Tuesday, September 29, 2009

M.C.T. s/t 7" (1987)

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1.Like Me
2.But They Did
3.Free To Kill
4.Save The Whales
5.Drugs and Pornography
6.Birds of Prey
7.Parallel 45
8.Out of Touch
9.Some People
10.Sho bud
11.Brians Got The Stomach Flu

Just finished up with a move and getting into a new house, so I've been busy with that, and haven't posted much here these days. Pulled this one out of my move in box, and decided to post it. MCT were a Wisconsin hardcore punk band from the 1980's. I'd read a review for this 7" in MR&R in 1988 and wrote to the band to pick it up. I'd ended up getting a letter back from two brothers in the band, thanking me for ordering it, and telling me of plans to record a second ep. Another year or two later I received the second ep in the mail without even purchasing it.
These guys are pretty obscure, and quirky. In my opinion You can't really go wrong with any 1980's Eleven song ep. The best songs are "parallel 45", "birds of prey" and "drugs and Pornography"... killer guitar riff in the chorus.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

DEVOID OF FAITH purpose lost 10" (1997)

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1.one gene away
3.dumbed down
4.shut up and disappear
5.tear it up
7.mourn maturity
9.little hands

Devoid Of Faith started out of the ashes of Affirmative Action, and Intent in 1992 in Albany NY. Jim MacNaughton, Kevin O'Sullivan and myself had known each other for some years from playing hardcore shows together. Jim moved to Albany from New Paltz NY(A.A. were from there), and one day at a comic book shop I worked at he asked me what I was planning on doing musically(because Intent had just broken up). We decided to Jam with Kevin because he was the best drummer in the area, and also a dear friend. We recorded a demo as a three piece on a 4 track, and later added Mark Telfian who lasted a few shows and a 7"(that he was out of tune on). We then added Jason D who was a band mate of mine in Monster X. We recorded a slew of records and played a bunch of shows to virtually no one.
One day Jim came to practice all giddy with a letter from Pushead, who gushed over DOF, and expressed interest in doing a record with us on his label. We were all fans of his old label, his old band, and the mans art. We were beyond stoked, so we of course said yes. The record took years to get out. He sent us some money, we recorded and mixed it, and he later released it to his fanclub with a very limited amount being pressed. The record caused much tension, and strained our relationship with him. It Sucks that that happened.
This was the last record Kevin played on with us, before he moved to California. Listening back to it, I sort of get bummed on the low mix we gave the vox. The guitars are perfect, I just wish the vocals were louder, Jim and his vocals made the band.
This mix/mastered version was done by Steve Heritage at morris sound.
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Jim Macdaddy


Saturday, September 12, 2009

INTRUDER a higher form of killing LP(1989)

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1.time of trouble
2.the martyr
3.genetic genocide
4.second chance
5.stepping stone
6.killing winds
7.the sentence is death
8.agents of the dark
10.Mr. death

Intruder were from the Southern United States(Nashville Tenn), and put out a few good records(and some clunkers as well). This is their second one, and by far my favorite. Although its not the most original thrash/speed metal record in the world, it sure is tight and easy to listen to because its just fucking awesome. The production is awesome, the lyrics are awesome, the guitars are awesome. You can hear the likes of Violence, Testament, Legacy, Exodus, Death Angel, even some Slayer riffs. I think the guitar solo's are what captured my attention with this Record. I wish I'd gotten to see this bros back in the day. They really did have the Bay Area vibe going for them in their sound.
My friends and I used to giggle and joke about how we'd imagine them talking to the crowd with a southern "twang" in between songs. Yeah, we were dumb, stoned and bored. I do think the version of "Stepping stone" that they do on here is ridiculously hilarious.
The record is a concept album based on the concept of Professor Fritz Huber's statement that "In no future war will the military be able to ignore the use of poisonous gas, It is A higher form of killing". This statement was made upon him receiving the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1919. Dude was a Pioneer in Gas warfare. Anyway, Listening to this record,and the song Martyr got me thinking of 911 tonight. It was pretty hard to avoid with all that hoopla in the city today. The Albums concept has much to do with terrorism.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

MOTORHEAD last night...NYC

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They were as Fucking awesome as always! There really is no crowd like a Motorhead crowd... the scum of the scum for sure. The only crowd that comes close is Slayer maybe. Good to see some friends that I don't see enough as well.
Lemmy is god!

