Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DEATH SIDE satisfy the instinct 7" (1987)

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1.Drunk too much
2.Money dont come and go
3.Look at your self
4.My pace
5.Over nice
6.Self complacency

This is one of the greatest japanese 7" masterpieces ever! In 1987 I had little knowledge of what was happening in the Japanese punk hardcore scene. I was still digging crossover, and lots of silly straightedge stuff.
By 1989 my friend Louis Jakobs was blasting this shit for me on a daily basis. At first I had no understanding or love for the stuff, but after several mixed tapes, and him blasting Japanese hardcore from his little red Toyota truck I became hooked. By the time I started looking for these releases, they were already hard to find. Japanese stuff did not sit on store shelves for long(if you were lucky to know a store that even sold it). The only store I could find any of it at was Albany's Erl records. When Louis decided he'd had enough, he dumped his collection at a store out in NJ that was co owned by Charles Maggio. The stuff they bought from Louis was insane....practically every Japanese release from the 80's. When Louis moved to Jersey, he would come back and visit frequently, one day he brought this record to me, and told me to enjoy it. Dude was awesome...this record is god! Enjoy...comment please.


  1. hello, what's the password the extract the file

  2. always love me some DeathSide... thanks for this!

    ps - I didn't need a p/w when I opened it...

  3. Hey man, sorry to be such a pain, but I just can't extract Holocaust "The Nightcomers", tried three times already... could you re-post them?

    Btw, if you´re into 70's psych rock, you might know ChrisGoesRocks blog already, if you don't, here's the link:

    I gotta say you've got a killer blog here, man! Stuff I used to only read in magazines (Rock Brigade magazine), but couldn't afford (they were all imports - I'm brazilian, btw), I'm gettin the chance to hear now, like sixteen years later, hehe. That's great, anyway.

  4. Hey Dude! A big thx for your side!
    I'm a german musician (sorry for my english) and love the old school stuff. I listened to Heavy music since (The Beginning?)1981 - My first Record was the 1st Venom - Welcom to Hell Album. And then - the standard - Accept,MAiden, Priest,Slayer,Kreator,Sodom,Destruction,Assassin,Repulsion,Spermbirds,Tankard,Protector,Dr. & the Crippens, Transgression, Condemned,RoseRose etc.. Now i'm 34 years old and wait for this feeling i had in the years 1981-1991 - when i hear new good stuff. Today - the most people have forgotten the beginning - and that make me sad, because i wish everybody the same eperience i had!!!

    So i love this blog !!!

    Death Side remembers me like a mixture of Lethal Agression and C.o.C. with a spit Crust from Doom and a bit guitar sound from Intense Degree.
    Love you budy!
    Go on with this

    THX Xeno
    ( )

  5. never heard of this before, but i love it!! thank you for uploading

    i had no problems with extraction using 7zip

  6. Protected, and the Sendspace link doesn't work... Any way we could see this one re-posted?

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