Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NAPALM DEATH the peel sessions (1989)

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1.the kill
2.prison without walls
3.dead part 1
5.lucid fairytale
6.in extremis
7.blind to the truth
8.negative approach
9.common enemy
10.obstinate direction
12.you suffer pt 2
13.multi-national corporations
14.instinct of survival
17.moral crusade
18.worlds apart
20.divine death
23.walls/raging in hell
24.conform or die/sob

Okay, I'm finally getting settled in my new castle, and have started to unpack stuff... this one popped up in a box, and got me thinking.
These were originally recorded in two different sessions in 1987 and 1988 with the almighty Lee Dorrian on vox. Everyone knows he was part of ND's best line up. I don't think I had heard these sessions until maybe 1990. My friend Devon Cahill who later went on to form Monster X with me, and then later played in Dropdead used to work at the Ben and Jerry's on Lark Street in Albany NY. You could be hanging out around Albany back then, walk into Ben and Jerrys and hear this master piece blasting loud over the stereo system. It was hilarious to see Dev behind the counter with a tie dye shirt on blasting this shit, smiling, and scooping ice cream. I can remember this one, and Some Bolt Thrower as well. Not sure how the regular customers stomached the tunes, but it was on heavy rotation for sure.
At any rate I've had this tape for almost 2 decades, it sounds great blasting loudly! This band def influenced stuff that Monster X did.


  1. great one Mate! thanks

  2. Nice one! This is the best stuff they ever did.

  3. Thanks,Good timing,I've been in the mood for some ND that I haven't heard yet. Saw what you want to about 'em, I saw them a few months back at the Maryland Death Fest and they still rule!

  4. Remember recording these straight from the Peel show back in the day (with Dr And The Crippens, Carcass and Bolthrower) The Lee Dorian line up was by far the best. Mentally Murdered was their creative peak.

  5. hi nate
    killer post.i've never left a comment before but thought this would be the post to start.

    the definition of grindcore?!the FETO cd is my favorite ND stuff but this must be their most raging, mick harris is insane on this one and don't forget about bill steer, i don't know who wrote the riffs but bill certainly put his stamp on it, i love his lead breaks/whammy abuse dude totally shreds.

    i really dig the raw and dirty death/grind 7-inch's you've posted (sinister/gibbed/infernal heirarchy/nausea/dead etc)and i look forward to future abominations on vinyl haha.

    thanks for taking the time to share
    mr. anonymous

    ps. monster x rule i listen to "indoctrination" all the time.john's vox are depraved!!!

  6. thanks for the comments guys. Good to hear your opinions for sure(mr. anonymous).
    Will I saw them a few months ago in NYC, and they were still raging. Pretty awesome for not having a single original member left in the band.


  7. sweet blog. you have been linked.

  8. Nate, my favorite parts of your posts (besides the music) is the reference points you give for growing up around Albany. When I first moved to this area in 1992, everything seemed to be dying - ERL closed, Bogie's closed, and very few punk/HC shows were happening outside of the local tough guy metalcore scene. I bought the Intent 7" and thought it was the only non-metallic HC record around, and then you guys broke up. It's always interesting to hear about the people and places who were around in the 80's and very early 90's.

  9. I remember seeing an ad in Maximum Rocknroll for the "Scum" album when it had first come out. The ad proclaimed that ND were the fastest band in the world! I couldn't believe there was a band faster than DRI, but I bought the LP and saw that the torch had been passed.
    --Nodgy in Nottingham

  10. Great post! I have all these Peel Sessions on CD (their must be at least 3-4 versions of this stuff on CD at this point). For some reason the session from Hardcore Holocaust is never included in these collections, and that's my favorite session. Mainly because that's the first time i ever heard Napalm Death and it completely floored me. The ND Peel Seesions is hands down the greatest grindcore ever recorded. Nothing comes close.

  11. agreed. nothing beats this for grindcore. one of the best for sure.
    thanks for sharing.

  12. thanks for this. this is the sickest shit ever.

  13. Got into them at a show i saw in Phoenix(Tempe), AZ in 1990-1? with Sacred Reich, Sepultura & Sick of it All. Good Times! Love Barney alot. Although I must admit i am more partial towards Lee Dorian.

  14. N.D.peel sessions one of my gateways to grind!!!!!allright im postin too...glad your active....always loved monster X since the human greed split...fuckin cool,still always rockin out to the same death doom grind and crust shit i always did... but i got a question....lost the exploding corpse action/dead baby split fuckin years ago....and want to find it badly....any chance you got that for upload? thanks

  15. The link isnt working anymore....

  16. it's 2015. it's still not working.