Monday, June 29, 2009

V/A POWER Mixed CD metal compilation

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01.M@n0war-kill with power(USA, 1984)
02.Crush-the night(Greece, 1993)
03.Future Tense-go to hell(Holland, 1984)
04.Turbo-?(Poland, 1982)
05.Maninnya Blade-ripper attack(Sweden, 1984)
06.D'erlanger-up your ass(Japan 1986)
07.Mortician-not fight(Austria, 1987)
08.the R0ds-nothing going on in the city(USA, 1981)
09.Riff Raff-eye for an eye(Finland, 1982)
10.Kruiz-the last dawn(Russia, 1986)
11.Znowhite-sledgehammer(USA, 1984)
12.Sortilege-d'alleurs(France, 1984)
13.Shellshock-hard times(Norway, 1988)
14.Rossos-you don't know(Sweden, 1982)
15.Oz-fire in the brain(Finland, 1983)
16.P@ntera-killers(USA, 1984)
17.Stone Vengeance-to kill evil(USA, 1986)
18.Kat-?(Poland, 1985)
19.Pokolgép-hallomas(Hungary, 1987)
20.V8-destrucción(Argentina, 1983)
21.Bitch-damnation alley(USA, 1982)
22.Steel-say goodbye to love(Sweden, 1998)

Just when you thought the days of the mixed tapes were dead & gone...
Back in the day before the internet, We all dabbled in trading tapes, perhaps some people have never stopped. I did well over 15 years ago.
I've been a member of a funny little secret society. Yup a underground elitist type message board that has existed for a number of years now. It's been a great way for me to stay in touch with current music, and has even helped me discover some music from the past. At any rate the board is almost impossible to get an invite to, as the administrator/monitor dude sorta has been impossible to get in touch with for a while now. It is a funny place to read cynical assholes opinions about everything from music to porn.
Every once in a while someone on the board will announce a "mixed tape trade". People who want to be involved will let the person setting this up know that they are interested, and then the person setting this up will choose who everyone sends their trade to. The guy who sent me my mixed CD's name was also Nate. Nate took good fucking care of me sending me a home made boxset of sorts, featuring Three metal CD's, "Power", "death", and "thrashing". The Cds are mostly filled with really obscure bands from ALL over the globe, some of which I'm familiar with, and others that I've never heard. Most the stuff is from the 1980's. This is the ultimate mix, and I've been driving around listening to it at work for a week straight now. Seriously some great Power Metal Up the Ass! Thanks Nate, I owe you. Please Comment if you download.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

GIBBED eternal life 7" flexi (1990)

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01.terminate the bloody state
02.manufacture of nation
03.suicides scatter
04.brain muilation
05.repulse the life
06.inevitable dread

Gibbed were a Japanese Death/grindcore band, and to my knowledge only released this ep along with a split with the Japanese band Multiplex. I know very little about Gibbed, although there are rumors that it was CFDL, & SOB members. Sort of doubtful if you ask me. The songs are rough, raw, and fierce, with very little care about production. This is my second copy, bought it from a friend recently for a price I couldn't pass up. My other copy is home at Moms, so this was perfect to buy and throw up on the site.
In the early 1990's I was in a straightedge grindcore band who were influenced by everything from Bolt Thrower, Brutal Truth, Sinister, Fear Of God, S.O.B., Napalm Death, Citizens Arrest, and yup, you guessed it Gibbed. My buddy Devon and I pushed John to approach is vox in the way the gibbed vocalist did. We def also loved the cover art work(I think it shows in the Human Greed split). I originally got my copy of this from my buddy Roger(the ex vocalist in my band Intent).

