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RATOS DE PARAO cada dia mais sujo w agressivo LP(1987)

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1.Tatoo Maniac
2.Plano Furado
4.Crise Geral
5.Morte e Desespero
6.Pensamento de Trincheira
7.Peste Sexual
8.Sentir Ódio e Nada Mais
9.Assalto na Esquina
10.Não Há Outras Vidas

Its been a while, my apologies to those who check the site regularly. This Is one of the earliest bands from Brazil that I remember hearing. For me this predates Sepultura by years. This album is a perfect crossover record.
The first thing I remember hearing by these guys was the split with Sub, shit was so punk...
Back in the day I would scour 'zines like Maximum Rock n Roll, Suburban Voice, Flipside, etc for any new bands that I'd never heard of before. The more underground, the better. I would read, and then write to the international punks in the classified sections hoping to tape trade, and hear something new from a country I knew very little about. It was exciting, and the process took time. Remember this was all snail mail, there was no internet.
Roberto was a Brazilian punk metal crossover freak whom I'd written to, and became pen pals/tape trading buddies with in around 1987. Dude would send me everything Brazilian. In return I'd tape him American stuff that I thought he would have a hard time finding. We did this for about 2 years. At any rate I'd sent Roberto a pretty big and expensive package. After months of not hearing anything from my friend,I wrote him asking if he'd gotten my stuff. Still no reply. Months had turned into almost a year. I kept writing, hoping I'd not been screwed like so many times before, and I was desperately in need of a new dose of foreign hardcore.
Months later I received a package. It was bigger then normal, it was LP sized, not like our regular tape sized packages. I eagerly opened the package to find this Ratos LP. There was a note in the package, so I of course proceeded to read it. It wasn't from Roberto, but instead his brother was writing me to tell me that Roberto had been killed on the streets of Sau Palo for "being different". This was shocking as hell to me. All I could do was write his brother back, give him my condolences, and thank him for thinking of me. As I listen to this I'm drinking Vodka and thinking of those times, and that friendship.


  1. thank you for making this available. Its been almost 20 years since i thought about this record. cheers mate

  2. When i used to work at the Longhaul Infoshop one of the other volunteers was harassing me about my gang's graffiti "Rat Punx" Which was an R & then an upside down triangle then a backwards P, which looked like RDP. She had lived in Brazil i guess & was really anti Ratos De Porao for some reason. All she could do was compare them to Suicidal Tendencies & the Exploited, so i was like, "What, they're awesome? I gotta check them out."

  3. I can see why your friend mentioned both bands...
    the band started off as more like punk(Exploited), and then got a bit more hardcore sounding. They sorta looked like they were from Venice CA. I love the Slayer influence they had as well. Dudes are still around.

  4. massive metal crossover! great!

  5. that's a hell of a story - it brings back thoughts of growing up in Ohio and not getting along with a lot of people on account of feeling different and having others treat me that way - it's certainly not as hardcore as growing up in the ghettos of Brazil, yet easy to understand, memorialize and think of with sadness and honor - have a great day - life can be short - life can be fucked up, yet with the ability to have so many great chances to learn, grow and discover so much music; life does have some pretty fucking cool moments! cheers - i love you and i love your site - darrylseattle

  6. This is a great record. Crazy story as well.

  7. a touching story that gave me a chill, but honestly a story that furthers my true hate for humanity. your blog is great for always having great stories with great records. though we never met him, i drink a beer for roberto.

  8. thanks for the comments, and fuck yeah, cheers to Roberto! Dude would be in his 40s today.

    My friend Ebro who had toured over there with Los Crudos told be a story about having a gun pulled on him over there.

    people everywhere tend to forget about the shit punks went through all over the world when dealing with people who hated the way we looked, and punk"stances" back then. Ever since the main streaming of "punk", things have become far safer. I remember when walking through the mall with just a shaved head, boots and a DRI shirt could get your ass kicked.


  9. man, what a fucked up story Nate. tops even the stolen SG story from the Vendetta post, and the teargas leak story from the Direct Action post, and the skinhead/gay landlord one from i can't remember which post.. you get the idea.

    anywho, interesting how you ended up with this record. i got the Psychic Possessor LP - "Toxin diffusion" - from a penpal in Brazil back in the day, and it remains proly my fave record from Brazil (Arise and Beneath the remains were World Wide and hardly seemed like Brazillian records).

    I remember seein/reading about RxDxPx over the years, but don't think i ever heard em. i'd like to give er a listen, but can't d/l music on this comp. Ah well, still enjoy reading your posts, as they often spark somethin in my brain and i end up remembering one of my fave records that was somehow related.. SO, I'm off diggin in the crates for the Psychic Possessor record. Peace, jbm

  10. I just started reading your Blog a few days ago, really good stuff! Thanks for making this record available, I only had the"Brasil" album. Cheers!

