Thursday, June 11, 2009

P.H.C. pissed playground LP (1988)

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01.Ready To Fight!
02.Seizure At The Circus
03.Cup O' Java
04.School Patrol
05.Rude Ralph
06.Bombs Away
07.Smeer The Queer
08.Jelly Roll Jamboree
09.Pissed Playground
10.Pit Of Freaks
11.Moron League
12.Pop! Goes The Weasel
13.Avenging Grandmother
14.Use Prisoners
15.Mr. Magoo's Revenge
16.Never Fair
18.The Crane

Found this one about a year after it came out at World's Records. I'd moved back to Albany from the Bay Area, and I'd scour the 3 record stores in my area looking for odd and obscure hc gems. I had absolutely no idea what this band sounded like, but loved the back cover cartoon art work, and the first song on the back cover was a version of "ready to fight". The LP looked like a demented straightedge record. I was pleasantly surprised by the hard sounding, yet intricate jazz styled hardcore these bros played. Right away the record reminded me of the first Die Kreuzen LP, although the PHC stuff was much more bass riffy and heavy. Eric Wood played the monster 4 string beast on this record, and he of course he later went on to form Neanderthal, and Man Is The Bastard. You can really hear those two bands in these phc recordings. Dude practically invented West Coast Powerviolence.
When MITB finally did tour the east Coast a few of us Albany folk followed them around to a few shows like they were the Grateful Dead or something. I can recall talking to Wood in Providence RI, and him telling me he loved my band DOF,using words like "that's some bombastic shit man", "you cats make me dizzy", and "come out West baby". I gushed to the dude about how much I loved PHC, and wished they weren't so short lived.
I've got a spare copy of this up on the ebay machine.


  1. Funny coincidence: This band came up in random conversation last night. I was hanging out with the drummer in my band and we were talking about a one-off cover band he's doing for a benefit show. I guess they are doing sort of a "hardcore mixtape" set, which included some Negative Approach. I mentioned the Devoid of Faith cover of Ready to Fight and he brought up the PHC version.

    He didn't know much about PHC, just that he had a friend back in High School that was way into them. Anyway, I schooled him on the basic history...

    I'll definitely forward this along to him. Great band!

  2. Thanks! I've always enjoyed MITB and Pilsbury Harcore so much that I don't know why I haven't sought out listening to PHC before. These cats make me dizzy!

  3. Harcore... oh man. What am I, Metal Inquisition?

  4. new bands to download

  5. peace Nate! great blog.

  6. great stuff! I never new about the MITB connection. thanks for this blog, and the work done on it.

  7. looking forward to hearing this one

  8. Hi there Nate, I just bought a copy of this myself, and posted it on my blog also. Such an underrated band, I still like the Gravel Truck e.p. a bit more, but this is such an incredible record!

  9. Hey Nate!

    I'm really thrilled with this LP. I loved the "Vigilante" 7" and I'm a huge MITB fan, so this was quite a find. I love the Three Stooges samples strewn throughout the album. I guess Eric Wood has a sense of humor after all!