Monday, June 8, 2009

DEAD- slaves to abysmal perversity 7"(1993)

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01.delicious taste of vaginal excrements
02.thrusted to the limit of delights
03.slaves to abysmal perversity
04.gathering for lust

Dead are not dead, and amazingly are still around today. This death/grind band are from Germany and play the hilariously grotesque style known as "pornographic gore grind"(though they are more on the death metal end of things musically). The lyrics are totally ridiculous, and definitely written to offend. The songs are all about twisted brutal sex acts that to most people would seem pretty sexist for sure(if one actually cares). This is the bands second ep, I'm Pretty sure they released a few demo tapes before the eps. Musically Dead remind me of Dying Fetus meets Bolt Thrower(the drums man, the fucking drums). This era of death metal is at the end of an amazing peak. '93 really seems to be like the last year of this style in which I was still paying any attention. After '92, '93 bands were just over produced, sounding the same, and triggering their drums just for fucks sake. Dead at this time were raw, and heavy as shit.
Listening back to this ep sorta takes me back... I can recall sitting around a few years ago in Albany with my old house mates/band mate John and Nick Crud Bomb, joking about this band, and other bands with the "porno gore" lyrics. I mean look at the cover... totally awesomely stupid.


  1. post some of the lyrics nate!


  2. ha ha...I think that might be a bad idea.

  3. this shit is great. total burp metal

  4. thank you sir. I requested and you delivered. Anything I can get you?