Sunday, March 29, 2009

WHITE ASH s/t 7" (1983)

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Image Hosted by with rock n roll
2.the spell

White Ash were a pretty obscure NWOBHM sounding band that hailed from Detroit Michigan in the early 80's. To my knowledge these gents only ever put out this one single. I don't even think there was a demo, two songs documenting them, that's it. Kind of crazy. I had never heard of them until my buddy Paul, who now lives in Michigan found a copy of this at a local record store for a measly dollar. The last time Paul came out East to visit friends he brought a copy of the record for me to have because he's a rad dude, and knew that I would appreciate this weird 'ol gem more than anyone. When I saw him, and he handed it off to me, I asked him if it was good, and he simply replied with "no, not at all". He told me the only reason he grabbed it was because of the lyrics to the song "the spell"(satanic type lyrics). Well my boy Paul isn't a metalhead, and def comes from more of the punk scene, so I can totally understand how he might think this shit is weak, and funny. Me, when I threw this on my turntable I was in absolute heaven, as it reminded me of early Neat Records type metal that I had grown up listening to in the early 80's. Side A "live with rock n roll" is the winner for sure, and is so good that I think it makes "the spell" disappointing. This record came out on some small little private press label called Paragon Records. Some dude probably has like 200 copies sitting in a closet some place in the mid west. Cheers Paul! Thanks man.


  1. me likey!!! thanks

  2. Glad to see your back in action Nate! Your blog always surprises me man. White ash just fuckin spanked my stereo system. They are really good. Thanks for putting this one up

  3. Thanks Mike. I'll always be posting stuffs...just have been really busy with work lately.

  4. Awsome blog, I feel like the first three hours of my day off were well spent here! I was at a guy's studio the other day and we got to talking about old Detroit metal acts like Halloween and Scarlett. He mentioned these guys (who I had never heard of) and said they were insanely loud live.

  5. Ex husband was a bouncer for the band. I have a T-shirt and signed 45 of White ash. They were pretty good.