Tuesday, December 25, 2007

IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER-he who laughs last..laughs alone LP (1987)

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1.Batman and the Oracle of Penile Savage
3.We're All Bored Here
4.Suffer In Silence
6.They Start the War
7.Premature Evacuation
9.Too Late
10.This World
12.Cheer Up You Fucker
13.Kein Spiel
14.Oatmeal II
15.1987 Schizoid Sam
16.Pattonstien's Disease

Killer crossover that was far ahead of its time. Listening to this now, its easy to see how awesome this obscure Chicago band must have been to see live. Fast,raw, yet catchy...with plenty of songs that start off with bass riffs.
I bought this one when I lived in S.F. Some cool punk neighbors of mine on Fell street named Eric and Janice turned me on to this LP one day. It was on Underdog records.



  1. I have this with different artwork, probably european press???

  2. yours must be? what label is it on? this one is Underdog records out of chicago.

    1. yeah in europe it was released on nuclear blast records of germany

  3. - Thanks a lot for sharing this one !

  4. I bet that was Eric and Janis from the Jackson Saints.

  5. never really checked them out , so thanks again to you - timo

  6. Eric played in many bands in his day... he was in a SF version of Death for a while with Eric brecht of DRI...I think he played in Short Dogs Grow, and some other punk bands. Janice went on to play in Babes In Toyland.

  7. they have an even nastier 7" called "burn one naked and nuke it" which is terribly fast and raw. u have alot of the same records I used to have but were smart enough to keep 'em.

  8. there's a different cover for the nuclear blast records release from germany. it is a black and white cover with some zombie-like punk coming out of a run-down building. the backside is still the same, though. the original cover was also used for the nuclear blast release, but I think they changed it due to censorship-issues.

    I agree with the burn one naked 7" statement being even more raw and nasty. the follow-up release called logical end doesn't quite cut it for me, but the he who laughs last... is a killer!

  9. Being from Chicago I had heard of these guys but never got to see them or even hear the music until now! Thanks!

  10. check out the drumming near the end of `suffer in silence and drum intro on the very next track `walls`...that `glen herman` is one hell of a drummer

  11. Thanks for posting this. As the co-founder of a legendary punk house in Carbondale, IL (since 1986, still having shows!), I got to see these guys in basements in C'dale a LOT in the late '80s. And yes, their live show always ruled, particularly seeing Glenn Herman, their Drummer, play so hard, his ass wasn't even on the throne half of the time.....Thanks again.

    --James B. Ricks, III
    The Lost Cross

  12. another winner, can't stop playing this one. THANKS!

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  14. I ,ve never heard this one. I do have there I think second one called logical end came out in 1988. Which is a good mix of straight hardcore punk and crusty grind. Thanks for the post .This stuff rules

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