Sunday, February 28, 2010

VIPER-soldiers of sunrise LP(1987)

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1.knights of destruction
3.the whipper
4.wings of evil
6.soldiers of sunrise
7.signs of the night
8.killera of the sword

One of the earlier of the Brazilian metal bands I'd heard back in the day. The band def wasn't as heavy, fast or thrashing as Sepultura or as extreme as the likes of Sarcofago. I was drawn to this by the album cover art, and the fact that a review I'd read of it back then mentioned that it was an amateurish Brazilian sounding Iron Maiden. Anyone who knows me knows I've always been a Maiden freak. When I got this I was sorta bummed on the fact that it wasn't really that Maiden influenced. Only the vox really resemble that type of power metal(Maiden, Fates Warning), the music is more straight forward Speed metal(although some of the double leads might have the MaidenVibe). This one is Definitely not for for everyone who follows my blog. Its very metal, and has very little influence from any other realm.
The only other guys I knew back in the mid 80's that loved the Brazilian stuff the way I did were my Latham NY pals Dave Stevenson and Mark Szwarcberg. This stuff was always hard to find, and we paid ridiculous "import prices". Enjoy

Saturday, February 20, 2010

SACRED DENIAL-life's been getting to me LP(1985)

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1.what religion liar
3.better way to die
4.Why can't we be friends
5.we're all weird
6.Easter Sunday
7.born free
8.pissed at the world's getting to me
10.sacred denial
11.sticks and stones in a long coat

Sacred Denial were from Clifton NJ(a suburb that is very close to where I'm living now). The band had a pretty bad reputation, mainly due to the fact that they were from the great state of Jersey. New Jersey hardcore back then was known for its nerdy, cheese ball approach, and its wackiness that wasn't always as clever as the dudes playing it maybe thought it was. I avoided most NJ hardcore 'cept for maybe A.O.D. for a long time.
The crazy thing about this record is how unbelievably awesome it is. Its generic in every sense of the word, but just thrash's through as though it was Jerry's Kids "my world". Seriously... this is a real under the radar, ignored, obscure tooth and chip thrash record that should be enjoyed by hardcore lovers worldwide. "what religion" , "pissed at the world" and "pro-liar" are tasty, catchy rippers that are the stand outs for me on this yummy platter.
This is exactly what hardcore was meant to sound like in the 1980's. Don't be fooled by the bands other records though.. they just don't compare, not even by 50%.
I was turned onto these guys while living in S.F. by my neighbor and friend Eric Meade. Dude made me tapes loaded with some of the best hc I've to this day ever heard. Thanks Eric, I owe you for sure.

Pro liar

president of the united states is what i'd like to be
I'll determine all your fates, a president's what I'd like to be
gonna build a brand new nation

I'll be very honest
I won't let you down
while I wear the crown
you'll be proud of me
Just you wait and see

I won't interfere with your private lives
in the white house I'll thrive
have your own jobs

everything will be alright
everything will be just fine

and we will fight against all those
who stand in the way
of America with the new upgrade defense
and won''t have nothing to worry about
we'' have to tighten our belts
and do the best we can
so just sit back, relax
and let me take complete control

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

OUT OF ORDER-paradise lost LP(1986)

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3.intro to she knew she'd lose
4.she knew she'd lose
6.anal aggression
7.dead or alive
8.survival of the fittest
9.blessing in disguise
10.i don't feel like laughing
11.eric b
12.when its all done
13.the ripper
14.wicked ways
15.paradise lost
16.gotham city

Fuck yeah... picked this tastey plater up for under $5 bucks recently. It is a record I've been looking to replace because my og is pretty beat. I Bought my copy at the record vault on Polk street in S.F.(The best store ever). I recall my friend Zoran and I went to get King Diamonds autograph, because he was doing an instore at the vault. We were both shocked at how down to earth and short the master of satanic metal was. At any rate that day I left the store with a King Diamond demo tape, his autograph on my Steve Caballero deck, and a copy of this overlooked crossover Hardcore classic.
Out Of Order were one of the early of the Chicago bands I'd heard back then along with Life's Sentence, the Effigies, and Articles Of Faith.
When I listen back to this I can hear lots of Negative Approach, early Sick Of It All, and even some Crumbsuckers. Its really an awesome and tough sounding hardcore record. I wish I'd gotten to see these boys live.