Thursday, October 15, 2009

MORTAL SIN voyage of the disturbed 12" ep(1989)

Image Hosted by of the disturbed of the disturbed(live)
3.for richer for poorer(live)
4.terminal reward(live)

This is not as awesome as the debut from these Australian thrashers. This stuff is highly influenced by "master of puppets" and the fame and attention that Metallica was receiving at the time. Sort of disappointing back then... but I can really appreciate it more today. The riffing is really catchy and killer.
There are only 4 songs on this 12", and "voyage" is the only studio song, while the other 3 songs are supposedly live. All the songs later appeared on the "face of despair" LP. Any thrasher should definitely listen to "mayhemic destruction" first. You can find it in the archives of this blog.
I grabbed this one at Music Shack in Albany. It was somehow filed in the Rap/singles section. Yeah I know.. what was I doing in that section? Back then I was getting into P.E., NWA, Too Short,, the Ghetto Boys, etc. Finding this one probably snapped some sense into me that day, and got me out of the rap section.


  1. Don't feel like you gotta apologize for listening to other things besides hardcore and metal, dude. Rap in that era was pretty sweet too.

  2. Their live performances sound great. Not exactly the same mortal sin from Mayhemic destruction, but they still sound tight. Thanks for the upload

  3. Word up Nate. nothin wrong with hip hop. after QUALITY death metal slid of the face of the Earth (round '92), i spent much of the next 5 or so years listenin to Wu Tang, Gravediggaz, Redman, DITC, Gang starr, Main Source, Mobb Deep, Boot camp clik, etc, etc.

    And a second Word up for a second Mortal Sin post. i agree wit ya that this 12" and the LP aren't as good as Mayhemic Destruction, but still not bad. definitely can hear the Metallica/Bay area influence on this one a bit more. Mayhemic reminds me more of early Dark Angel - We Have Arrived - than anything else.

  4. I really dig this but isn't one of these songs (blistering) have the same vocal pattern of Metallica's, Blacken? Or maybe that's the other way around...

    thanks as always!

  5. this seems to happen to Metallica a lot. I remember the whole thing with "Enter Sandman" supposedly ripping a riff/melody from an Excel tune. i think it really sounds more like Stone s "Get stoned" - minus everything that made the Stone song bad ass.

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  7. I had a three song flexi disc of mortal sin stuff that came with an aussie magazine called Hot Metal. Wish I could remember what happened to the disc. Compared to most zines around at the same time the mag was a piece of shit really as it was reliant on using namebands to boost sales.

  8. think Mortal Sin finished recording a new album "Psychology of Death" with nine tracks: Psychology of Death, Blood of My Enemies, Paralysed by Fear,Burned into your Soul, Deny, Doomed to Annihilation, Kingdom of Pain, Down in the Pit & Hatred. Ryan Huthnance replaced Mick Sultana on guitar.
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