Monday, March 23, 2009

FLITOX no1 7" (1986)

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4.tout pou plaire

Flitox were an average French punk band. France has never really been all to known for having the best music come out of the country. This is the bands debut record. They put out a LP that was good as well. Mid paced, Catchy L.A. sounding punk, with lots of melodic guitar leads is how I'd describe the bands sound. I don't think I'd ever had discovered this record if it weren't for my band mate/friend Michael Roy. Michael was a French punk who was living in the states illegally in 1986-88, working construction/painting houses. My buddy Zoran met him at a show, and brought him back to my apt in S.F. to try out as bassist in our band the Romper Room Rejects. When I told Michael that I'd never heard any good French punk, he somehow came up with this record for me, bringing it over to my pad for me to listen to. After I acknowledged that there might be a few ok French punk bands, my buddy told me I could keep the record. It is hard to believe that its been with me for 23 years now. I have no idea what happened to Mr. Roy, I haven't heard from or seen him in over 20 years. Cheers my friend!


  1. I never heard this, Its good. Thank you sir!!

  2. Twin Uzis in HyruleMarch 24, 2009 at 11:42 AM

    Your blog rules.

  3. I love your blog. The music and the stories keep me hooked. Please keep it up. and post some more stuff.

    I also saw your old band Devoid Of Faith so many times.

    Thanks for your work.


  4. Hey now!

    84 Flesh and Gasoline made some great French punk 7"s!

    As for black metal, Merrimack and Mutiilation kick ass!

    Anyway, thanks for this post. Good shit.

    Just so you know, I put a shoutout to TP&M on my blog for

    I'll be back!

  5. Nate, you should upload some DOF. I would love to have the seized split on mp3. Shit, give me the entire catalog on mp3. Did the Pushead record you guys did ever make it to CD, or digital?

    Thank you for the Flitox upload. I never heard them.


  6. There's some really good french oi out there....Komintern Sect, Warrior Kids, Snix, Paris Violence etc. A lot of those bands were a huge influence on the Templars.

  7. i'll give yeah Snix. I like them


  8. Wow I remember this album, can't believe you still have it. FYI last time I talked with Michael Roi he was about 10 years ago and he was happily married with children in Canada. Thanks for all this great stuff you've loaded up here. You should check out Facebook cause theres hella old school Frisco shit up there now like Metal Mania, The Farm, Rock On Broadway, Ruthies Inn. Its waay rad. Did you know that Kenny spent a little playing in Angelwitch. I saw him a couple of weeks ago @ a Death Angel show.

  9. Zoran

    so glad you wrote in the comments here brother. I'm glad you are still involved in music in your own way. I died of laughter watching your video interview with Seth of A.C. so hilarious...dude is gone.

    So I miss spelled Michaels last name, it's Roi? I will search him out on the internet. Thanks.

    Kenny played for recent Angel Witch? fucking weird... Do you have his phone number? Dude doesnt do computers.

    thanks bro. Miss yeh.

  10. Hi,

    I was the guitar player of Flitox ; it was a real pleasure for me to read this blog... I do not have any copy of this very first record we made. We recorded 2 more LP's ,and then the band splited in 1989. On 2008,we played again for 3 gigs in Paris, when our LP's were reissued.

    You can find more informations on our band on our Myspace page :

    Thank you for your blog !


  11. Lorent

    thanks for commenting. I'm glad you found the blog, and approve of the upload.
    Seriously one of the first punk bands I was exposed to in the 1980's.
    good luck and thanks for the info.


  12. The cover idea is pretty neat but there is one problem with it, the pink color of everything that is not the drawing. It spells PUNK all over the place, so I'll pass this one away.

  13. I was looking for this information, thanks for put in this easy way, I mean in a easy way to understand it jajaja, well until the next time.

  14. Hi

    Sad to say: but michael Roy, -I even didn't know his name but things you're relating; it can't be another Michael- died 8 years ago from a drug overdose. I last saw hiw in 1993, and he had quit drugs. he jumped back just for once but stayed stuck.
    This guy was amazing.