Friday, December 7, 2007

EXCITER-heavy metal maniac LP(1983)

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1.The Holocaust
2.Stand Up And Fight
3.Heavy Metal Maniac
4.Iron Dogs
5.Mistress Of Evil
6.Under Attack
7.Rising Of The Dead
9.cry of the banshee

What can I say, another heavy metal record that pulled me in because of the cover. I think I bought this at Worlds records in Albany NY in 1983 after my friend Dave Stevenson turned me on to a tape of it. Dave was one of my few metal friends in high school. We'd smoke lots of dope, and listen to metal. Both of us loved hearing new and heavier stuff(until we both discovered punk).
Cheesy but awesome, this trio were from Canada. The drummer was the vocalist, for the time that was unusual in metal(still is I guess). This is an absolutely essential early speed metal record that was released on Shrapnel records, and went on to influence many thrash bands for years to come.
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  1. one of the most criminally underrated albums I know of! masses of power from a to z and "cry of the banshee" is just incredibly catchy! along with the first lps of bands such as metallica, slayer, savage, savage grace or hawaii, this was pretty much as heavy as you could get in 1983.
    saw exciter opening for either motorhead or manowar ca. 86 and it was a big, big letdown.

  2. thanks! high quality stuff!

  3. awesome
    dan bealer was way ahead of his time

  4. I used a line from 'Cry of the Banshee" in my highschool yearbook quote when they refused to let me use Mercyful Fate.

    Exciter were awesome (at least the first 2 albums).

  5. thanks a lot

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