (1987)

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1.Drunk too much
2.Money dont come and go
3.Look at your self
4.My pace
5.Over nice
6.Self complacency

This is one of the greatest japanese 7" masterpieces ever! In 1987 I had little knowledge of what was happening in the Japanese punk hardcore scene. I was still digging crossover, and lots of silly straightedge stuff.
By 1989 my friend Louis Jakobs was blasting this shit for me on a daily basis. At first I had no understanding or love for the stuff, but after several mixed tapes, and him blasting Japanese hardcore from his little red Toyota truck I became hooked. By the time I started looking for these releases, they were already hard to find. Japanese stuff did not sit on store shelves for long(if you were lucky to know a store that even sold it). The only store I could find any of it at was Albany's Erl records. When Louis decided he'd had enough, he dumped his collection at a store out in NJ that was co owned by Charles Maggio. The stuff they bought from Louis was insane....practically every Japanese release from the 80's. When Louis moved to Jersey, he would come back and visit frequently, one day he brought this record to me, and told me to enjoy it. Dude was awesome...this record is god! Enjoy...comment please.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

RICH KIDS ON LSD its a beautiful feeling 7" (1984)

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1.political destruction
2.not guilty
3.adolescent death
4.beautiful feeling
6.tell me the truth
7.I'm locked up

RkL were one of the most important bands to me at a certain point & time in my life. The time was around 1986, when I was 19 years young, screwed up on anything that could get me off, and punk rock as fuck! The music, the lyrics, the artwork all spoke to me in ways other bands or music never had. I lived and breathed this shit.
I can recall seeing these guys play the Farm, the Stone, the Mab, the On Broadway, Ruthies Inn, shit... even the Oakland Omni. It's So depressing to think about the fact that two of the dudes are now dead from Drugs. Both Jason, and Bomer died a few years ago...a tremendous loss of life.
I'd hung out with these guys on Haight Street, ate at the soup kitchen with them, drove around in the rkl van looking for drugs and a gig, and even had a chance to try out as a bass player for them. To see this band of young kids perform in the mid 80's sent shivers down my spine at the time. They were all over the stage, and doing amazing jumps in the air while playing flawlessly.
I'm one of these Rkl fans with a tattoo, and who still believes in the first 3 records being equally as awesome as the next one. I really miss these guys, and those times. This post makes me sad, but at the same time really makes me remember my friends like Zoran, Kurt, Kenny, and Michael Roy. Hope you dig this.