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

D.A.M. inside out cassette (1991)

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03.appointment with fear
04.winter's tear
05.the innocent one twisted mind escape
08.beneath closed eyes
09.inside outro

DAM(Destruction And Mayhem) were one of the better English thrash metal bands. Unfortunately they missed the boat by about 6 years, and were playing pretty typical speed/thrash metal years after its popularity. Kind of cool I guess as they weren't worried about trends I guess, and wanted to just play speed metal? I think most metal heads at this time were sort of getting more into death metal, sort of leaving the thrash scene to rot away for a while. When I listen to this I hear Testament, Flotsom and Jetsom, Defiance, post Baloff Exodos, and second tier German stuff like Vendetta.
This is the sort of stuff that gets me thinking about my high school metal buddies and me, listening to stuff that sounded like this in a car rides to house parties, where we would later destroy homes, steal booze, then leave to party amongst "our own kind". Listening to this has erupted those memories. Just sort of funny that this stuff came out 6 years after I graduated(when I was no longer doing that shit).
This post is dedicated to one of my best friends as a teenager, Gene Koreman Who I hitch hiked, drank with, smoked with, played music with, and fought with.... Gene lost his mother yest. She was an awesome lady, and let me hang out their home as though it was my own house. She was always filled with good advice. RIP

Saturday, June 20, 2009

V/A BORN TO METALIZE Compilation LP(1984)

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01.randal flagg this life
03.the shape

04.ultrasonic metal
05.dirty harry
06.sneak attack

07.can't run from evil
08.witch hunter
09.tortured dog

10.rogues march
11.gloomy sunday

What can I say, this is where I first heard New Jersey's Hades. Most the bands on here were from Jersey, and one of them from NY. The bands are pretty obscure, and prolly aren't all to relevant to many people(cept for maybe Hades). The bands did however have a impact on me. The Sneak Attack song "ultrasonic metal" is brilliant. I can listen to that song over and over and over. Its epic.
This record came out during the time in metal when strange things were happening. You had Nwobhm style bands trying to jump ship, and start playing faster, and heavier because it was sorta easy to see that that was the future of metal. I think you can sorta hear that in most these bands on this comp, they are semi stuck in a weird metal purgatory.
I'm sorta shocked that I bought this record because the cover art is just so awful. Back then the cover was helpful in selling me a record. Today I think the cover is bad, in a good way. Its funny, and made me laugh when I pulled it out after years of neglect.
The Tortured Dog song "can't run from evil" has a few skips in it. I kept it on anyways, because its a awesome song. Please comment.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TOKEN ENTRY ready or we come! 7" (1985)

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03.death row
04forbidden zone

If you lived in Albany in the 1980's chances are you saw Token Entry multiple times. I think I first saw them at Ruthies Inn in SF with A.F. in the mid 80's, then a bunch of times when I moved home to Albany in 1989. Tim Chunks was always a killer and hilarious front man who was so filled with engergy that the stage could never contain him. I have many fond memories of seeing these guys. I recall buying a Token Entry necklace from them on one of their trips up north. Ernie, the drummer getting out of the van upon arrival and asking a crowd of teen age kids "where's all the pussy at?" The band setting up, and asking the sound guy to throw on their NWA tape, and lastly seeing multiple homeless people in the ghetto of Albany NY walking around with Token Entry shirts.
This ep is pre Tim Chunks on Vox, and instead features Anthony who went on to Raw Deal and Killing Time. The songs are slower, and less produced then the later LP versions, but I still love them. They are catchy, yet dark and to me still hold up to the test of time. Enjoy!
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BLACK AXE highway rider 7"(1980)

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01.highway rider lights

These guys formed in the late 70's under the name Leviathan. The NWOBHM band were formed in England, and They changed their name when they recorded this ep. This is the only release under this name, although they once again changed their name, this time to Wolf for the release of an LP in which I don't think actually ever came out.
This 7" is awesome, and will keep your head bopping along. I lucked into this ep again totally accidentally(or rather just took a chance). Pretty obscure stuff, this rarity will not disappoint. Enjoy and comment please!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

HELLHAMMER apocalyptic raids 12"(1984)

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01.the third of storms(evoked damnation)
03.triumph of death

Hellhammer was of course pre Celtic Frost and hailed from Switzerland. I'd never heard of any music coming out of the country at the time. Both bands had a huge impact on both the black metal scene(which really was pretty non existent at the time), and doom metal. The only other bands I can recall being this "evil" at the time would have been Venom, Mercyful Fate, Bathory, and Slayer. It's also pretty amazing to hear what an impact these dudes had on the crust punk scene.

