Saturday, December 24, 2011

will be back soon...

I will get back to posting some music soon.  Recently had a baby girl, so my hands have been tied.  I have been posting pictures of bands from the last twenty years.  check it out and if you have a tumblr account add me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The IDIOTS-Cries Of The Insane LP(1987)

2.freundschaft ohne ende
3.nuclear war
5.the loser
6.tage ohne alkohol
10.destroy my body

For some ridiculous reason I was really into West German Hardcore in the late 1980's. It probably had a lot to do with the awesome photo's I saw of some of these bands in Maximum Rock n Roll's European photo 'zine. I also had met and made friends with a couple of Krauts who had visted S.F. and turned me on to much of this stuff.
The Idiots were from Germany and were a band that my German buddies had compiled on a mixed tape along with the Skeezicks, Challenger Crew, Unwanted Youth, Tu Du Hospital, Spermbirds, etc. The song they taped me by the Idiots was the first song on the LP, "deathbrains". The song was so thrashy and violent sounding that I immediatly started searching for the LP. Of course in those days finding obscure non American Hardcore was a real chore. I think I finally got the Record from a trade from another German pal. Almost none of the other songs on the LP came close to the furosity of "deathbrains". The record is good, but kept me wanting more of the thrash I had originally heard from these guys. Tracks 1,5,6,7,9,10 are sick(songs 1,6, and 9 are the thrash standouts).

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Monday, September 19, 2011

REAL STEEL-s/t 7"(1987)

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1.Viking Queen

I don't know much about these guys, other then they aren't the band with the same name from Clevo., and they sound a lot like earlier Metallica. My friend Paul picked up the 7" for me while he was diggin' for rare punk platters in the wild a while back. No cover art on my copy. "Excalibur" is the winner out of the two songs. Enjoy.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

FRONT LINE-Outside your window 12" (1986)

Image Hosted by to stay
2.fight back generation
4.your time
5.all i want
6.I remember

This is a band that while I was living in S.F. I think many of us took for granted, because they played shows in the Bay Area all the time. I saw these guys a lot, seemed like they were on every show. Sometimes I wasn't even paying attention to them. They always sorta reminded me of a younger, poor mans Adolescents. I bought the 12" before actually ever seeing them. The reason I bought it was because I noticed there was a song titled "fight back". I was pretty sure this must be a cover of the Discharge song with the same name. Nope, not even close. I was pretty closed minded at this point in my life, and really just wanted loud and fast, so this 12" sorta let me down when i plunked the needle down on the platter. It took me years to rediscover this. Its great.. melodic, and catchy as fuck punk rock. Pretty sure these guys were from San Jose(although the addy on the back jacket is from somewhere else). It was produced by someone from the Faction(not Steve C). Enjoy.

DIVINE MALICE-1985 demo tape

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2.Successor Of Death
4.Diamonds & Rust
5.Successor Of Death

Ok, this is the first recording I ever played on(sang on it actually). I recently recovered this while I was preparing for NJ flooding. The Flood had me delving into my old tape boxes which was pretty fun.
I can't recall where this one was recorded. There are only two songs on the actual studio part of the demo, but one is 6 mins, and the other is a fucking 8 minute long epic. I have no idea what we were thinking in writing songs that long, but here they are. The other three songs on the tape are live at the Shaker high school battle of the bands. The sound quality is pretty good. I think we won.. I forget, I got kicked out of the school before we were done playing.
The band was influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, Trouble, Priest, Cirith Ungol, Armored Saint, etc. Pat Janidlo the bass player and I were pretty much best friends, and fellow mall rats. I'm sure the band would have done some other stuff if I hadn't moved to San Francisco. I recall lots of line up changes on guitar, and drums. The main guitarist was Mike Campese who went on to play instrumental prog-metal. He put out a number of solo albums, and is still doing his own thing today. Listening to this makes me happy and really takes me back to being 18 years old. Metal!!!

For a sample:

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

OUR GANG-uprising LP

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1.In Anger (Rejected)
2.My Tomorrow
3.Get With It
5.Out Of Hand
6.Something To Say
7.Not Against You
8.Without A Home
9.A Part Of Me
10.A Time To Fight
11.Broken Roads
12.No Motive
13.Penguin Romp
14.Song A
15.Gone Through

I saw Our Gang in around 1989 by accident at the Anthrax in CT.  A bunch of my Albany friends and myself made the 2.5 hour trek out there to see/support our local friends No Outlet who were also on the bill. I recall being blown away by O.G., and until the last few years never realized they were from the NYC borough of Staten Island. Oddly enough Our Gang never released a proper record back in the day. Members went on to play in Citizen's Arrest, Born Against, etc.
A few years ago my friend Charles and I started talking about how much we thought they needed a proper release. Charles knew some of those guys and got in touch, and asked them if they'd do a discography record with us. They were into it, and months later the LP came out on our label Jack Roy Records. Here is a proper rip of a proper record. The LP contains both the 1988 and 89 demo's both recorded at Don Fury's. If you need an actual copy, get at me, I have a few left.

