Thursday, December 27, 2007

DREAM DEATH more graveyard delving demo (1986)

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1.journey into mystery
2.back from the dead
3.the elder race
4.method to madness
5.bitterness and hatred

Dream Death were from Pittsburgh PA., and played a wicked raw and heavy style of Doom metal, that was very much influenced by Celtic Frost, and Hellhammer. Many of the songs are 5 mins-7 mins long. This was the demo that proceeded the bands "journey into mystery" LP(1987). The drummer later went on to play with Cathedral, and Penace.
This upload is from a 21 year old demo tape that was stored away in my basement for well over a decade, so the sound quality is not the best. Still well worth downloading.
This was a random tape that I ended up doing a tape trade with some dude back then. Its unreal to think about how we used to find/discover new underground music without things like the internet. It really was all about underground print 'zine's and word of mouth.

CROSSFIRE-second attack LP (1985)

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1.Second Attack
2.Feeling Down
3.Highway Driver
4.Atomic War
5.Master of Evil
6.Scream and Shout
7.Running for Love

This is this Belgian bands second release, and came out on Mausoleum records. These dudes were one of the biggest metal acts to come out of the country. Supposedly they started off in the late 70's as a punk band(you'd never guess it by their sound). The first LP is a lot more New wave of British heavy metal sounding than this one. With This LP, you can tell Crossfire were following the times, and trying to play a bit faster, adding some elements of Speed metal/semi thrash stuff. When I remember Crossfire I think of the likes of Laaz Rocket, and Grim Reaper.
I'd seen their records for years at record stores, always picking them up and looking them over, but never buying them until I moved home to Albany from SF in about 1989. Worlds records was stocked with tons of this stuff, and Steve would give me massive discounts on buying metal.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER-he who laughs last..laughs alone LP (1987)

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1.Batman and the Oracle of Penile Savage
3.We're All Bored Here
4.Suffer In Silence
6.They Start the War
7.Premature Evacuation
9.Too Late
10.This World
12.Cheer Up You Fucker
13.Kein Spiel
14.Oatmeal II
15.1987 Schizoid Sam
16.Pattonstien's Disease

Killer crossover that was far ahead of its time. Listening to this now, its easy to see how awesome this obscure Chicago band must have been to see live. Fast,raw, yet catchy...with plenty of songs that start off with bass riffs.
I bought this one when I lived in S.F. Some cool punk neighbors of mine on Fell street named Eric and Janice turned me on to this LP one day. It was on Underdog records.

Monday, December 24, 2007

DEATH IN ACTION-just for our sake LP (1990)

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1. Paralysed
2. Daily Cruel Death3. Sale Scenery
4. Disgraced
5. Just For Our Sake
6. Creditors To Violence
7. Handle With Care
8. Deathly Blessing

Total German cult thrash band from the 80's. This is my favorite album by them(of all three). Another record I got from my buddy Louis/Albany. The reason I was interested in this was due to the animal rights stance that these metalheads took. Vegetarian, metal heads playing animal rights thrash metal was pretty much unheard of. This came out on the German label We Bite records.
copy and paste the link below to hear the entire LP

INFEST-slave LP (1988)

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one side...
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other side...

1. Break the Chain
2. Pickled
3. Sick-O
4. Plastic
5. Mindless
6. Which Side?
7. V.Y.O.
8. Where's the Unity
9. Screwed
10. Machismo
11. The Game
12. Sick of Talk
13. Iran Scam
14. Life's Halt
15. Slave
16. Head First
17. Sick and Tired
18. Fetch the Pliers

For those that don't know, Infest are a southern California Legend. They can be credited to almost inventing a genre (powerviolence), and just played the hardest, heaviest, fastest hardcore punk I'd yet to hear. This was in around 1987. A friend of mine from San Ramon California(Kurt Dittmer), had gotten a tape from one of the dudes in Unit Pride, with the Infest demo on it. We went apeshit listening to this thing in his room, in my car, etc. We couldn't believe how aggressive the music was. We had also been sold on it being "straightedge". I don't think the SxE thing holds up... the band members were not all straight. I'd later mailordered the bands records every time they came out. This LP came out on Off The Disk records out of Switzerland. This guy was putting out fast music when it wasn't cool, and when it was still ugly. One of my favorite punk/hardcore records ever.