It was probably the same all over America, but In my high school during the early to mid 1980's there weren't all to many kids who were keen on underground music. I'm dating myself for sure, but back then you really only had three to four different cliques. You had your Jocks, Preps, Heads(or burnouts), and then the weirdos who didn't fit in anywhere. The later were usually like super smart nerds, or weird artfags(some of whom were punk rockers). I was a metalhead for sure, and most my friends were burnouts who hung out in the smoking area between classes, and during lunch and free periods. The music most of these kids were listening to was stuff like Zepplin, Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest, etc. There was a small group of us at Shaker that were digging on Newer and more underground metal. Stuff like Exodus, Slayer, Metallica, DRI, COC, Destruction, Venom, etc. Not only did the rest of the school think we were freaks, but the heads we were chillin with thought we were sorta fucked up, and couldn't grasp the music. I recall first discovering Hellhammer, and sort of liking it, but then hearing "triumph of death" and being like, this is noise. "I could play this" I thought to myself. There was a kid I recall, I think his name was Mike Kinny. Mike walked around school with a huge Celtic Frost back patch on his denim jacket. Imagine that in 1984-85. Dude was sort of a loner for sure. So cool...

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Friday, June 12, 2009

SUBHUMANS-incorrect thoughts LP(1985)

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01 The Scheme
02 New Order
03 Behind My Smile
04 Out Of Line
05 Big Picture
06 Dead At Birth
07 Urban Guerillas
08 War In The Head
09 Firing Squad
10 Slave To My Dick
11 Death To The Sickoids
12 Greaser Boy
13 Model Of Stupidity
14 We're Alive
15 Refugee

Well, I purchased this record originally thinking it was the Subhumans U.K. , I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were more than just one Subhumans. The band I accidentally found out were Canadian.
The music on this LP is so fucking poppy and catchy that it makes you want to dance and sing. Its a flawless punk record from start to finish. Don't get me wrong, its still raw and punk as fuck. The lyrics are very political and to me at the time were pretty meaningful. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hear this in 1980 when it originally came out. I didn't catch it til around 1986 when it was repressed on cd records. When you think about the fact that this came out in 1980, its sorta unreal. The band was very much ahead of their time.
I've always said that the Templars totally stole these guys sound. I'm okay with that... I love both bands. Seriously give this a spin and tell me yo don't hear the Templars and maybe even some Leatherface.

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the scheme

They said that we can’t
Play for the big man
We were too outspoken
They think that they can choke us out
Rip off the punks
The big promoters rake the grands
One hundred and fifty bucks
Is all the assholes pay the bands

I can’t stand the new regime
Commercial rock, new wave pop
Mindless music
I’ve seen through the scheme
I won’t suck for success
What’s the point of songs about pointless trash

And they wonder why
That all the punks are mad
Why don’t we grow up
And play their game
Well if you don’t know
I guess that’s cool
But if you think we’re jerks
Then you’re a bloody fool

Thursday, June 11, 2009

P.H.C. pissed playground LP (1988)

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01.Ready To Fight!
02.Seizure At The Circus
03.Cup O' Java
04.School Patrol
05.Rude Ralph
06.Bombs Away
07.Smeer The Queer
08.Jelly Roll Jamboree
09.Pissed Playground
10.Pit Of Freaks
11.Moron League
12.Pop! Goes The Weasel
13.Avenging Grandmother
14.Use Prisoners
15.Mr. Magoo's Revenge
16.Never Fair
18.The Crane

Found this one about a year after it came out at World's Records. I'd moved back to Albany from the Bay Area, and I'd scour the 3 record stores in my area looking for odd and obscure hc gems. I had absolutely no idea what this band sounded like, but loved the back cover cartoon art work, and the first song on the back cover was a version of "ready to fight". The LP looked like a demented straightedge record. I was pleasantly surprised by the hard sounding, yet intricate jazz styled hardcore these bros played. Right away the record reminded me of the first Die Kreuzen LP, although the PHC stuff was much more bass riffy and heavy. Eric Wood played the monster 4 string beast on this record, and he of course he later went on to form Neanderthal, and Man Is The Bastard. You can really hear those two bands in these phc recordings. Dude practically invented West Coast Powerviolence.
When MITB finally did tour the east Coast a few of us Albany folk followed them around to a few shows like they were the Grateful Dead or something. I can recall talking to Wood in Providence RI, and him telling me he loved my band DOF,using words like "that's some bombastic shit man", "you cats make me dizzy", and "come out West baby". I gushed to the dude about how much I loved PHC, and wished they weren't so short lived.
I've got a spare copy of this up on the ebay machine.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SODOM-ausgebombt 12"(German version)1989

