Sunday, December 16, 2007

BROKEN BONES-bonecrusher LP (1986 cassette)

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1.seeing through my eyes
2.the point of agony
4.its like
5.death is imminent
6.treading underfoot
8.delushion and anger
9.choose death
10.untamed power

Broken Bones were a great UK based punk band comprised of Bones, the guitarist from Discharge after he'd left the legendary unit. Broken Bones were really the next best thing to Discharge back then to us kids who were watching Discharge turn into a "rock" band.
For some reason Broken Bones T shirts, patches, etc were worn by many of us metal heads in the mid 80's(I wore a BB sticker on the back of my leather).
I remember picking up this cassette at the record vault in SF at a King Diamond record signing, it spent months in my walkman as I skated the steep streets of San Fransisco.
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  1. thank you sooo much for the links. I hate rapidshare and love mediafire.

    I'm doing a 6hr metal show monday xmas eve and will be playing a lot of the musics that I don't own on lp that I dl'd.
    thank you

  2. looks great , thanks - timo

  3. this sounds really awesome ! did you really rip that from a tape ? anyway some serious metal punk ( sounds a bit like early destruction - infernal overkill era - to me )goes well with my recent eighties nostalgia trip, with the likes of repulsion, early napalm death,raw power and so on - cheers man , timo

  4. or Discharge...
    def some metal thrown into those riffs though

  5. awesome
    thank u
    been looking for this one for a while

  6. Dammit. I was going to put this up over at but googled to find a cover shot. Saw that you have it up. Excellent call on a great album.


  7. Way more metal than I thought it would be, that's a good thing too. Rad, crushing!

  8. How ironic getting a Punk cassette at a King Diamond sign up. Any way I can tell why a metal head would get interested in this band, it really has not that much of a classic punk sound of the UK.

  9. this album was released in 1985 i nthe states
    bones was trying to attract an american fan base this has more of an american punk style than a uk82 thats why most of you thin kit soudns metal its not

  10. Thanks for this monster, I m a old pre 86 death metal fan & this is the sound n style I love!

  11. Nice to see the team. Keep up the great work. Stay in touch.