Tuesday, September 29, 2009

M.C.T. s/t 7" (1987)

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1.Like Me
2.But They Did
3.Free To Kill
4.Save The Whales
5.Drugs and Pornography
6.Birds of Prey
7.Parallel 45
8.Out of Touch
9.Some People
10.Sho bud
11.Brians Got The Stomach Flu

Just finished up with a move and getting into a new house, so I've been busy with that, and haven't posted much here these days. Pulled this one out of my move in box, and decided to post it. MCT were a Wisconsin hardcore punk band from the 1980's. I'd read a review for this 7" in MR&R in 1988 and wrote to the band to pick it up. I'd ended up getting a letter back from two brothers in the band, thanking me for ordering it, and telling me of plans to record a second ep. Another year or two later I received the second ep in the mail without even purchasing it.
These guys are pretty obscure, and quirky. In my opinion You can't really go wrong with any 1980's Eleven song ep. The best songs are "parallel 45", "birds of prey" and "drugs and Pornography"... killer guitar riff in the chorus.



  1. Some really good hc thanks nate

  2. Never even heard of this one and I have been collecting downloads for almost a year! I'm way fucking old school. (I was the first person in my subdivision to download the Jonas Brothers.)

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  4. Great assortment of styles. Here are some things I am searching for if maybe you have for the postings?

    Aparat "Häiriköt Tulee" 7" (FINLAND, Stinky-Boy Records, 1985)

    Attanas "Rokki" 7" (FINLAND, self-released, 1985)

    Cheetah Chome Motherfuckers "Live In SO36" LP (ITALY, Destiny Records, 1986)

    Conservatives "Kill Hirb Cane" 7" (USA, CA, Conservative, 1979)

    Ed Nasty And The Dopeds "I'm Gonna Be Everything" 7" (USA, LA, Sexo, 1978)

    Ex-Humans "Anofeli Epiviosi" LP (GREECE, 1984)

    Naked Lady Wrestlers 7" flexi (USA, CA, 1984)

    SS-20 "Secta Suicida Siglio" LP (MEXICO, 1989)

    Street Kidz 7" (USA, FL, 1982)

    TST "Väktarnas Värld" 7" (SWEDEN, 1981)

    Unicef "Kakimassaa" 7" (FINLAND, Johanna Records, 1983)

    Upper Jaw Mask "Whiskers Zak Zero"7" (ITALY, Cessophonia, 1981)

  5. great stuff! thanks

  6. deep into the midwest vaults for this one, cheers. i'm downloading now, can't wait to hear what I missed (and likely skipped over in stores there for years, ACK!). hope all is well.

  7. I was at an FMU record fair chatting it up with the Hyped 2 Death guy and he told me to go over to table X and buy this from their dollar box. I love the record and that H2D guy for being cool about it rather than grabbing the thing up and eBaying it for himself.