Sunday, December 16, 2007

the RODS-s/t LP (1981)

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1. Power Love
2. Crank It Up
3. Hungry for Some Love
4. Music Man
5. Woman
6. Nothing Going on in the City
7. Get Ready to Rock & Roll
8. Ace in the Hole
9. Rock Hard
10. Roll with the Night

The Rods were almost a local band for me, as they were from Rochester NY. I'd say they were pretty obscure indeed. As you can see by my Achieves I've put "wild dogs" by them up in past uploads. I love both albums. This one I think they are going for, or at least were seriously influenced by Motorhead (though vocally some early Riot). I mean look at the cover. The Rods were a three piece as well, that featured Ronnie James Dio's cousin, David Fienstein on guitar and vocals. This was as close to American New Wave Of Heavy Metal as I would get to see, although the stuff might be more hard rockin to some.
This stuff brings me back to air guitar, and wishing I was a rocker...just being young.


  1. I think this link is busted or something. Too bad. I was looking forwarding to hearing this. I have Wild Dogs, but I never heard this one.

  2. Nope, not busted... I just downloaded it myself to check. It worked. try again my friend. Nate

  3. always wanted to get my grubby little hands on this one - thanks duder , timo by the way link works if you type it by hand from www onwards, , if you click the embedded link you end up with error 404 , god knows why - timo

  4. The Rods (or at least David Fienstein) (as is Dio) are from Cortland NY, not Rochester. Dave has a restaurant in Cortland called the Hollywood. He's a great guy! Used to see these guys live all the time.

  5. An update: This August I saw the Rods the play at the the Main St. Music Series in downtown Cortland, NY.
    Apparently they're releasing a new album and going on tour.

  6. Nothing Going On In The City is originally from a Dutch band called White Honey.
    Both versions are great.

  7. He is family of DIO! Talk about a good connection with the big bosses of Heavy Metal. It is for me a little Hard Rock, or some sort of early Heavy Metal. But still rocks the house.

  8. The best way to download it is to type the address manually. At least that worked for me. and I am also amazed this guy is related to Dio... I mean with such a good family he could easily get things going.

  9. Saw these guys open for Judas Priest & Krokus in 1981 Norman Ok. (Boomer! Sooner!) The drums were set up at the edge of the stage with the guitarist & bassist on either side... backs against their amps just bangin' away! Got their live LP but that's all they ever sold in the stores. :-( Gonna enjoy this! Thanks