Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PARADISE LOST lost paradise LP (1989)

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2.deadly inner sense
3.paradise lost
4.our savior
5.rotting misery
6.frozen illusion
7.breeding fear
8.lost paradise

I bought this gem at the Music Shack in Albany in 1990. My friend Roger Van Dusen who was a die hard, elitist type political punk guy who pretty much hated metal was eying this one because of the cool looking sci fi cover art work... and because the LP was on Peaceville(which started off as a crust punk label). Somehow Roger convinced me to buy it. Dude lived next store to me on State street so he came over and listened to to the slab. I think it was the first metal album he'd ever heard that he actually could admit to liking. The next time I saw Rog he had laid out the cash for this "import", and was admitting to becoming fond of certain types of metal.
This was another record/band that was highly influential to me and the music I was playing in the early days of Mx, and even DOF to an extent.
Paradise Lost put out a few records after this one that I dug, but after a while they sort of went the Metallica route of sucking ass. What was great about these guys was that they never really blasted, or played brutally fast... they just chugged along nice and slow in a doomy sorta way, that made it easy to nod your head to.


  1. this is grim shit! thanks for the massive tunes. I owe you big for the 200 plus records I've ripped from the site.

  2. thanks!Love this

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  4. crushing! thanks, more metal please.

  5. ive been put on to alot a great albums from this blog, and you've done it again from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

  6. thank you! this is coool

  7. Thanks for turning me onto these guys. exactly what i needed. (and thanks for all the other awesome posts and stories, great board... found you through punknotprofit blog.)