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02.don't walk away

There are only Three songs on this 12"ep, but they're all special if you're a die hard Sodom fan. Ausgebombt is done in German here, and the vocals done this way really make this sound punk as shit. The song originally came out on the agent orange LP, but was done in English there, so this is a little treat. Next up is "don't walk away" which is a Tank cover, and also sounds different from the LP version. Last up is an excellent live track, that is spot on, and sounds like a metal fueled blur. You know... a whirlwind, the way Sodom usually sound.
This Band were gods to me in the 1980's along with Destruction, and Kreator. listening to them gets me thinking about high school and how much I hated every aspect of it. Bands like this helped to create an escape for me.
RIP Witchhunter!

NO FRAUD demo tape(1985)

Image Hosted by fraud disease
04.killing time
08.another part in the machinery
09.fuck your shit
10.punks vs fags
11.identity crisis
14.venice hillbillies social cliques

This is a perfect demo tape. Seriously, not a clunker on it. I've been tripping on this one for many years, and It's just shocking to me that this demo is just a demo, and that it never became a full length LP. This stuff blows away 50% of the punk that was coming out in 1985, and 90% of what is coming out today. This tape is just chuck full of Eighteen generic hits. Perfect thrash played by these Florida punks. The songs are frantically played, but filled with hooks galore that just make you hum along like you've heard these rippers before(you have, its generic in that good way). I uploaded the bands 7" quite a while ago on here, and have been blasting both that and this demo a lot lately. The rip I did is missing the last three tracks.
I was lucky enough to acquire this tape from my good 'ol buddy Jim MacNaughton many moons ago. I think Jim got the tape when his old band Affirmative Action toured the U.S. and played with No Fraud in Florida? Whatever the case, its been a while since I've seen this dude, so thanks Jim, I'll see you at Devon's wedding bro.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BITCHES SIN are you ready 7" (1981)

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01.always ready
02.sign of the times

This London Based NWOBHM group formed in 1980, and immediately started recording demos, and then released this, the bands first ep on Neat. This is more straight up hard edged rock n roll inspired metal, via the likes of Sledgehammer, etc. Remember that bands back then had different influences then later metal. I'd guess these dudes were heavily influenced by early AC/DC and Kiss. "Always ready" is the title track, but the real ripper for me is the b side tune. It's hard for me to believe that these guys are still together today.
I was exposed to them in around 1982-83 when I saw this ep at a Strawberry's records and tapes. The girl on the cover prolly drew me in, getting my little 15 year old heart racing, and my hormones going crazy. The record set me up to later on purchase the bands "predator" LP.

Monday, June 8, 2009

DEAD- slaves to abysmal perversity 7"(1993)

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01.delicious taste of vaginal excrements
02.thrusted to the limit of delights
03.slaves to abysmal perversity
04.gathering for lust

Dead are not dead, and amazingly are still around today. This death/grind band are from Germany and play the hilariously grotesque style known as "pornographic gore grind"(though they are more on the death metal end of things musically). The lyrics are totally ridiculous, and definitely written to offend. The songs are all about twisted brutal sex acts that to most people would seem pretty sexist for sure(if one actually cares). This is the bands second ep, I'm Pretty sure they released a few demo tapes before the eps. Musically Dead remind me of Dying Fetus meets Bolt Thrower(the drums man, the fucking drums). This era of death metal is at the end of an amazing peak. '93 really seems to be like the last year of this style in which I was still paying any attention. After '92, '93 bands were just over produced, sounding the same, and triggering their drums just for fucks sake. Dead at this time were raw, and heavy as shit.
Listening back to this ep sorta takes me back... I can recall sitting around a few years ago in Albany with my old house mates/band mate John and Nick Crud Bomb, joking about this band, and other bands with the "porno gore" lyrics. I mean look at the cover... totally awesomely stupid.