Thursday, December 27, 2007

DREAM DEATH more graveyard delving demo (1986)

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1.journey into mystery
2.back from the dead
3.the elder race
4.method to madness
5.bitterness and hatred

Dream Death were from Pittsburgh PA., and played a wicked raw and heavy style of Doom metal, that was very much influenced by Celtic Frost, and Hellhammer. Many of the songs are 5 mins-7 mins long. This was the demo that proceeded the bands "journey into mystery" LP(1987). The drummer later went on to play with Cathedral, and Penace.
This upload is from a 21 year old demo tape that was stored away in my basement for well over a decade, so the sound quality is not the best. Still well worth downloading.
This was a random tape that I ended up doing a tape trade with some dude back then. Its unreal to think about how we used to find/discover new underground music without things like the internet. It really was all about underground print 'zine's and word of mouth.


  1. track 1 seems to be missing

  2. yup...left it off cos the sound is sorta fucked up.

  3. Hey Nate, thanks for all the uploads - definitely missed out on a lot of the good shit when I was in metalhead denial. And thanks for Devoid of Faith - we played some shows together in CT in the 90s, DOF was definitely one of my favorite bands of that time period.


  4. some cool underground eighties doom metal , thanks man - timo

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  6. Buck, thanks for the kind words.. What band were you in? We played CT it seems every other week.
    the Pist, Brutally Familiar, Hail Of Rage, etc
    great memories...

  7. I was in React, Hail of Rage (when we went to shit, after the first EP) and a half-assed post-Deformed Conscience band called Those Poor Bastards. Diallo too, but that was far later.

    Definitely a good time period for hardcore in the Northeast.

  8. if you like this check out the first album by the the dream death successors penance - the road less travelled - timo

  9. The link seems fucked dude...

  10. Wow, this is a trip.... I used to have one of those fanzines back in the day. Dan from Pittsburgh's Doomwatch used to write occasional articles for us. He sent me this demo way back when. Great to see this stuff still survives online.

  11. holy shit...DoomWatch, another blast from the past.

  12. Man, thanx for you uploading this stuff...
    But, I cant download it... File doesnt exist!
    Please, check this problem.
    Sadly, the same shit with TANKARD - Zombie Attack LP.

  13. Mr. Thrasher

    It works fine for me on a computer I tried at work.
    Your Soviet hunk a junk must need retuning.
    try it again., The links still good

  14. man, a lotta people wanted this one. i've been looking for it a long time myself. thanks, Nate.

  15. Bob, awesome to see you found my blog.
    I miss you Clevo fucks!I thought of posting the unreleased Guns LP on here.


  16. Holy F.S. dude you rule! my favorite metal comp that got me through high school was "Speed Metal Hell III" i'm finding the bands from that comp here. thanks!

  17. A band straight out of my youth! These guys were a favorite of mine around this era. Thanks bro!

  18. I've got the other demos by this great band, you wanna have em?

  19. Hey y'all.

    It's Nick Fitt. Remember me, fuckers?

    Just wanted to chime in with all the other jaded old grandpa fuckers about how great 1996 was in New England. And I was 16! Good times!