Thursday, December 27, 2007

CROSSFIRE-second attack LP (1985)

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1.Second Attack
2.Feeling Down
3.Highway Driver
4.Atomic War
5.Master of Evil
6.Scream and Shout
7.Running for Love

This is this Belgian bands second release, and came out on Mausoleum records. These dudes were one of the biggest metal acts to come out of the country. Supposedly they started off in the late 70's as a punk band(you'd never guess it by their sound). The first LP is a lot more New wave of British heavy metal sounding than this one. With This LP, you can tell Crossfire were following the times, and trying to play a bit faster, adding some elements of Speed metal/semi thrash stuff. When I remember Crossfire I think of the likes of Laaz Rocket, and Grim Reaper.
I'd seen their records for years at record stores, always picking them up and looking them over, but never buying them until I moved home to Albany from SF in about 1989. Worlds records was stocked with tons of this stuff, and Steve would give me massive discounts on buying metal.


  1. hello,
    i have this album to,very nice Live band.belgium had many good bands back in the 80's.
    like: Ostrogoth,killer,bad lizzard,Lions Pride,Target,cyclone,evil Sinner,Acid,Sixty9,Iron Grey,Thunderfire,Lightning Fire,...
    I'm lookin' for Ostrogoth:too Hot(1985)and Ostrogoth:Full moon's eye(EP 1983) maybe you can help me?
    greetzzzzzzzzz from Belgium.

  2. Pulle~
    sorry I don't have that one. I wasn't huge into the Belgian scene, though I loved thunderfire, and killer as well. I was more into the Dutch and German stuff back in the 80s.
    hope you find the ep bro. Nate

  3. Thank U for crossfire! I remember this album from the 80's. Nice, pure heavy metal :)

  4. it's an important band! I just love the way like they use the instruments, I really recommend them, yet all, they need more experience because its rhythmics are an awful sound.

  5. gracias y saludos de colombia

  6. Oh Yeah, I Own This One too on CD I Like This One Just a Little More Than the First But Their 1982 Demo Kicks Ass Though Does This One too

  7. Geweldige band was dat! Heb ze begin jaren 80 gezien in Nederland. Zet de cd nog wel is op in de auto... :) Rock 'n Roll Forever!!

  8. I am currently looking for the video of Crossfire Atomic War live at heavy sound festival 1985 . Can anyone help me ?