For a sample:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NO OUTLET-demo tape(1987)

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1.first glance
2.last time
3.just how it goes
4.push back
5.know yourself
7.have a say outlet

Its been a while, I know. I've been slammed with work and some family stuff(having a baby soon). I'll try to get some stuff up on here this summer for sure.
No Outlet were a Straightedge HC band from the Albany NY area(actually a really nice suburb of Albany called Guilderland). They Played many Local shows. My friends and I once even traveled to the Anthrax in Connecticut to catch them with Our Gang.
What I recall most about them live was the singer Marty pacing back and forth on the stage, always looking pretty intense & excited. Dude was huge, but always was smiling. I think the last show I saw No Outlet play was with Token Entry in 1990(or maybe it was Verbal Assault?), after that they sorta just faded away. No last show or nothing that I recall. The band was supposed to release a 7" on Combined Effort(Life's Blood, Absolution). Dave Stein who ran C.E. was living in Albany, and booking these guys on many local shows back then. Not really sure what happened to the plans of the ep, my guess is that it just didn't happen after Dave moved back to NYC, and members went away to college. The last time I saw vocalist Marty was in 1991 at larkfest wearing a Paula Abdul T shirt.
Its really a shame these guys never released a record. Vinnie over at Blogged and Quartered is talking about cleaning up the demo, adding the two tracks from the Albany HC comp 7", and even throwing in a live set. Vin always does a bang up job, so expect it to sound much better then this rip.

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I took this photo at the Eagles Lodge
in Schenectady NY in either 1989 or 1990


Monday, March 28, 2011


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Nine Shocks side:
1.strike transmission design
3.control is lost
Killers side:
4.blind eyed least we die
6.product this...

I had a long relationship with the dudes from 9 Shocks Terror. I first saw them at a radio show that my buddy Jim MacNaughton did at WRPI in Troy NY. The band didn't have any records out yet, but were traveling with an all female Japanese hc band called the Gaia. I was completely blown away by the ferocity that 9 Shocks provided at the show played to maybe 8 of us. The dudes were as old as I was, and still beat on their equipment like they hated everything and everyone. They gave me hope. I asked them to do a split with my band Devoid Of Faith... and they were into it. later on I'd asked them about this split as I'd become good friends with Mike from the Killers. Both bands were into the idea, and were really stoked at the idea I had to have Pushead do the cover art. I was talking a lot with him back then because he was doing DOF art, rex, etc. He was into the idea of doing the art, and I was shocked when he gave the okay for Mike(the killers)to do the back cover. Mike did a really good Pushead back then. After putting the two in touch with each other a relationship was born. This one didn't take as long to come out as most people would have expected. I did 3000, 1000 on blue, one thousand on green and 1000 on orange.

Friday, March 25, 2011

SAVAGE -loose 'n lethal LP(1983)

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1.Let it loose
2.cry wolf
4.dirty money
5.ain't no fit place
6.on the rocks
7.the China run
8.white hot

This is one of my favorite NWOBHM records ever. These guys were of course from England, and put out a demo and few other records before recording this classic for Ebony Records. The guitar tone on this record is awesomely blown out. The production reminds me of Merciful Fates Mellisa(although the music sounds NOTHING at all like it). This is just seriously perfect production for a metal record. The LP reminds me of the first two Def Leppard records or Dark Stars lady of mars. By side b I'm even hearing some Scorps & Riot. Another record I think that I probably bought solely based on the content of the record cover, and maybe the band name. I recall being stoked on the how catchy, yet still heavy and rockin'this sounded to me when I first heard "let it loose".

sorry, Dead link for now

It’s getting dark, too dark to see
The streets run cold with anarchy
Troopers came and all was lost
Mass slaughter, human holocaust

Fire over Berlin
Nobody’s safe
No escape when metal rain starts falling
Berlin, it’s all too late

Thirty nine, machines of war
Cross frontier lines the eagle roars
Allied forces and Berlin falls
Razed to the ground, now the spoils

Fire over Berlin
Nobody’s safe
No escape when metal rain starts falling
Berlin, it’s all too late

Too too much complacency
Too afraid to face reality
East to west the Berlin Wall
Thin red line from nuclear holocaust

Sunday, February 27, 2011


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These guys were from Connecticut, and had a 7" called "fred" that came out before this one in 1984. Its a classic to me. I celebrate the bands entire discography(well up to a certain point). I never saw them, but somehow ended up with their second LP while living in California. I got it from a metal friend of mine(Kenny),who bought it because the band name was cool. He got it home and hated the record because it seemed to dorky or nerdy to him. He was expecting more of a crossover DRI type thing. The music just wasn't as brutal sounding as the band name in his opinion. He gladly gave it to me. It wasn't until I moved back to Albany NY that I ended up buying this copy at Worlds records. Its a repress of their debut. The original was a silk screened cover and limited to 300 copies or something ridiculous. After listening to this again recently for the first time in like 15 years, I really like it... makes me feel semi young again. Enjoy.