MACE-the evil in good LP (1987)

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1 Gutripper
2 Intent to Kill
3 The Evil In good
4 Daddy's Girl
5 War
6 Thinning the Herd
7 Choose Your God
8 When the Screaming Stops
9 Poison Gasses
10 Blonde Obsession

Mace were from Washington State, and formed in 1985. This is the bands second LP and came out on Black Dragon records. Rumor has it that guitarist Hills was friends with and later produced such acts as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice and chains etc. Don't let that scare you, as this is some humorous, monster speed metal with heavy punk influences(the vocals mostly). It turned off most punks cos of its shredding solos, and turned off many metal heads due to its punk styled approach to the singing.
A band I was in that started in 1989 called Intent stole our name from a partial song title of these guys. I recall bringing the name Intent to Kill to a band practice (after snaking it off of the back cover of this record), and having the band decline the name but somehow shortening it to Intent. If the link takes you to a dead page when you click it, try copy and pasting the link. I'm just switching over to mediafire and still learning...

Friday, December 21, 2007

RIPCORD-fast 'n' furious demo (1986)

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1.drugshit don't care
5.eternal tomb by the bomb...die by the bomb
7.lucky ones
8.false prophets

I Got this tape from my old Albany buddy, Louis Jacobs. He was ordering weird Japanese stuff, and Euro stuff way back in the mid 80s. He gave me this tape, and a Fear Of God demo just for shitsake. The dude was/is a hero. I can remember the day he played this for me... I loved the song Ignorant so much (metallic Exodus riffing), and he was like you can have it dude, I can trade for another with a pen pal.
Ripcord were one of the early thrash/crust bands from England who played reg shows and were involved in the scene with the likes of Deviated Instinct, Heresy, Amebix, Axegrinder, Napalm Death, etc.
enjoy this one. There is also a live set from the band from the tape,which i've also added. If when you click on the link, and it doesn't work, copy then paste the link to your web browser.

ive n furious (1985-86?) below

Sunday, December 16, 2007

the RODS-s/t LP (1981)

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1. Power Love
2. Crank It Up
3. Hungry for Some Love
4. Music Man
5. Woman
6. Nothing Going on in the City
7. Get Ready to Rock & Roll
8. Ace in the Hole
9. Rock Hard
10. Roll with the Night

The Rods were almost a local band for me, as they were from Rochester NY. I'd say they were pretty obscure indeed. As you can see by my Achieves I've put "wild dogs" by them up in past uploads. I love both albums. This one I think they are going for, or at least were seriously influenced by Motorhead (though vocally some early Riot). I mean look at the cover. The Rods were a three piece as well, that featured Ronnie James Dio's cousin, David Fienstein on guitar and vocals. This was as close to American New Wave Of Heavy Metal as I would get to see, although the stuff might be more hard rockin to some.
This stuff brings me back to air guitar, and wishing I was a rocker...just being young.

BROKEN BONES-bonecrusher LP (1986 cassette)

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1.seeing through my eyes
2.the point of agony
4.its like
5.death is imminent
6.treading underfoot
8.delushion and anger
9.choose death
10.untamed power

Broken Bones were a great UK based punk band comprised of Bones, the guitarist from Discharge after he'd left the legendary unit. Broken Bones were really the next best thing to Discharge back then to us kids who were watching Discharge turn into a "rock" band.
For some reason Broken Bones T shirts, patches, etc were worn by many of us metal heads in the mid 80's(I wore a BB sticker on the back of my leather).
I remember picking up this cassette at the record vault in SF at a King Diamond record signing, it spent months in my walkman as I skated the steep streets of San Fransisco.
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

HIGHWAY CHILE-story book heroes LP (1983)

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2.Jesse James
4.endless trail
5.highway chile
6.going blind run
8.nothing you can do about it!

