Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NAUSEA psychological conflict 7" (1991)

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This Nausea is not to be confused with the NYC political punk band(although I was introduced to the punk one first). This Nausea will most definitely be loved by fans of Terrorizer, because the bands shared members, and had the same brutal crusty-grind sound that went on to influence others world wide. Oscar Garcia played guitar and sang for both Terrorizer and Nausea, It is a factor in the shared sound for sure. Supposedly Terrorizer used some songs by Nausea for the "world downfall" LP, as both bands were around during the same time period and shared members. Both Bands formed in around 1987. Terrorizer broke up in 1988, while Nausea plugged along for a few more years.
The first I'd heard of them was in around 1989 or so, and it was only because of their hard to find split LP with Terrorizer that I discovered these gods. This rarity came out on Baphomet Records in 1991.



  1. Nate are yo familiar with the band Radiation Sickness?? They had a 7" called "Bounds of reality" - i think u would dig it too for sure.

    Cenotaph had an absolutely disgusting (in a good way) 7" on Baphomet Recs too i believe. Or was it Baphomet that had a 7" on Cenotaph Recs?

    Either way, all good shiz..

  2. nice post! Where can I hear the Radiation Sickness stuff jbm?

  3. Hmm.. not sure Roy. After a little Googlin', or Googlization, or Googlifyin', or whatever the kids call it these days, I can't find the 7" for download. I did find their demo which was called "Elvis Ain't Dead" - not quite as great as the 7", but good none the..

    I should say, I didn't really mean to imply that Radiation Sickness sounds like Nausea or Terrorizer. their definitely more in the hardcore metal realm, closer to maybe Lethal Aggression, or Malicious Grind, or Transgression (also from Indiana). really just a recommendation based on a lot of things I've seen Nate post on this blog. that bein said, check em out. certainly a recommendation for anyone who peeps the blog on the reg.

  4. Nate, Nausea's still around...in fact, I did them an album cover last year. They have yet to record that album though...but they signed to F.E.T.O. records to release it. Just saw them play a few months back.

  5. Yeah, I think they broke up in the early 90's, and then got back together in the 2000's?
    Are they still good? What does the new stuff sound like?


  6. They're excellent...EXACT same style...any "changes", while noticeable, are minute. (mostly more "anthemic" sounding...but the riffs are still one-chord wonders).

  7. Tried to see these guys a few times here in LA over the past couple years. And every time they cancelled. So I'm not gonna bother making the effort. Even if they played across the street I would rather watch reruns of SNL.

  8. Found this in some second hand record store here in Israel about 5 years ago. It was stuck behind stacks of Sinatra singles and all kinds of Euro disco shit. It was missing the cover/insert, but it was 25 cents so I bought it. Didn't like it on the first listen, though, so I traded it away for some shit.

    Thanks for posting this, I probably should have kept it. Oh well.

  9. funny story Jenna. lol

    a friend of mine found it second hand too,
    on a vynil shop in Torino. (around '96).

    for 25.000 Lire (= 13 EURO now)
    but in great condition.

    back in the nineties I used to buy 7" EP's from SOA records, and each costed 5.000 Lire, to let you imagine a comparison of its price.

    pier /fassby from Italy

  10. you wrote correctly about NAUSEA L.A.'s early period.

    in 1990 did a reh demo "Mind dead", which led them to the contract with WILD RAGS RECORDS for 2 albums.

    the first album "Crime against humanity" was well spread worldwide, and this was a lot because still on the wave of TERRORIZER World Downfall's success.

    wait..wait a moment. Oscar would be pissed off if he reads what I said ;) it's a FACT that NAUSEA was a band on their own, and the Crime against LP is a milestone.
    by the way it's very original on his own, and as you correctly said TERRORIZER owe to NAUSEA part of the World Downfall tracks/and lyrics.

    I'd like to address you to the NAUSEA L.A. website I did from 1999 to 2005, on geocities..with the help of NAUSEA guys. but geocities has closed, and deleted it sorry.

    the Psychological Conflict Ep is a bit raw because recorded on a garage, reheasal..produced by Vito Tagliente and if I'm not wrong, BAPHOMET Records was led by a Sadistic Intent member.

    pier /fassby

  11. nice post! Where can I hear the Radiation Sickness stuff jbm?

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