Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SODOM-ausgebombt 12"(German version)1989

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02.don't walk away

There are only Three songs on this 12"ep, but they're all special if you're a die hard Sodom fan. Ausgebombt is done in German here, and the vocals done this way really make this sound punk as shit. The song originally came out on the agent orange LP, but was done in English there, so this is a little treat. Next up is "don't walk away" which is a Tank cover, and also sounds different from the LP version. Last up is an excellent live track, that is spot on, and sounds like a metal fueled blur. You know... a whirlwind, the way Sodom usually sound.
This Band were gods to me in the 1980's along with Destruction, and Kreator. listening to them gets me thinking about high school and how much I hated every aspect of it. Bands like this helped to create an escape for me.
RIP Witchhunter!


  1. Great blog, man! Would you wanna trade links? I linked you to mine. Thanks.

  2. yeah cheers man! thanks for this and all the other metal

  3. I was just listening to Persecution Mania earlier!! I've always thought Sodom were at there best when ol' Blackfire was doin the gits. such a nice, smooth guitar sound.

    Also listened to Exumer - Possessed By Fire - tonight. Another german classic, i always forget how incredible it is. "Fallen saint" always made me sweat when i listened to it. Hahahaa somethin really intense about that tune, i dunno..

  4. yeah that Exumer is classic for sure. the band was always over looked by so many people. maybe it was due to the label they were on, and its bad distribution(disaster records i think?)


  5. Yep , Disaster put out a few good records at the time (i.e. Exumer, Mandator, the first Angel Dust). There was some comp too that had a bunch of Bay area thrash stuff like Sacrilege, DRI, Death angel,Sentinel Beast, Heathen, etc. Always thought that was kinda weird.

    the first Exumer is definitely the fave - just an incredible record. But the first Angel Dust record is damn good too. And Really like Mandator but i was lucky enough to hear Mysto Dysto before the name change, and i always liked the Mysto record a bit more. Haven't really listened to Mysto or Mandator in a pretty long time though, so I'd be interested to see how well that stuff has held up.

  6. jbm...I might have to up some Angel Dust to the sight. Totally different German metal, but still ripping in a more traditional sense.


  7. Word em up Nate!! I think that would be a great idea. I always thought they were a band most folks would be diggin, if they just got the chance to hear em. I guess thats what we were talkin about with Exumer. I don't really remember much of the second record they put out, but I really do love "Into The Dark Past".

    Couldn't agree with you more about it bein really different than most of the other German stuff from the era. Certainly doesn't fit into the harder Kreator/Destruction side of things, but still having a lot more balls than, say Rage or Warrant. I guess it always struck me as a German version of Agent Steel or somethin, though I seriously doubt that was their intention.

    The sound/production is pretty amazing too - especially for 1986 (or was it 87). Its as record that deserves a real close listen - always thought it had a great "atmospheric" sound and feel to it. And that was only helped by that GREAT cover art!!

    I'm glad we got to talkin bout these Disaster bands. I'm gonna go dig out the Angel Dust record now!! I'm feelin kinda nostalgiasticallized!!

  8. gods of metal!

  9. Sodom going back to their roots here

    Motörhead and Tank (the cover)!

    Loved this when it came out!

    In the sign of Evil and the demos are SODOM for me.

    The worlds fastest and extremest band back in 1985!

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Sodom is one of the biggest bands of Death/Thrash metal ever, along side the Big Four this band really lives up to the expectations.

  11. I don't like this band, is not the music, or the letter of their songs, is the rhythm of the music, I don't know sound like a car accident.

  12. Sodom's songs in German are awesome! They sounds more evil than in English!