  11. As darryl said, life is short, but its a luck we have music.

    Many thanks and support.


  12. This 3rd LP by RDP marked a high quality approach of them in the crossover vein. They tried to went metal in the previous album 'Descanse em Paz', but it was more sorta type of Ounslaught,Sacrilege and English Dogs influence.

    Around this time (1987) they were totally connected with Sepultura guys and both bands improved a lot their sound during this period. Cada dia mais Sujo e Agressivo (Each Day dirtier and agressive) was spraypainted at Max Cavalera's house and Gordo RDP pick up this for the LP title).

    There was a very violent scenario in Brazil around that time. Tons of murders, fights and everything you could imagine.

    RDP and Sepultura gather headbangers and hardcore people together from 1987 to 1989. Thats why a lot of stupid punks started to hate RDP.

    Psychic Possessor 'Toxic Diffusion' was another great album, as well their 2nd LP "Nos Somos a America do Sul', which was not a crossover album, but 100% pure brazilian hardcore.

    I was with Ebro, Martin and Crudos guys here in Brazil during their tour. A cop pointed a gun to them cos he was part of a kind of repressive police section. After he figured out that they were north americans, he disappeared.

    I could write a book talking about crazy things related to brazilian punk. All sorts of stories, from the most terrible to the funniest ones.

  13. George
    thanks for all the info about the band. Its interesting as hell to hear about. Also cool to hear you were with Crudos on that tour.
    Brazil sure seemed crazy back in the 80's. I'm sure its still pretty crazy(compared to America). Punks in America have seemed to have lost "the fight". I'm guessing the struggle/fight is still strong, and WORTHWHILE there. The subculture in here America, definitely has had a impact on society(for the worst or better I'm not really sure).


  14. Thank you Nate for doing this great metal punk blog!

    RDP released this year a documentary called "Guidable" which tells their history since back in the day. I think it will be available on DVD soon.

    Right now i'm about to send to MRR an interview i did with Gordo RDP only about 'Crucificados pelo Sistema' era. There will be some unreleased pictures too.

    Anyone interested on brazilian punk should check my blog, i am always putting rare stuff on it.

    Stay tuned, cheers!

  15. great album. I got into RPD later around 1990 with their Brasil album but since I collected all their shit I could find. I have this one on CD.Thanks again for posting it.

  16. Nate, that's a heartbreaking story about discovering a great record.
    Hope all is well with you.

  17. why do you foreign dudes insist on calling them ratos de pArão?

    the brasil lp is cool too (well, it was in 89, never listened again)

  18. didn't read the history before.... yeah man, Sao Paulo is fucked up... RIP Roberto. Sad shit.

  19. killer stuffs. I'd love to hear more from these guys. rip Roberto.

  20. excellent this album, thanks for making available this records!

  21. greetings from portugal :P
    wtf dude awesome story...
    ratos de porão fukin rule!!!
    youre blog is awesome too
    always great lps in here!
    you gotta upload something from Lobotomia their great too!

  22. Just a small correction, the city name is "São Paulo".

    Great post, and great blog by the way.

  23. sad story....great blog i found it today and its so great.
    RDP played here in mexico a few months ago and they were awesome.punks & metalheads together,the best band i ve ever seen and everyone was sayin the same after the show,the music and the show that guy joao gordo its so funny,the whole band its great
    love the blog

  24. Man I remember how happy I'd be to get a big fat package like that. I can't imagine opening it up and reading a note like that in there. Would have devastated me. I'm sure his bro was thankful to receive your letter back. You're all class.

  25. Thanks a lot for this... these guys just played a few shows as Rikk Agnew's backing band in Brasil.. apparently, they're still going strong!

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  27. a couple of years ago I used to live in WI, and there I meet this girl in highschool, a pretty nice looking girl. she had come as an exchange student from Brasil. One day I asked her what Ratos de Porao meant, having no idea she could ever knew such a band. she told me the meaning. Also told me she knew the vocals from that band!!!, the fat one. I don´t know if it was true or not but reading your story brought that to my mind.
    Cool site, and I´ll smoke a joint to honor your friend Roberto.
    Like I say people really died when we stop to remember them.
    Cheers from Mexico.

  28. Hello folks !!!!!!in USA u can find R>D>P> over alternative tentacles , and the price is cheaper than buy in Brasil ! Go figure... Cheers from Espirito Santo / BR

  29. That is a heavy story. Roberto R.I.P. and to his brother for making good on his word.
    I have spent plenty of time in Brazil, in Sao Paulo. Lost great friends there, seen guns pulled on friends and a whole helluva lot more. Been to the Sepultura Fan Club World HQ and met the founder. Bought 80's NWOBHM CD's in the late 90's that I never imagined I would ever find. One of my favorite places to visit on earth.