Sunday, March 29, 2009

WHITE ASH s/t 7" (1983)

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Image Hosted by with rock n roll
2.the spell

White Ash were a pretty obscure NWOBHM sounding band that hailed from Detroit Michigan in the early 80's. To my knowledge these gents only ever put out this one single. I don't even think there was a demo, two songs documenting them, that's it. Kind of crazy. I had never heard of them until my buddy Paul, who now lives in Michigan found a copy of this at a local record store for a measly dollar. The last time Paul came out East to visit friends he brought a copy of the record for me to have because he's a rad dude, and knew that I would appreciate this weird 'ol gem more than anyone. When I saw him, and he handed it off to me, I asked him if it was good, and he simply replied with "no, not at all". He told me the only reason he grabbed it was because of the lyrics to the song "the spell"(satanic type lyrics). Well my boy Paul isn't a metalhead, and def comes from more of the punk scene, so I can totally understand how he might think this shit is weak, and funny. Me, when I threw this on my turntable I was in absolute heaven, as it reminded me of early Neat Records type metal that I had grown up listening to in the early 80's. Side A "live with rock n roll" is the winner for sure, and is so good that I think it makes "the spell" disappointing. This record came out on some small little private press label called Paragon Records. Some dude probably has like 200 copies sitting in a closet some place in the mid west. Cheers Paul! Thanks man.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CLEANSE THE BACTERIA compilation LP (1985)

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Side one
1. 7 Seconds: "Regress No Way", "We're Gonna Fight"
2. Civil Dissident: "20th Century Holocaust Pt. II, Death for a Buzz"
3. Instigators: "53rd State", "The Blood is on Your Hands, Free (You're Not)"
4. Siege: "Sad But True", "Cold War", "Walls"
5. Corrosion of Conformity: "Kiss of Death"
6. Crude SS: "Nazi Go Home", "Spräng Alla Kommunhus"
7. Akutt Innleggelse: "Tenk Nå!"
8. The Execute: "Slash" (Live)

Side two
1. Part 1: "Black Mass"
2. Poison Idea: "Typical", "Die on Your Knees"
3. Genocide Express: "Genocide Express", "Factory"
4. Inferno: "Wir Sind Schon Tot", "Freitod"
5. Mob 47: "Fred & Rättvisa", "Sjuk Värld", "Nedrusta Nu", "Snuten Styr"
6. Septic Death: "Terrorain", "Change"
7. Enola Gay: "Grav Et hul", "Enola Gay"
8. Holy Dolls: "Beast of the Apocalypse"
9. Zyklome A: "People Die", "Angry Face"
10. Extrem: "Nazi Raus"

I Can't really remember where I discovered this classic compilation, but I'd guess it was in Thrasher Magazine, or maybe Maximum Rock n Roll. I know that when I saw the artwork I was in aw, and it looked so metal to me that I knew you couldn't go wrong buying the record. This one is as important to my varied international taste in music, as the Peace comp, or the Welcome to 1984 compilation.
I was already familiar with and had seen C.O.C., 7 Seconds, Septic Death, and Poison Idea, but being exposed to the likes of Crude SS, Siege, Inferno, Mob 47, the Execute, and Extrem was just mind melting back then. I soon was out buying other international compilations, and records by bands throughout the entire world. I think I wrote to every bands address on the back of this record. For me it was the first time I'd written to Holland, Sweden, Austria, and Japan looking to buy punk records & demo's.
Seems so unreal to me 25 years later that we didn't have computers, or cell phones, but instead wrote letters to people who possibly didn't speak the same language, and might not get the letter. We'd just stuff an envelope with a letter, $3 dollars and some stamps in hopes that we would hear back from bands half way across the globe. I spent a lot of time doing this, as most of us did in these days. It truly was difficult to find and expose yourself to new and different music back then. I'd have been lost with out the likes of Pushead, Tim Yo, etc. People who lived outside this bubble clearly thought people like us were crazy to be spending so much time, and obsessing over something that seemed so under the radar.

Monday, March 23, 2009

FLITOX no1 7" (1986)

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4.tout pou plaire

Flitox were an average French punk band. France has never really been all to known for having the best music come out of the country. This is the bands debut record. They put out a LP that was good as well. Mid paced, Catchy L.A. sounding punk, with lots of melodic guitar leads is how I'd describe the bands sound. I don't think I'd ever had discovered this record if it weren't for my band mate/friend Michael Roy. Michael was a French punk who was living in the states illegally in 1986-88, working construction/painting houses. My buddy Zoran met him at a show, and brought him back to my apt in S.F. to try out as bassist in our band the Romper Room Rejects. When I told Michael that I'd never heard any good French punk, he somehow came up with this record for me, bringing it over to my pad for me to listen to. After I acknowledged that there might be a few ok French punk bands, my buddy told me I could keep the record. It is hard to believe that its been with me for 23 years now. I have no idea what happened to Mr. Roy, I haven't heard from or seen him in over 20 years. Cheers my friend!

Monday, March 2, 2009

CASBAH russian roulette 7" (1986)

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1. Russian Roulette
2. death metal

I first read about Casbah in one of Pusheads columns back in the mid 80's(Prolly Puszone). The way he described this Japanese thrash metal band I knew I really needed to hear them. It really did take me forever to finally find the ep by these guys, but it was so fucking good that it seemed well worth the wait. I ended up buying it used at Reckless Records on Haight street for pennies. Some metalheads might find this to primitive and raw to be considered metal. To me It borders right on crossover thrash, mixed with maybe Kreator, and them being Japanese just ads to the frenzy. I know when I finally did get this, and blasted it for my buddies like Zoran, and Kenny(who were true metal types), they thought it was a hardcore band. This was one of the few Japanese bands that I had some knowledge over my Japcore fiend friend Louis J. I recall him telling me "dude... If you like this stuff, you are gonna love this". He would then blast the likes of Gism, Gauze, SoB, and Lipcream for me. The second part of the solo in Russian Roulette makes me want to get out my guitar and learn how to play it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

TOXIC HOLOCAUST death master 7" (2003)

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1. death master
2. Metal attack

This is another record that I'm pretty proud to have been part of. I was introduced to Joel/Toxic Holocaust through Yosuke of Nuclear War Now Records. Yosuke had turned me on to the one man band, and put me in contact after I gushed over how the stuff he'd played me just simply reminded me of every great thrash metal record I'd heard in the 80's. Think Destruction, Sodom, Bullet belts, bowls, beers, and partying in the woods. These are the things I thought of when I heard Toxic Holocaust. It took me back two decades, and made me feel really good again. Total shivers up the spine, and very nostalgic for me. After Talking to Joel, and realizing he was a totally awesome dude, who came from the punk scene, we decided to do this 7" together.
Later Joel came to Albany NY to play a Fest for my label. It was truly awesome to see this dude live. I think its great that Joel has had so much success, and gets the support of people to play the music that he loves.