Saturday, December 15, 2007

HIGHWAY CHILE-story book heroes LP (1983)

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2.Jesse James
4.endless trail
5.highway chile
6.going blind run
8.nothing you can do about it!

Named after a Hendrix song of course, These NWOBHM dudes were from The Netherlands, and were prolly the first Dutch band I had heard besides the likes of Golden Earing. This stuff Isn't gonna be for everyone, as its on the lighter more catchier side of metal. I was listening to them at the same time I was listening to Maiden, Priest, Scorps, Riot, Def Leppard, etc.
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  1. Wow, thanks so much for posting this. Been trying to find it for a long time. Great album. BTW, your blog is really cool. I have several issues of that Metal Mania fanzine as well. I grew up in Oregon and my buddy KJ DOughton, who did Northwest Metal fanzine and started Metallica's first fan club, turned me onto all the Bay Area metla and 'zines in the early '80s.

  2. From Chile....
    Story Book Heroes clasical album, forged in story of heavy metal.
    Thank You

  3. Thanks a million! (Hartelijk bedankt:))
    Been looking for this for ages. A friend borrowed my copy of this album about twenty years ago... Fantastic!

  4. I was surprised to find that this band still has a myspace and are actually still together... crazy stuff

  5. WOW! I thought I was the only person in the world to get this Lp - Always liked this Lp - Thanks for the digital...saves me the time!

    Get blog with some great stuff here thanks!

  6. That's funny, I thought I was the only one! Thanks man...the last time I searched for this there was absolutely nothing.

  7. Awesome. I had both a cassette and vinyl version of this one 25 years ago and have been looking for a digital copy forever.

    This one has a different track list than I remember. Was there a different version for the US release? What happened to "Fever" and "Handing You Over"?

    I never understood why bands like this couldn't get the rights to sell digital download versions. Any money is better than the zero they make off of out-of-print records like this.

  8. Wow! Thanx for this one.
    I do have it on Vinyl, but this is cool.
    I remember listening to the radio one day in 1981, when the guitar-player of this band (Ben Blaauw) won the Birdland-guitar from Ted Nugent!! (He had to play a piece of music on the radio I think).
    BTW, this Band was Pre-Helloise!!

    1. Yep, heb ze gezien in het Mallegat in Katwijk aan Zee in the 80's

  9. They do play live shows again and are now on the road with that other Dutch cult band Vengeance. I saw them a few weeks ago and they still rock!

  10. There was indeed a different US version, the two extra tracks came from the Fever 12".
    I have three different versions of this album, this one, the remix and the US version.

  11. Thank you, been hoping I would come across this. Do you have any of their other stuff? Thanks again.

  12. Great upload. I remember buying this LP out of the import section. My friend and I were experimenting with buying new music that summer; there was an explosion of metal bands; some were great and some were lousy. I remember hearing a couple songs off a local AOR radio station and was really into Headbangers and Highway Chile. Thanks for transferring this; can't wait to hear it again after all these years...

  13. Thanks for the upload! I've been looking for this for years. I must have had the US Version. The Fever was my favorite song. I've moved several times and I've lost my lp. If anyone can help me locate "The Fever" on mp3 please let me know.

    My email is

    Thank you.

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