Thursday, August 27, 2009

SARACEN no more lonely nights(1981)

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02.rock of ages

Saracen were a Nwobhm band that I first heard in around 1982. I bought the single at a strawberry's Records and Tapes, and for the life of me can't fathom how I was so into this back then, especially after listening back to the A side song "no more lonely nights" recently. Seriously cheesy shit. The band formed in the mid-late 70's and you can tell when listening to this tune, It's like a heavier Foreigner. The B side song "rock Of Ages" is a total catchy rager though that has me some what understanding how I was able to buy these dudes records back then. Reminds me of typical Neat records stuff, with a riff so good Maiden should have ripped it. Do yourself a favor and listen to "rock of ages" before the other download. The main riff is awesome. I liked the bands LP that came out after this(their debut record), but After that the band totally shit the bed. Beware, if you hate keyboards, and don't dig corniness, you shouldn't even bother with this. Not so metal, def not punk.


  1. These guys are fuckin gnarly! For some reason Rock of ages reminds me of IM's wasted years...
    Good post man, thanks

  2. seriously amazing shit. Makes me wish i was older.

  3. This really does sound like wasted years.

  4. I was lucky enough to find this one some years ago.Love it

  5. The riff of Rock of Ages is pretty cool you are right, Maiden could have done something with it. But it also brings some Tygers of Pang-Tang in to my memories, I don't know why.

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