Friday, August 28, 2009

V/A DEADLY SINS Compilation(1993)

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01.TERROR FACTOR-mortal agony
02.MAGGOTY CORPSE-holy inquisition
03.ERODED-sick yearning
06.VOIDD-the day after

Don't let the florescent colored Gaither art freak you out. Despite how ridiculous this compilation looks, its pretty crushing.
This was another gift from my Canadian buddy Simon Harvey, who back in the early 1990's was into turning his friends on to new and obscure music(I'm sure this is still the case with the dude, though I sorta lost touch through the years). He was a Japanese hardcore fiend, before many other trend jumpers of later. Simon ran a label called Dysgusher Records with this girl named Naomi(whom I also lost track of over the years). They both rapidly became pals of the Albany Hardcore scene, and would make frequent visits to our town from Toronto, supporting Albany bands, and checking out shows we put on(Dropdead, Disrupt, Hail Of Rage, Deformed Conscience, etc). Both bands I was playing in back then(Monster X and Devoid Of Faith)put early records out with Dysgusher, and we sorta owe them for taking interest in us when no one else really cared.
At any rate, I've been packing up my shit, getting ready to move again, and came across this one, and realized it was a perfect comp to put on the blog. It is an all Japanese death metal/grind compilation. Some obscure and sick shit for sure. Listening to it made me recall the friendship Albany had with Canada. My favs on here are Eroded, and Voidd.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

SARACEN no more lonely nights(1981)

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02.rock of ages

Saracen were a Nwobhm band that I first heard in around 1982. I bought the single at a strawberry's Records and Tapes, and for the life of me can't fathom how I was so into this back then, especially after listening back to the A side song "no more lonely nights" recently. Seriously cheesy shit. The band formed in the mid-late 70's and you can tell when listening to this tune, It's like a heavier Foreigner. The B side song "rock Of Ages" is a total catchy rager though that has me some what understanding how I was able to buy these dudes records back then. Reminds me of typical Neat records stuff, with a riff so good Maiden should have ripped it. Do yourself a favor and listen to "rock of ages" before the other download. The main riff is awesome. I liked the bands LP that came out after this(their debut record), but After that the band totally shit the bed. Beware, if you hate keyboards, and don't dig corniness, you shouldn't even bother with this. Not so metal, def not punk.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NAUSEA psychological conflict 7" (1991)

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01.cold system

This Nausea is not to be confused with the NYC political punk band(although I was introduced to the punk one first). This Nausea will most definitely be loved by fans of Terrorizer, because the bands shared members, and had the same brutal crusty-grind sound that went on to influence others world wide. Oscar Garcia played guitar and sang for both Terrorizer and Nausea, It is a factor in the shared sound for sure. Supposedly Terrorizer used some songs by Nausea for the "world downfall" LP, as both bands were around during the same time period and shared members. Both Bands formed in around 1987. Terrorizer broke up in 1988, while Nausea plugged along for a few more years.
The first I'd heard of them was in around 1989 or so, and it was only because of their hard to find split LP with Terrorizer that I discovered these gods. This rarity came out on Baphomet Records in 1991.

Friday, August 21, 2009

V/A THRASHING Mixed Metal CD Compilation

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1.Wilezy Pajak-thrashers(Poland 1987)
2.Mondocane-violence abuse(Italy 1990)
3.Alazit-fuckups(Canada 1987)
4.Devastation-queen of death(Bosnia 1989)
5.Necromancy-submit to torture(USA, 1986)
6.Battalion-poisoned blood(Denmark, 1986)
7.Skyturk-the blank(Turkey 1998)
8.Aggression A.D.-green goblin(Canada, 1986)
9.Thrasher Death-koiety umieraja(Poland, 1988)
10.Nuctemeron-silent sorrow(Singapore, 1988)
11.Legion Of Death-terminal paranoia(USA 1986)
12.Chakal-children sacrifice(Brazil, 1987)
13.Torr-armageddon(Czech, 1993)
14.Flames-the hut(Greece, 1985)
15.Sindrome-cathedral of ice(USA 1987)
16.Outrage-horror night(Canada, 1986)
17.Second Hell-prophets of hell(Holland 1986)
18.Black Task-sex and destruction(USA, 1984)
19.Lethal Presence-find the witch(Canada, 1987)
20.Necromancer-rapid fire(Finland, 1988)
21.Gehennah-decibel rebel(Sweden, 1997)
22.Morbid Scream-morbid scream(USA, 1989)
23.Num Skull-dead(USA, 1988)
24.Bulldozer-fallen angel(Italy, 1985)
25.Infernal Majesty-anthology of death(1987)

More Again from a "tape trade"
I've been a member of a elitist type messageboard. It's been a great way for me to stay in touch with current music, and has even helped me discover some music from the past. At any rate the board is almost impossible to get an invite to, as the administrator/monitor dude sorta has been impossible to get in touch with for a while now. It is a funny place to read cynical assholes opinions about everything from music to porn.
Every once in a while someone on the board will announce a "mixed tape trade". People who want to be involved will let the person setting this up know that they are interested, and then the person setting this up will choose who everyone sends their trade to. The guy who sent me my mixed CD's name was also Nate. Nate took good fucking care of me sending me a home made boxset of sorts, featuring Three metal CD's, "Power", "death", and "thrashing". The Cds are mostly filled with really obscure bands from ALL over the globe, some of which I'm familiar with, and others that I've never heard. Most the stuff is from the 1980's. This is the ultimate mix, and I've been driving around listening to it at work for a weeks straight now. Seriously some great Thrash metal. Many Thanks to the other Nate, I owe you. Please Comment if you download.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CUT THE SHIT harmed and dangerous LP (2002)

