Wednesday, June 24, 2009

D.A.M. inside out cassette (1991)

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03.appointment with fear
04.winter's tear
05.the innocent one twisted mind escape
08.beneath closed eyes
09.inside outro

DAM(Destruction And Mayhem) were one of the better English thrash metal bands. Unfortunately they missed the boat by about 6 years, and were playing pretty typical speed/thrash metal years after its popularity. Kind of cool I guess as they weren't worried about trends I guess, and wanted to just play speed metal? I think most metal heads at this time were sort of getting more into death metal, sort of leaving the thrash scene to rot away for a while. When I listen to this I hear Testament, Flotsom and Jetsom, Defiance, post Baloff Exodos, and second tier German stuff like Vendetta.
This is the sort of stuff that gets me thinking about my high school metal buddies and me, listening to stuff that sounded like this in a car rides to house parties, where we would later destroy homes, steal booze, then leave to party amongst "our own kind". Listening to this has erupted those memories. Just sort of funny that this stuff came out 6 years after I graduated(when I was no longer doing that shit).
This post is dedicated to one of my best friends as a teenager, Gene Koreman Who I hitch hiked, drank with, smoked with, played music with, and fought with.... Gene lost his mother yest. She was an awesome lady, and let me hang out their home as though it was my own house. She was always filled with good advice. RIP


  1. total rager! thanks

  2. I liked these guys too. I mean, i loved the early death scene, but I still think some great thrash metal came out around this time.

    I would definitely recommend a band from Australia called Addictive - "Pity Of Man". Great super heavy thrash with a bad ass smoooth guitar sound, and some very Hetfield/Billy-ish vox.

    Stone and Airdash from Finland (first two albums each) played some great technical Bay area style thrash metal - great guitar bands for sure. The second Cyclone record is a good one. Nuclear Simphony from Italy, Legion from Spain (first record at least) - just a few that come to mind that are roughly in the same arena as DAM.

  3. what other thrash metal bands from England were there? hellbasrd?
    i need some UK thrash recomendations.

  4. you mean Hellbastard? the second LP is pretty fucking metal for sure.

    Thanks for the comments and knowledge jbm. Nate

  5. Good thrash from England?? A lot of folks say there isn't any good thrash metal, but if you consider quality not quantity, I think they had a nice little scene. Onslaught, Hydra vein, Deathwish, Anihilated, Virus, Energetic Krusher, Metal Messiah, Toranaga - all great. Sabbat's first record too for sure. And I'll throw Moral Crusade in there cause they're from Ireland and bad ass in a Violence "Eternal Nightmare" kinda way.

    And of course you got the seperate wing of Bay area style bands like D.A.M, Acid Reign, Xentrix, Slammer, etc.

  6. Blast from the past. I love these guys. Thanks.

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  8. Thanks brother!.....This was really cool to see.