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Lemmy & Motorhead 9/9/9 Roseland

Monday, September 7, 2009

V/A- LETHAL NOISE #2 Tape compilation(1987)

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side A
1.FORETHOUGHT-going on out there
2.RABID LASSIE-contragate
3.RABID LASSIE-rabid lassie
4.STIKKY-republican children
5.STIKKY-on top of the world
6.BASIC RADIO-there is a place
7.BASIC RADIO-lone helmet
8.SKIN YARD-single file
9.SKIN YARD-out of the attic
10.TOUCH ME HOOKER-it's so easy
12.NEW VULGARIANS-rock and ice
side B
13.SEWER TROUT-sewer trout for president
16.SWEET BABY JESUS-baby baby baby baby I love you
17.SWEET BABY JESUS-at the movies
18.LOOKOUTS-recycled love
19.KOEL FAMILY-florence
20.KOEL FAMILY-stab stab stab
21.SHORT DOGS GROW-whirlwind
23.CORRUPTED MORALS-quality control
24.NOFX-bob turkey
25.MOTO STILL BIRTH- moto still birth
26.MOTO STILL BIRTH-video babies
27.FAKE STONE AGE-big fat space fever
28.ISOCRACY-fuck this

This was compiled and put together mostly by David Hayes of Very Small Records at the MR&R house back in 1987, prior to when he started releasing records. Most of the stuff is taken from the bands demo's, live sets, etc. My Friends/neighbors Eric and Janis asked me if my band the Romper Room Rejects wanted to appear on a compilation tape. I of course said yes... the band recorded one track that I wrote called "challenger". I was stoked to later on get a copy of the hand made tape, and see that my favs Corrupted Morals and Rabid Lassie were also on the tape. I couldn't have asked for much else back then. The tape comp was enough to kick us in the ass enough to motivate us to record a demo at Gilman street later that year. Not much became of that, we just gave it to some friends, and sold a few copies through the mail and at shows. I upped that demo a few years ago... for some reson it doesn't come up in the search function. Here is the url. (http://truepunkmetal.blogspot.com/2007/05/romper-room-rejects-demo-1987.html)
All the bands on this tape were bands that you would see around town playing in either S.F. or Berkley during 1986-1988. The stand outs for me on here are Rabid Lassie, Corrupted Morals, Basic Radio(who were pre Operation Ivy), Touch Me Hooker, NoFX, Soup, and Stikky.
Skin Yard sound like David Lee Roth era V.H. I hated it then, but sorta dig it now.
This tape is 22 years old now, and sounds pretty great. There is a dropout in the first song by Forethought, but otherwise the tape is pretty right on. Listening back to this makes me realize once again how lucky I was to be in the Bay Area, and involved in the "scene" during this time period.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

ABC DIABOLO s/t 7"(1992)

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2.superlative people
3.their choice for you

Still packing up for a move, and going through records, CD's, tapes, flyers and photo's.
I first heard Abc Diabolo on a road trip with my buddy Mark Telfian. All Mark talked about 24-7 back then was hardcore. Mark was so into hardcore punk for decades.. It really consumed him. He had an old shitty white astro van that he would drive Devoid Of Faith around to our shows in the early 90's(before we had our own vehicle). He also drove us to our first ever recording studio(Bill T miller in Boston). Because his van was so shitty, and didn't have a stereo, Mark had a boom box in between the driver and passenger seats. The only things he would play on this cassette player were Infest, Dropdead, Fear Of God, Scapegrace, Man Is The Bastard, Abc Diabolo, and Life's Blood. Everything on this boom box sounded like crap, Mark seemed to like it that way. It was annoying because he wouldn't let anyone else touch his "sound system". It got really bad when the batteries started dying, and he would continue to listen like nothing was wrong. "What are you talking about buddy, it sounds sooooo brutal". This shit got so bad that I think I tossed a tape out the window while we were driving once. Mark went on to own at least 3-4 more shit vans and would drive friends like Devon and myself to gigs, seemed like every van had the same story.
A decade later Mark myself a friend Eric and Dan Barker went on to start a band called Death Squad. Little did Barker and Eric know but Mark and I were simply ripping riffs off from Abc Diabolo, recycling them and trying hard to sound like Abc(mixed with some Megadeath of course).
Abc Diabolo were from Germany and put out this 7" on the legendary Off The Disk Record Label. They later went on to record a brutal and classic LP that I still listen to regularly to today. Metal heads and punks alike should dig this shit. The vocals are so over the top, you can tell they were recorded, and pushed into the red. The guitar riffs are classic and just really catchy. This is another record that I own more than one copy of.
If you don't like these guys, you suck at listening to hardcore.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