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

SADISTIC SEX-tale of...demo tape (1988)

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Its a real shame that these guys lyrics are so ridiculously stupid, because the music is really fucking great. Its spot on NJ hardcore that has me by the balls. I understand that this stuff is a joke, and not meant to be taken seriously, but its hard to back with song titles and lyrics that I'm not really comfortable repeating. I'd say these guys were heavily influenced lyrically by the Mentors. Musically they loved stuff like Agnostic Front, and DRI. I'm Pretty sure these guys put out another demo tape before breaking up. The band was from Manville NJ(all I know of this suburb is that one of my bands played here years ago). The 6th song is really awesome sounding because the vox sound like they were recorded in a cavern. Enjoy this stuff.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BLlND ILLUSION-the sane Asylum LP(1988)

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1.the sane asylum
2.blood shower
3.vengeance is mine
4.death noise
6.smash the crystal
7.vicious visions
8.metamorphosis of a monster

This is some pretty tech savvy Bay Area thrash metal that features ex Possessed guitarist Larry, and Les Claypool(primus fame). These guys were a long lived staple in SF in the 80's. They played many a show that I attended. There is just so much history to this band, that its just insane that they only released this one studio album back then. They started as a prog band in 1979, and moved then moved in the direction of metal. They released a slew of demo tapes(one that was produced by Kirk of 'tallica).
My friend Zoran and I were in the pit numerous times going crazy to "vengeance is mine" back then. The song still sends shivers up my spine when ever I listen to it. I love the production on this LP, its just so tight. You'd think with Les playing bass that it would be bass overkill, but its really not. Marc Biedermann the main dude in the band(only og member) really was a genius.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DARK KNIGHT 12" EP(1984)

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1.the grass is greener
2.cabin fever
3.when all else fails
4.return of the dark knight

I was in 11th grade when this 12" came out. I remember it came out a year or so after the first Queensryche 12". I recall being really stoked that there was yet another band from NY playing the style of metal these guys were doing. Most metal was coming from the other coast(or England). I was one who appreciated bands like Riot, the Rods, Talas, and Anthrax because of their proximity to where I lived. NY state pride... These guys all had made me realize that being in a band and writing your own songs was possible.
This stuff is pretty cool, but is seriously for those that love metal. Its so hard for me to describe this stuff. Sorta under the radar, cheesy power metal? I love this shit... unfortunately this was all the band ever released.


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2.your mistake(NA cover)
3.hand of power
4.chained for life
Spazz side
5.crop circles
6.gas x
7.Jean claude Bland Dan...
8.war in the head
9.elder mutant stomp

I played in Monster X pretty much all the way through the 90's. We started in 1992 after the breakup off a few other crappy local Albany bands. We were best friends....This was one of our our last releases. The record came out on Reservoir Records. I recall Andrew Orlando from Reservoir asking me back in 1997, "if you could do a record with any American hardcore band who would you want it to be?" My response was Man Is The Bastard, Spazz, or Capitalist Casualties. I don't think Andrew could convince MITB to do a split with us, so it was on to Spazz(who were famous for doing a million splits back then). At any rate we were very excited to do a record with these guys(as they were all pretty much friends/heroes to us). Monster X had real issues with recording... and this is the closest I think we ever came to nailing what/and how we wanted to sound. Andrew really was an awesome label head and totally backed what we wanted to do. He really believed in us. If I recall correctly the guy that did the cover art/layout was a member of the 80's German hc band Tu Du Hospital.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

AGATHOCLES-the LP's 1989-1991 CD

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1. Big One
2. Teachers
3. Christianity Means Tyranny
4. Squeeze Anton
5. Introtyl
6. Fog
7. Majesty of Fools
8. Lay Off Me
9. Purified by Death
10. Deceased
11. Use The Mincer
12. Fake Friend
13. Gorgonised Dorks
14. Four Walls
15. Christianity Means Tyranny
16. Like an Ivy (Poem) / Agarchy
17. Sentimental Hypocrisy
18. Majesty of Fools
19. Fog
20. Teachers
21. The Accident
22. Deceased
23. Forced Pollutions
24. Use the Mincer

Agothocles are a political grindcore band who started in around 1986 in the country of Belgium. The band are pretty much known for putting out way to many records(there are more then 100). The catalog is seriously untouchable when it comes to the amount records they have put out. I tried to keep up in the early days when there wern't ten million grind bands playing the same old crap. I lost interest in them in around 1992.
This features two LP's...The first is a really old line up with Erwin on drums. He was the Original drummer, who later went on to play bass in the band.
This stuff makes me think of my days in Albany, hanging with my pals Devon, John Moran, and Mark Telfian. This type of stuff would be the sound track to many of our road trips, and had a small influence on what we wanted to do musically.