Friday, October 9, 2009

SEPSISM severe carnal butchery demo(1994)

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1.Sadistically Mangled And Devoured
2.Sodomizing The Exhumed
3.Vulgar Strangulation
4.Removal Of Putrid Entrails
5.Blistering Burnt Mutilage

Sorry to the die hard punks that follow this blog... But I'm on a heavy death, grind kick lately. I'll post some hardcore punk soon.
In the early 1990's I did a 'zine called "Gloom". It later spawned my record label, Gloom Records.. My buddy/band mate Jim MacNaughton and I would at times do split zines... he did Dressed To Oppress, which was a really good read, and always got chuckles out of me. It was more a punk/hardcore zine, while Gloom was more a metal zine. At any rate doing the zine some how got me on a list where I was getting regular stuff for reviews from Metal bands/labels. It was actually over whelming, and had me receiving far to much crap. The zine had gotten good reviews in metal maniacs, and I became flooded with mail, and had to print up hundreds of copies of the crap 'zine. At any rate Sepsism were one of the bands that regularly sent me their tapes. I think this is the second one I got from them. They did a total of three demos before releasing a "legit" release. I loved the band straight away because of their gruff low vocals that made you just want to mimic what the dude was howling. This stuff is very tight, and low end sounding. Jim would make fun of this style calling it "cookie monster vox". This one is for fans of early 90's death metal. Enjoy..


  1. this is excellent stuff. I'd never even heard of the band before. Can't wait to track down other tunes by them. thank you

  2. righteous, i've been on a death & grind buzz myself and this is a tasty fix!

    the drumming on this kills i love the double-bass runs and stompy beats in the sludgy parts.i hear you about the vox, i've wasted hours trying to emulate erich keller and the like (to no avail haha).dig the ubber metal song titles too.

    thanks Nate,
    i hope you're kick lasts another post or two.

    mr. anonymous

  3. Hey Nate, I have been downloading like a bastard from here for the past few hours. I wanna thank you for all the uploads and for the many great releases of yore on Gloom. Never got to Gloom Fest but definitely spun Cut the Shit and Last in Line way too much a few years back (and Last in Line's LP on Acme quite a bit still when I am going ape or would like to). I sing in a band from CT: and wound up here trying to get a tracklist for a Death Sentence.

    drunk in Philly,


  4. One of my favorite 90's demo tapes along with Usurper and Nile's first demo cassetes.I once listened to this on LSD!!!!!!Definiteley some of the first ultra brutal"Slam" style metal ever.

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