Friday, August 7, 2009

B.P. draft beer...not me LP (1986)

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01.theres gonna be a war
02.better off dead
03.dead people can't drive well spent
05.shit faced lunch friends
08.forget the world suck/brain damage
10.Governmental screw over
12.suburban life
13.we're the cops girlfriend is in a porno
15.theres no food
16.theme of the belching penguin
17.our children are missing
18.hang over

BP stood for Belching Penguins. Not the best name in the world, but worth a scoff and chuckle when you'd heard it slide off the tongue. Ridiculous and silly names were sorta the thing back then. These dudes were from Florida, and were as equally involved in building the scene there as their buddies No Fraud, and Pagan Faith. No fraud were prolly bigger, and definitely a bit more popular outside of Florida, but BP had a huge following as well locally. Both bands put their records out on No Clubs! Records.
This is one of those records that when it came out, and you were in the record shop looking at the cover(one of the coolest punk covers ever)... You flipped it over and saw that there were 18 songs, and you knew right then that you needed to buy this thrasher. The songs were fast and sloppy with yup silly and ridiculous song titles and lyrics.
I remember hearing the first song, with the drums, and the ride cymbal it just made me want to smash shit up. I wish I'd gotten to see these bros, it must have been a trip.


  1. Best Florida hardcore album, hands down. Not that there ARE many Florida hardcore albums. Great live, too. A different version of the album was recorded months earlier at a different studio with a different singer, that the band swears is much better. But the master tape was re-used to cut this version and it was lost to history. Nobody even kept a cassette copy. BPs 1985 demo is a killer, too. Great live band.

  2. best band, best cover art, best record! thanks

  3. thanks for posting this! i remember seeing it in a few mailorder catalogs back in the day but always pick something else to spend my pennies on.

    it's nice to hear it now.

  4. Fast? -- YES. Sloppy? -- NO! BP was one of the tightest US HC bands of all time. Great musicians.

  5. Thanks for putting this up! Keep writing, I really enjoy reading this site.

  6. hey man!
    we met years ago in ITALY, you were touring with THE OATH and we playd together a show in MODENA, do you remember? You got tattoed in Mr. Gallo's studio...My name is Pulce and i was playing guitar in MILANO SUICIDA.
    I tried to contact tou many times before but never got a reply!
    I still have pictures from both the Modena show and the other one in Vigevano (close to Milano)...
    Anyway, I'm just back from a 2 weeks tour with my band GIUDA ( and i bought in Norway the BxPx 7" with the demos, reissued by Burrito Records, it fuckin' rips!
    Thanx a lot for this one too, it's great old school punkhardcorethrash.
    If you want to contact me:
    cheers and thrash!

  7. If you post the Pagan Faith record you'll have the entire No Clubs discog on your blog. Great post! I used to go to visit family in Venice, FL and I would always hit a record store there called Aquarian Dreams that would have all this awesome FL punk, No Fraud, BP, Pink Lincolns and on and on

  8. One of the brothers from Abalienation (Mark I think) talked me into buying this CD when he was distoing a show in Syracuse about 10 or so years ago, and I totally wasn't feeling it at the time. Recently I revisited it because of the demo 7" that Bob Suren put out a few years back. I was mistaken. This is pretty damn good.

  9. Awesome - I found this in a used bin in Minneapolis in the late 80s and was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for the post!!

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  12. Cool band. They were fast. I love the song My Girl Is In A Porno. Funny stuff.

  13. I was just looking for this online last week - it is fairly difficult to get a hit that is not oil related. This made my night - Thank you!

  14. I had this demo back when it came out in Tampa, I was happy to see you had the demo but when I went to download it shows invalid file/deleted...please check and re-upload if possible? Thanks man

  15. BP and No Fraud played a show together about a year ago in Sarasota, FL. It was spot on for both bands and a great turn out. True punk rock even 25 years later!

  16. Government screw over fav song by them :), really like the rest of them too