Named after a Hendrix song of course, These NWOBHM dudes were from The Netherlands, and were prolly the first Dutch band I had heard besides the likes of Golden Earing. This stuff Isn't gonna be for everyone, as its on the lighter more catchier side of metal. I was listening to them at the same time I was listening to Maiden, Priest, Scorps, Riot, Def Leppard, etc.
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Friday, December 7, 2007

the FUNCTIONAL IDIOTS- in pursuit of toast demo (1988)

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1.functional idiot whom it may concern
3.dead fish
4.status strain
5.big birds dead
6.heavy flow
7.stick with grandma
8.???? wide destruction
10.he's dead Jim
11.I hate cats
12.cruel trend

The Functional Idiots were a hated band from NYC, and recorded this amazing demo at Chung Kings house of metal in the late 80's. One of the members went on to do artwork for M.O.D. These guys were doing the exact opposite of the NYC trend of the time. Insted of playing straightedge hardcore with songs about unity, these guys were writing hardcore songs about drinking beer, and killing their mothers. Some silly lyrics done Murphys Law, or Gilligans Revenge style. This stuff is fast, with some great breakdown mosh parts and quirky rock solos (ala Suicidal Tendencies). Another overlooked NY hardcore band that would have had a fanbase if they'd been straightedge and baldheaded. I got this demo from My buddy Jim from Affirmative Action(and Devoid Of Faith) as AA played tons of gigs with these guys through out the 80's in the NY area.
I left a few songs off the demo, as I couldn't figure out the order, and it was getting frustrating as hell. The songs on the tape didn't match up with the song titles on the cover....Enjoy

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EXCITER-heavy metal maniac LP(1983)

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1.The Holocaust
2.Stand Up And Fight
3.Heavy Metal Maniac
4.Iron Dogs
5.Mistress Of Evil
6.Under Attack
7.Rising Of The Dead
9.cry of the banshee

What can I say, another heavy metal record that pulled me in because of the cover. I think I bought this at Worlds records in Albany NY in 1983 after my friend Dave Stevenson turned me on to a tape of it. Dave was one of my few metal friends in high school. We'd smoke lots of dope, and listen to metal. Both of us loved hearing new and heavier stuff(until we both discovered punk).
Cheesy but awesome, this trio were from Canada. The drummer was the vocalist, for the time that was unusual in metal(still is I guess). This is an absolutely essential early speed metal record that was released on Shrapnel records, and went on to influence many thrash bands for years to come.
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

B.H.T. the prime directive demo (1986)

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2.mentally insane
3.death row
4.mowing down the people
5.fuck law enforcement
6.let's try
7.Mr. politician
8.technical difficulties
9.BHT (instrumental) or never
11.I quit
12.we're being tricked
13.not me

BHT stood for Butylated HydroxyToluene which is a synthetic of a vitamin E that has been used as an additive in many different foods since the 1950's, its been banned in many countries, but not the good old USA(though its been banned in infant food). I know all this because I recall Josh, the bass player of this Livermore California hardcore band telling me what the name stood for. I was actually living in the same town (Livermore), as these guys at this time. I remember writing them after reading a review of this demo in MRR, then eventually meeting up with the dude at his house to trade demos, and talk shop. There weren't many punks in Livermore, mainly rednecks so meeting the dude was cool. I only got to see these guys maybe twice, as they didn't play all to many shows (they didn't really leave Livermore, cept to maybe play a show with Tyyranicide in Pleasington. If you dug stuff like Rabid Lassie, Corrupted Morals, Unit Pride, etc. you'll love this obscure beauty.

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