PORN ORCHARD keep that pretty smile demo tape(1987)

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01.sunday sounds good
02.devil door
03.don't change the sheets
04.desperate formula

Yup, Porn Orchard started off as a punk band that recorded a shit load of demo tapes and toured the states pretty much non stop in the 1980's. These guys were from Athens Georgia, and it seemed you could come across their demo reviews, and ads in all the punk zines of the time. I think I first recall reading about them in Suburban Voice.
I got this demo from friend/and band mate Jim Mac from Devoid Of Faith. Jim was the bassist/vocalist of DOF. He was also the driver/owner of the van that DOF toured around in, so Jim also controlled the music. He would force us to listen to way to much Mojo Nixon, Poison Idea, Johnny Cash, GG Allin, Discharge, and yup I can recall this Porn Orchard tape being on endless rotation as well.
The demo is the 3rd from the band who started in around 1985. It was recorded on a 4 track in the bands house. Enjoy!

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RAT PACK s/t 7"(1985)

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01.fooled again
02.lost in death
03.after midnight
04.hometown hero
06.protect the rich

Good Morning friends! I'm still packing up for a move to the burbs, and have been pulling out and listening to old records and CDs as they also need to be packed away.
At any rate this is a killer six song ep that came out on Mystic Records. Most people think of garbage when they think of Mystic...not this one!
Rat Pack was graffiti I had first noticed in around 1985. It was scrawled on the steps behind the Stone & Broadway in San Francisco. We would go back there to drink and get loaded before every show. Metalheads and punks alike would hang back there. Many good memories of getting chased outta that area by the fascist S.F. cops.
I Finally heard Rat Pack in around 1987 over at Barry from RKL's place. My buddy Zoran and I would hang over there smoking hash & listening to Zappa. After leaving Barry's house I immediately tracked down the 7" ep at one of the zillions of record stores in the bay area.
My favorite tune on here is the instrumental, metal tinged "After midnight"(sounds like a Anvil out take)... followed then by the very RKLish sounding "hometown hero". Enjoy.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MASTER -unreleased 1985 album

1. Master
2. Unknown Soldier (Second Take)
3. Mangled Dehumanization
4. Funeral Bitch
5. Terrorizer
6. Pledge of Allegiance
7. Re-Entry and Destruction
8. Constant Quarrel
9. Judgment of Will
10. Submerged in Sin
11. Cut Through the Filth

I'm sure Metal fans everywhere can recall trading tapes that had at least one song by these dudes on it. If you were lucky you somehow got the entire session. The rumors were flying back then about Master having recorded a full length LP for Combat Records, and ripping up the contract due to some fucked up issues both band and label had with one another. The recordings never came out legitimately, but ultimately were leaked and traded by metal heads around the globe. The recordings went on to influence the likes of Napalm Death, S.O.B., Terrorizer, etc. There really wasn't much else out that sounded this real back then. These recordings put Venom to shame. Master were Another band who were part of the 1st wave of original death metal. Dudes were from Chicago, but leader, vocalist, bassist Paul Speckmann moved over sea's enlisting dudes to help carry on the Master name. A high school buddy of mine, Mark Szwarcberg sent me a tape with some master songs on it after he'd gone down to florida in around 1986-'87. He had zero info on them and thought they were from England. The 5th generation tape didn't even have any song titles, it was just labeled MASTER. My favorite tune on here is "funeral bitch", followed by maybe "pledge of allegiance". These are the original recordings, cleaned up with no hiss or noise.

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Speckmann now!

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