Friday, December 21, 2007

RIPCORD-fast 'n' furious demo (1986)

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1.drugshit don't care
5.eternal tomb by the bomb...die by the bomb
7.lucky ones
8.false prophets

I Got this tape from my old Albany buddy, Louis Jacobs. He was ordering weird Japanese stuff, and Euro stuff way back in the mid 80s. He gave me this tape, and a Fear Of God demo just for shitsake. The dude was/is a hero. I can remember the day he played this for me... I loved the song Ignorant so much (metallic Exodus riffing), and he was like you can have it dude, I can trade for another with a pen pal.
Ripcord were one of the early thrash/crust bands from England who played reg shows and were involved in the scene with the likes of Deviated Instinct, Heresy, Amebix, Axegrinder, Napalm Death, etc.
enjoy this one. There is also a live set from the band from the tape,which i've also added. If when you click on the link, and it doesn't work, copy then paste the link to your web browser.

ive n furious (1985-86?) below


  1. the link doesn't work

  2. copy paste it, it does work. It downloads perfect anony

  3. Gloom what's your label? I've seen you mention having one a few times!

    P.S. thank you for the switch to mediafire!