1. You're the Problem
2. I Went Away to Art College, and All I Got Was This Fucking Complex
3. Cut the Bullshit
4. Take Away My Pain
5. From Bad To Worse
6. Pushed Too Far
7. Harmed and Dangerous
8. No Control
9. Boston Cops
10. No Way Out
11. Scumlord
12. No Integrity
13. Love is a Lie
14. Apart
15. Your Night to an End
16. Dead World
17. Wwiii
18. I Can't Cope

This is another record that I put out on Gloom that came out not all to long ago. Cut The Shit were from Boston, and featured Paul from Tear It Up on guitar. Dude was genius when it came to writing catchy fast hc tunes. He was also the guy behind the bands artwork(yup, artfag). I guess Paul had met the other members of CTS when he'd moved from NJ to attend college in Boston. Andrew, the vocalist was in a band called Bones Brigade as well. Once CTS started doing more, Andrew had decided to leave Bones Brigade.
I'd known Paul from shows, and sharing past bills with Tear It Up(and Das Oath). I was in aw when Paul sent me the bands short demo tape. I contacted them and asked them to do a 7". After that the "bored to death" ep came out, and sold out all 1,500 copies almost immediately. Paul asked if I'd be into doing the bands full length. I was into it, and of course said yes. That is how the "harmed and dangerous" LP was born.
I think the first time I saw these guys might have been in Scott J's basement on Dana or Mrytle in Albany? I recall showing up with my roomate and pal Mark McCoy, and there being almost no one there. When we walked into the low ceiling basement There were maybe 12 kids there tops. The floor was an all dirt floor, not concrete, but dirt. When the band started playing dust was buzzing around our heads from the dust bowl these guys created. I recall that by the end of the set Andrew was rolling around in this filth, then picked up a handful of the dirt, and stuck it all in his mouth. That ended the set. Enjoy.
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CTS Live in Latham NY

Cut The Bullshit...
Exchange a smile,
but that's where it ends.
you judge a character by how they choose their friends.
so i say fuck you to you and your crew!
i'm glad i've got nothing to do with you.
try to play it cool, but we don't give a fuck.
it's all a fucking facade, and we've had enough!
divided we fall over the clothes i wear.
go fuck yourselves, cause i don't care!
it's all who you know, it's all politics.
i'm through with your games, i'm through with your shit!
try to play it cool, but we don't give a fuck.
it's all a fucking facade, and we've had enough!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

B.P. draft beer...not me LP (1986)

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01.theres gonna be a war
02.better off dead
03.dead people can't drive well spent
05.shit faced lunch friends
08.forget the world suck/brain damage
10.Governmental screw over
12.suburban life
13.we're the cops girlfriend is in a porno
15.theres no food
16.theme of the belching penguin
17.our children are missing
18.hang over

BP stood for Belching Penguins. Not the best name in the world, but worth a scoff and chuckle when you'd heard it slide off the tongue. Ridiculous and silly names were sorta the thing back then. These dudes were from Florida, and were as equally involved in building the scene there as their buddies No Fraud, and Pagan Faith. No fraud were prolly bigger, and definitely a bit more popular outside of Florida, but BP had a huge following as well locally. Both bands put their records out on No Clubs! Records.
This is one of those records that when it came out, and you were in the record shop looking at the cover(one of the coolest punk covers ever)... You flipped it over and saw that there were 18 songs, and you knew right then that you needed to buy this thrasher. The songs were fast and sloppy with yup silly and ridiculous song titles and lyrics.
I remember hearing the first song, with the drums, and the ride cymbal it just made me want to smash shit up. I wish I'd gotten to see these bros, it must have been a trip.

RATOS DE PARAO cada dia mais sujo w agressivo LP(1987)

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1.Tatoo Maniac
2.Plano Furado
4.Crise Geral
5.Morte e Desespero
6.Pensamento de Trincheira
7.Peste Sexual
8.Sentir Ódio e Nada Mais
9.Assalto na Esquina
10.Não Há Outras Vidas

Its been a while, my apologies to those who check the site regularly. This Is one of the earliest bands from Brazil that I remember hearing. For me this predates Sepultura by years. This album is a perfect crossover record.
The first thing I remember hearing by these guys was the split with Sub, shit was so punk...
Back in the day I would scour 'zines like Maximum Rock n Roll, Suburban Voice, Flipside, etc for any new bands that I'd never heard of before. The more underground, the better. I would read, and then write to the international punks in the classified sections hoping to tape trade, and hear something new from a country I knew very little about. It was exciting, and the process took time. Remember this was all snail mail, there was no internet.
Roberto was a Brazilian punk metal crossover freak whom I'd written to, and became pen pals/tape trading buddies with in around 1987. Dude would send me everything Brazilian. In return I'd tape him American stuff that I thought he would have a hard time finding. We did this for about 2 years. At any rate I'd sent Roberto a pretty big and expensive package. After months of not hearing anything from my friend,I wrote him asking if he'd gotten my stuff. Still no reply. Months had turned into almost a year. I kept writing, hoping I'd not been screwed like so many times before, and I was desperately in need of a new dose of foreign hardcore.
Months later I received a package. It was bigger then normal, it was LP sized, not like our regular tape sized packages. I eagerly opened the package to find this Ratos LP. There was a note in the package, so I of course proceeded to read it. It wasn't from Roberto, but instead his brother was writing me to tell me that Roberto had been killed on the streets of Sau Palo for "being different". This was shocking as hell to me. All I could do was write his brother back, give him my condolences, and thank him for thinking of me. As I listen to this I'm drinking Vodka and thinking of those times, and that friendship.